Sunday, August 2, 2015

Also busy Sunday...

Another long day just like Saturday. Haha!

Today started a bit late compared to yesterday. First agenda this morning was Pump at 321 Clementi. Thankfully, there is now a 10AM class at an FF my side of the island. Westgate has a 9AM but I think it's too early even for me. There is also a 12NN class but it's a bit late for me today. Yay that 321 Clementi has a 10AM! The teacher is also quite good.

Afterwards, I took 106 to head to Bras Basah for work at the museum. I was scheduled to do the 2PM tour. My voice is not at its best since there seems to be some bug going around. Still, I'm glad the tour turned out okay. I started out with just about 10 people but the group grew to about 20 people. Tired after the 90-minute tour.

The last agenda for the day was movie at Westgate. JKT Boy and I planned to watch Ant Man. Initially, I suggested watching in the city but I think he was lazy to head to the city. In the end, we settled for Cathay JEM. It was also good because the timing was just nice - 7PM.

I was able to drop by the house first to shower and change before heading to Jurong East. JKT Boy arrived 2 minutes before 7. It was fine since movies never start on time in SG. Haha!

Ant Man was actually enjoyable... except maybe for the kid next to JKT Boy who kept on talking loudly. I think he got shushed by JKT Boy. It should be the dad that needed scolding since he doesn't teach his kid proper conduct. Le sigh. Anyway, I'm just glad I'm not the one sitting next to the kid. Hehe!

Movie ended around 9. I got home not too long ago. I'll just rest a bit more and then probably zzz...

Weekends are too short. But this week is also going to be a short one... Yay!

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