Monday, August 10, 2015

Productive non-productive Monday...

After a looong day yesterday and the fact that Friday and Saturday were also tiring days, it was no surprise to me that I ended up staying at home most of today.

Initially, I thought of going to the gym but eventually scrapped the plan thinking I had enough of a workout yesterday from all the walking.

Instead, I found myself sleeping until 8 in the morning (gasp, I know!), having an afternoon siesta and just spending time in bed watching a few episodes of Agents of SHIELD. Yup, I started watching the series while waiting for the return of Flash and Arrow and also because, I already finished Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Haha! So far, I've been enjoying Shield very much.

Aside from these, the only other productive thing I did at home was to finalise my tour paper and upload it to the shared drive so that my other group members could assess it. I hope it will not be murdered. Haha!

Knowing myself, I eventually got restless and decided to do something productive with the remaining hours of the long weekend.

So, by 4PM, I was out of the house armed with two books I need to read, my pencil case and my small Moleskine. Destination: Woodlands Library. Prior to going to the library, I passed by Toastbox and Breadtalk for my kopi si and bun, respectively.

Upon reaching the library, it was thankfully not that difficult to find some study space at my usual study area. For the next four hours, I just read the two books I brought with me. I spent two and a half hours on the first book, taking notes after finishing each chapter. I spent the remaining time on the other book.

Now that I'm done with one of my two museum papers, I should have more time to read the two books and also get back to reading my leisure books. Hehe!

By 9PM, the library staff were already going around reminding people that the libray was closing. I sometimes wish libraries were open til 11. I guess that's not a good idea since I suspect a lot of students will be staying in the library to study and study some more. Let's not forget they need eight hours of sleep. Hehe!

From the library, I dropped by the Apple store to see if they were selling earpods. I spoiled the pair I have after dropping one of the pods in a burning candle. Don't ask how it happened. It was stupid. Lol!

Now, I think I'll just finish the last two episodes of SHIELD's season 1 before hitting the sack. I should get enough sleep though because tomorrow will most probably be a dreadful work day. Four days away from work = who knows how many emails. Haha!

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