Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Lost or very lost...

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These past few days, there have been moments when I found myself thinking about what my next step should be.

Time is flying by so fast. In a few months, my work pass will be up for renewal again. It will be time to double the frequency of praying once again. Lol, kidding.

Earlier, I received snail mail. Even before I opened it, I already knew that the content of the mail would be disappointing. Still I read it, and doing so drove me to go online to start thinking again about what to do next.

I've been feeling lost. To be honest, I've been praying for direction. It seems though that I'm not getting any clear reply from the Big Guy up above. Or I think I am, I don't know. I've been observing a lot of signs lately and I'm wondering if that's the sign I'm looking for.

But honestly, yeah, I wish, I pray He would give a more concrete sign as to what I should do next. Haha!



  1. chika soon friend!! our internet in the house will be setup next monday :) cannot chika anymore during my work hours on facetime unlike before hehehe. I think if some doors are being closed by God (e.g the most recent post you put on facebook), I think maybe thats the sign to try and explore other places like here!!! :-* miss you guys!!

    1. yes, friend! let's chika soon. i want to hear about your work and new home. haha! :D we miss you, too! mwah, mwah!