Saturday, December 20, 2014

Get-together with a fellow FT and friends...

FT. That's what the locals call people from overseas who come to work in Singapore. FT. Foreign Talent.

Tonight, I met up with the only Singaporean FT I know, Alvin. Hehe! I met Alvin through some volunteer friends a year ago. When I met him, he was about to leave for Japan in a few months time to work there.

While we didn't get to hang out a lot when he was here, we did manage to keep in touch via Facebook. Also, I intro'd him to my friend Dean who's been living in Japan for a few years now. Glad to hear from Alvin that he got to meet up with Dean.

What I thought would be a small group of four turned out to be a party seven. Haha!

Alvin was with his two friends. Later on, we were joined by Bernard (who invited me to tonight's gathering for Alvin), Hui Chen, Ted and Jacky.

It was a nice evening just having chitchat with the guys. For the first two hours, Bernard, Hui Chen, Alvin and I just talked about Alvin and his life in Japan. When Alvin and his two friends had to leave to go to another gathering, the next few hours continued to be great chitchat time with the ones left behind.

If it weren't for the fact that it was already 11PM and that we all had to catch our trains to head back, I'm pretty sure we would have stayed further and talked some more.

I dunno. It must be because I haven't been seeing people on a daily basis, but I was genuinely, genuinely happy to see and talk to friends tonight! Haha!

On my way back, I messaged Bernard to thank him again for inviting me to tonight's gathering. I think it was really thoughtful of him to do so, even if Alvin and I didn't really get to bond when he was here.

It's the weekend before Christmas. I'm getting more and more excited as the 25th approaches.

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