Friday, March 6, 2015

FaceTime Friday...

What a nice, relaxing Friday.

It's mainly because I got to spend a good time chatting with my best friend in Manila, Tey and best friend in then-SG/now-Syd, Tipz.

Thank goodness for living in a country with very fast Internet connection. Haha! The FaceTime sessions with both Tey and Tipz had very good quality.

When Tipz called, he was at the beach sunbathing. When I called Tey, she was having dinner at JT's Inasal. Two things I also miss - the beach and chicken inasal. Haha!

I'm staying in tonight. It'll be an early night. Tomorrow, I have to leave the house early again since there is a training I have to attend. After training, I'll head back to take a nap before going to Church and then dinner. After dinner, I'll have to head to town for RKGreg's birthday party.

Weekend's already looking packed. And it certainly started on a good note thanks to nice FT sessions with two of my closest friends.

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