Friday, May 8, 2015

Tanoshii kurasu...

I just got home from Japanese class.

Tonight was one of those nights whereby I had a headache by the time the class ended. Haha!

Every class is three hours, but divided into two sessions. Each 90-minute session is handled by a different teacher.

The first 90-minute session is handled by my favourite Japanese teacher. She was also my teacher during the first 10 classes of the course and I must say that she is really good. I am able to follow her lessons well and I am able to fully understand the lesson.

My headache starts once the second teacher comes in. Haha! That is because she speaks in Japanese 80-85% of the time. The challenge is not that she speaks in Japanese. The challenge is that she speaks in the usual pace that Japanese pace = read: very fast. Lol!

On one hand, I think it's a good opportunity to improve my listening skills and get used to the natural Japanese pace. On the other hand, I can't help but sometimes feel stupid during the second half of the class as I am really struggling to understand what the teacher is saying. I have somehow figured out how to do better in the second-half. And that is to study, study, study days before the class. It has been working well because I am able to participate better in class. At the same time, I think some of my other classmates also struggle with the second-half. I know this because "Wakaranai" is uttered several times during the second-half. Lol! Sometimes, I am tempted to just skip the second half of the class because I do know the activities for the second half. I can just study on my own.

But I stay back and persevere because I paid for the class. Lol!

Just got to keep telling myself, "がんばって ね!" Haha!

Whoever said that Nihongo is a simple A wa B desu is fooling everyone. It gets complicated as you learn more. Lol!

It is tanoshii but also muzukashii!

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