Sunday, September 27, 2015

Busy Saturday, not so busy Sunday...

For once, I have a rather free Sunday. Haha!

Surprisingly, I did not schedule anything today. All I have is a get-together tonight with a special guest. Lol!

Other than that, the only other thing I did today is go to the gym for Pump. Afterwards, I just had lunch at a nearby kopitiam before heading back.

I did mean to keep today free as I wanted to do some more planning for the upcoming trip in a few days. There are still more a few things that need to be done. Yes, surprisingly. Lol! That's why I decided to keep most of the day free.

Anyway, Sunday is the opposite of my Saturday. Yesterday was just another busy day. In the morning, I went to the National Museum for a curator lecture for an upcoming exhibit. That already took up the entire morning. After that, I had lunch with two fellow museum volunteers. We went to Concetto at Cathay. I'm glad I joined the girls because I finally got to eat there. I liked the food. Lunch was followed by dessert and coffee at a neighbouring coffee place.

The next appointment was at the National Gallery. I was scheduled to assess someone at 3PM. Since it was a bit hot, I just decided to head to the NGS earlier and wait at the lobby. I knew the docent I was going to assess so it was quite easy. Hehe!

The last agenda was to attend Mass at St. Bernadette. Oh wait, no. The last agenda was dropping by LP to get some Japanese yen.

I always go to the same money changer at the basement of LP since the shop has a good rate. When I got my yen, I walked over to Somerset and took the train back to the West. Haha!

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