Thursday, August 27, 2015

Tonight is similar to last night...

Tonight is a similar story as last night. Haha.

Dinner with a visiting ex-colleague followed by coffee.

This evening, meetup was with Dubai-based friend Rej. She's in town for a few days to attend meetings in preparation for a company event happening early next year.

Her arrival was a semi-surprise because I just got a Whatsapp message from her early this week indicating that she's already in town.

It was a bit tricky setting up a meetup schedule with her because I-van is also in town.

Rej flies out tomorrow. I-van flies out Saturday.

That meant I am only free to meet them either last night or tonight. This is because my Friday night is already booked for Makoto and his family and Saturday is already booked for Grace who's flying in from Australia. Haha!

Thankfully, I-van was free to meet up last night. Thankfully, Rej was free to meet tonight. Thankfully, our meetup tonight was at 830. That allowed me to go to the 640 Pump class at Paragon. Haha!

Now, I'm in the train again otw home. I'm looking at the MRT map and I still have about 9 more stations to go.

This is very similar to what happened last night. Hehe. Anyway, always happy to see visiting friends. :)

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