Saturday, September 5, 2015

Tired because of the weather...

It was a relaxed Saturday, compared to the past few Saturdays. Haha!

For some reason, it still turned out to be a very long day. I got back about 40 minutes ago and I intend to hit the sack after I write this post. I'm slightly tempted to watch an episode of Agents of SHIELD since I'm a bit behind. Hmm, I think I will skip it because I want to wake up early tomorrow for a run.

Today's very hot weather, I think, is partly to be blamed why I felt so exhausted on the way back. Haha!

My day started with Pump at MBFC. Initially, I invited Mon to join me but he had errands to do. I invited Jon to join me but he had a late Friday night. Hehe!

I did meet Mon after gym. He was done with his errands by then. We agreed to meet up at Raffles City for lunch at the salad/wrap place at the basement. Hmm, I think I still prefer Toss & Turn. I'm a huge T&T fan now! Haha!

Post-lunch, my next appointment was at 2PM at the National Museum. Since I had 40 minutes to kill, I decided to hang out first at neighbouring SMU for kopi si. I know, I know. It was insane that I was having hot kopi si given the crazy sweltering heat. What can I do? I love my kopi si. Haha!

Close to 2PM, I walked over to the National Museum. Today, I felt very lucky because I got to see how the new revamped history gallery now looks like. It is exciting! I was happy to see Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles again! Hehe! There are still several traces from the previous layout, but there are also a lot of new additions. I can't wait for it to open... along with the National Gallery. Sheesh, November onwards would be very busy guiding time for docents.

The curator walkthrough a little after 4. My next appointment was at 6. I had to meet up with a fellow docent to collect tickets for the Design Film Fest movies Mon, Rich and I are watching tomorrow and next Saturday.

With some time to kill, I headed back to SMU and spent an hour reading and studying. After I got the tickets from my fellow docent, I headed next to the library to continue my reading and studying. I stayed there until closing time, of course. Lol!

From the National Lib, I walked over to City Hall where I took the train all the way back to the West.

One interesting thing that happened today was I had a chance meetup with this guy I was chatting with via Line. Lol. I was walking to the library, I passed by the bus stop, and guess what, he was there! I didn't notice him because I was checking the bus route board. I started walking again. When I checked my phone, I got a message from the guy saying he was at the bus stop. Lol! I made a U-turn and we ended up having chitchat over dinner. It was good. He asked me if I wanted to hang out with him at his place, but I really was set to do some studying so I said no. Hehe!

Anyway... good night...

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