Monday, June 22, 2015

Post-birthday birthday dinner for Jon...

Sunday was a bit busy as well.

Just a quick recap, the day started with a visit to the library. I wanted to borrow some books for the upcoming trip this Thursday. I headed to the National Library where I met up with PG Boy. He has been my official "library borrower" since it's free for him to borrow books as a Permanent Resident. Maybe I should consider getting a library card if I'm going to keep on borrowing books. I think non-PRs have to pay $50 to get a library card. Hmm, something to consider. Maybe I'll wait first for the renewal of my work pass in January 2016.

From the National Library, I took the bus to the museum. Initially, I was thinking of going to the Toa Payoh library. Eventually, I decided to go to Bugis since it was closer to PG Boy and for me, closer to the museum. If the Saturday guided tour started with more than 10 people, the Sunday guided tour started with a very small group of 3 plus me. However, as is usually the case, more people joined the group when we started to walk around the gallery. There were about 15 people by the time the tour ended. A few of them spoke with me again after the guided tour. It really felt good. :)

The last agenda for the day was a post-birthday birthday dinner for Jon. He was in the Philippines on the day of his birthday so we were not able to meet up and celebrate. I made reservations at Tonkichi at Shaw House. Partly, the reason for Tonkichi was to make up for the so so Japanese dinner during Pink Dot. Hehe! Plus, it would be a good venue for dinner as it is in a quiet location. Our party was an intimate party of seven - Richie, Mon, Ian, MkSurf8, RKGreg, me and the birthday boy. Tian3x is in Australia for work, and Tipz is in Australia. It would've been great if both guys were also around. I bought a cake at Awfully Chocolate. The cakes from the store never disappoints. Hehe! It was a vgood dinner. Time with these guys is always, always a fun time. I love how the conversation just keeps on flowing and I love how the entire night would always be punctuated with bursts of laughter because someone would say something funny.

We ended the night with a round of drinks at Robert Timms. After a looooong time, I had a mojito again. Lately, I've only been drinking whiskey and coke on the very rare occasions that I drink. I have MkSurf8 to thank for introducing me to the wonderful, wonderful whiskey that is Maker's Mark. Hehe!

Anyway, we all parted ways close to 11, I think. What a really nice Sunday it was!

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