Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Combat tonight...

Today was not very busy at "work."

I'm done with things on my to-do list. The other things can wait until tomorrow. Anyway, I started working before 8AM today.

Since I didn't get to go to the gym last night, I'm making the trip to Buona Vista to attend a Combat class. Hehe!

Other than that, no other plans... yet. Just head back, have a light dinner and watch more eps of The Good Wife.

Rich sent me a link to an LGBT film, which he said I should watch. The story revolves around an inter-racial couple (Cambodian Chinese and Brit guys) and the Cambodge guy's Mom. Hmm, should be interesting. Hehe! I know one other person who can relate to this. Haha! His name is... Lol!

Anyway, it's almost 530PM. The rain clouds look ominous. Haha! Thankfully, there's a covered walk from my block to the train station. From Buona Vista, the building where the gym is also has a covered walk. Yay, no need to bring a brolly. (Speaking of brollies, I do need to get a new one. My trusted Uniqlo brolly I got several years ago finally gave way. :-/)

Auntie, my Mom's landlord, is at the common area of the house keeping herself busy with chores. My landlord is very lucky. I'm very lucky. Haha! Earlier, she knocked on my already open door and gave me a mug with some tea in it. I have no idea what's in the tea. She just told me, "No sugar." She's either saying I'm fat or I need to cut down on sugar. Haha! Eitherway, I'm enjoying the tea while I ramble.

I should cut this short and get ready for the gym.

Above is one of the nice Combat tracks. This was from a gym in Indonesia, I believe. Jakarta, maybe? Cute group instructor on the viewer's right. Haha!

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