Thursday, October 16, 2014

Birthday month 30-day writing challenge: Day 15...

Today, I'm supposed to post a photo of someone I fancy at the moment.

Haha! How timely!

But nope, sorry. I'm not going to post a photo of HB Boy. Maybe some other time, but certainly not today.

I will, however, paint a picture of him using words and using the very little information I know about him since we started chatting several weeks ago.

His initials are WR. I call him by a Western name he has adopted. He chose to adopt this name because it was the closest pinyin translation to his Chinese name, if I'm not mistaken. He was named by his grandmother. His name has a beautiful meaning - the rising sun or something like that. (I've been very vocal about how I love the sunrise. And now, I meet a guy whose name means the rising sun. MFEO?! Just kidding.)

He's a total newbie in Singapore. He moved here two months ago. He stays a few MRT stations away from me. His workplace is on the other side of the island though. The only reason he chose his current place is that he only had two days to find a place to move in to.

Things that I've been liking about him, so far. I like it that we can talk for hours. On the first meetup, we hung out for about five hours. There was not a single moment that I felt bored. I find it cute how he gets surprised about how things are done in Singapore. Recently, we watched a movie. He saw some people bringing in food. He then told me about some funny anecdote involving him and a noodle-slurping moviegoer back in his hometown. I like the honesty and the thoughtfulness. I like how he waits and just as the train doors start to close, he will quickly look inside the train and wave at me before walking towards the escalator.

I was so excited when he told me that he loves to read! I got even more excited when he told me that he has a Kindle and that he brings his Kindle with him so he can read during his commute to work! I like it that he's also a Mac user. Lol!

I like it that he remembers to say good night and that, even if he's already sleepy, he would be thoughtful to ask how far I was from home and that he'd wait until I reach home. Hehe!

Just like tonight.

Again, I'm not exactly sure what's going on. All I know is that I'm enjoying and that I'm having a great time. Whether this leads to something or not, just see how. Haha!


  1. haynaku wala nang isip isip. enjoy the monument and que sera sera!

    1. Hahaha! Tumpak! Improving naman na ako sa que sera sera area, Teh! ;)

  2. live in the moment. tama si MkSurf8. hehehehe.