Monday, January 29, 2018

Random Monday blah...

My 18:15 student didn't show up. I wonder why. He must've been busy at work. I was looking forward to seeing him though.

Now, my 19:00 student also didn't show up. I wonder what happened to her. It was supposed to be our first lesson together.

Oh well, maybe another time.

Today has been quite an interesting day. It's super busy with 13 lessons, but I'm able to get through it because I managed to take a nap this afternoon. Haha!

In the morning, I stopped by Bake cheese tarts in Tokyo Station to buy a few pieces. They're not for me though. From Tokyo Station, I walked to nearby Marunouchi Building to deliver the tarts.

They were quite nice. Hehe.


  1. baka nadulas sa snow yung mga wards mo hahaha yes wards.

  2. Wow! You are now doing tart deliveries on part time basis! Ha Ha! Have extra services and fillings?