Monday, December 28, 2015

Butahage night...

There were two highlights to my Sunday.

First was a visit to the Singapore Gallery of the National Gallery Singapore.

Though I have been to the gallery a few times, it was my first time to see the galleries all done up. I could only stay for an hour when I went but I promise to go back. I think I could definitely spend a few hours in the Singapore gallery alone. Another day needs to be set for the Southeast Asia Gallery.

The other highlight was dinner with friends Bernard and Miru. It's been awhile since I last saw the guys. I'm more than happy to meet up with them and catch up.

We decided to have dinner at Butahage, a Japanese restaurant in Liang Court. The mall is one of the least crowded malls in the city. However, it is an interesting one because of the number of authentic Japanese restaus in it. Add to that the Japanese supermarket at the basement. The Filipinos have Lucky Plaza. The Burmese have Peninsula Plaza. The Japanese have Liang Court. Hehe!

Food was quite enjoyable. After dinner, we headed to a cafe for some dessert and coffee.

It was defo a good way to end/start the week.

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