Saturday, September 12, 2015

Rather nice Saturday...

What a productive day today turned out to be.

First off, I'm glad that I'm about 90% recovered. I'm feeling a lot better today. Fever is gone, sore throat is gone. What I'm dealing with now is a runny nose. Hehe! That didn't stop me from going on with my activities for the day though.

In the morning, Richie and I met up with I-van at the latter's hotel for breakfast. I-van's one-week business trip was extended to become a two-week trip. Hehe! I won't be surprised if he'll be assigned in Singapore one of these days. Anyway, since Richie's work was at 11 and the film I-van and I are watching is also at 11, the three of us just had enough time for a relaxed breakfast.

Around 1015, the three of us shared a cab. Richie dropped us off first at Shaw Centre before heading to Marina Square. The film I-van and I watched was Capital C. The documentary film which revolves around the phenomenon of crowdfunding is part of the ongoing Singapore Design Film Festival. Hmm, if not for I-van, I wouldn't really have watched the film. I really just wanted to watch Handmade with Love and Iris. Hehe! Still, Capital C was an interesting film.

After the movie, I-van and I just hung out for a while at the Orchard area before heading to our next agenda - Market Street for FF.

Earlier during the day, he mentioned that he wanted to go for an evening run. I told him I can get him in into FF if he wanted to work out. So, he ditched his evening run plans and instead just opted to go to FF. I told him he can go for Combat, while I can go for Gentle Flow Yoga. Hmm, I thought to myself that I didn't want to push my body to work so hard since I still haven't fully recovered yet.

Well, surprise, surprise, I ended up doing Combat with I-van. Lol! I haven't done Combat in several months. I was glad that I still knew the routine for some tracks and that I still haven't lost my hand/feet coordination. It was great to attend class again with someone.

By the time we left the gym, it was almost 5PM. I-van headed back to the hotel while I had my own plans to head back to the West. My plan for tonight was to either go to an anticipated Mass or spend a few hours at the library yet again. I was late for Mass so I decided to just spend a good few hours at the library to read. Hehe!

Thirty minutes before closing time, I packed up my stuff because I was starting to feel cold and because my nose was getting worse. Lol!

I got home not too long ago and I'm just glad that today was quite productive still.

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