Monday, May 25, 2015

Uneventful Monday, or so I thought....

Today was quite an uneventful Monday.

It did start on a very good note though. I have two very efficient colleagues to thank for this. Long story short, some people screwed up the order of a very important client. How these people managed to screw up such very simple instructions just baffles me. Technically, I should not be involved in the situation because the issue is outside of my department. However, the client copied me in the email since we worked together previously.

So, last Friday, I reached out to these colleagues desperately asking them to move mountains just to meet the request of the client. Our biggest hurdle was time. The client needed some copies of his work delivered to a specific location by today. My two colleagues told me they could not guarantee anything. We just hope for the best.

This morning, when I checked my email, I was extremely, extremely happy to see that the materials reached the client on time. Yahoooo!

I told my manager about the whole incident. I also told her that technically, this was outside of my job scope. It wasn't because I was complaining. I understood how serious the errors were. I understood that the mistake can have implications on our company's relationship with the client's organisation. I just wanted to make sure that I wasn't to be blamed for anything because I was the one the client emailed. My manager just said, "Well, it's because we always solve things!"

In a way, it's true. I'm just really glad that the crisis was resolved! Phew! This morning, I made sure that I thanked my two colleagues over and over! Hehe!

Hmm, what else happened during the day? I started the day by going to the grocery to buy items for the week. There is something therapeutic about doing the grocery on an early morning. I find it relaxing because the supermarket is not crowded at all. I also enjoy doing the self-checkout. I like scanning my items and bagging them. Hehe!

I also had to pass by an AXS machine to pay for SG-KL-SG flight I booked for my holiday with Mama this end of June. I'm sooooo looking forward to it.

Noontime, I spent an hour talking with a new Japanese teacher on italki. I stopped my italki sessions with my previous teacher because work got extremely busy. I decided to try a new teacher just to see if he's any better. I really like my previous language teacher but I also like this current one. First, he uses the book that I have so we can work on exercise together. Second, he uses a headset so conversation is clearer. Third, he can adjust his speech pace to a pace I can understand. Since the session today went well, I decided to book another session with him for next week. Let's see how it'll go.

In the evening, I just went to the gym for Pump. I did Pump yesterday, but I thought I'll do it again today. Hehe! Before going to the gym, I passed by the bookstore because I wanted to buy some nice pens and a mechanical pencil. I saw the Kuru Toga pencils I've been looking for. My mistake was I didn't check the "Made in..." section of the packaging because I was too excited. On my way home, I was inspecting the pencil and to my disappointment, it wasn't the pencil I was looking for. Sigh. Need to continue looking. Haha!

Now, I'm updating the iOS on my phone while I blog. My phone keeps getting the No SIM installed error message. I read some articles on this error and one recommendation was to do an iOS update. Let's hope it solves the issue. Haha!

Oh, lastly, the Kindle is back to life. After a two-month break from reading, I finally found the time and the title to read again. A fellow museum guide reco'd Sarah Thornton's Seven Days in the Art World. It's very fitting since I'm going through the training for an art museum. Lol! Last night, I found the time to top up my Amazon card balance so I can purchase the ebook. This evening, I started to read while waiting for Pump registration. I'm enjoying it so far.

Whew! Reading this post now, it seems like a lot happened during today. Haha!

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