Thursday, October 9, 2014

Birthday month 30-day writing challenge: Day 9...

The writing challenge for today is to write about pet peeves.

It's nothing really new since the post a few days ago was very much similar.

My number one pet peeve I guess is latecomers. I really get annoyed with late people. Haha! I think that my punctuality goes back to the days when I was an altar boy. We were required to be at the church 15-20 minutes before the Mass. By doing so, we are able to check that everything that’s needed are there. That 15-minutes before the Mass was something I brought with me til now. Haha!

I noticed though that I’m becoming more impatient. When I was in uni, I could wait for people who are late for an hour or even more. Now that I’m nearing my midlife, my fuse is getting shorter with latecomers. Most recently, after being made to wait for 45 minutes, I sent a text message to the people I was supposed to meet up with that I was going home. Lol! 45 minutes waiting time was my max. Tbh, I felt good that I went ahead and didn’t wait. Haha!

That’s my major pet peeve, I guess.

Some other major pet peeves:

- people who have no compassion/concern for others
- people who don’t know how to say thank you
- churchgoers who chat loudly before the Mass starts
- people who jump the queue
- loudmouths and crass persons

Not so major pet peeves:
- incorrect use of your/you’re; its/it’s; there/they’re/their, among many others
- people who don’t know how to sneeze correctly
- the word “okay”
- book covers that have a fold
- messy desks

Enough... hahaha...

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