Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Birthday month 30-day writing challenge: Day 21...

What a long day!

Since it was the eve of a public holiday, our office was on half-day today. I decided to take the morning off as well since I wanted to take care of some OFW- and personal-related errands.

First on my original list of things-to-do was to go for my annual health screening. However, I think there's a bug going around these past few days and I may have caught it. I've got the sniffles. Hence, I decided to postpone my medical screening.

It turned out that postponing the screening was good as well since it gave me time to do more things. Haha!

By the end of the day, I was able to fix my PhilHealth, SSS and PAGIBIG records. I was able to go for fingerprinting which was a requirement for the NBI clearance. I got to collect my OEC docus. I was able to verify that I am eligible to vote in the 2016 elections. Yay!

Afterwards, it was some jalan jalan time before heading to dinner and drinks with two of my closest friends. We decided to call it a night by 1030PM. Haha! That was fine because I got home not too long ago. Hehe!

Going to today's challenge, I am supposed to write about my turn ons and turn offs. Hmm, I'm not really in the mood to write about this topic. I'll just do a quick reply with the first things that come to mind.

Turn on - smart, funny, has compassion for others, can laugh at himself, thoughtful.

Turn off - anyone who's rude, arrogant, apathetic, and has no respect for the elderly.

Lol! Yes, it's so obvious I'm not keen to give a long reply.


  1. turn off - late? lol or is it a turn on - punctual? hahaha

  2. No harm there I do the same thing.