Saturday, October 18, 2014

Birthday month 30-day writing challenge: Day 18...

I'm following a few TV series right now. Downton Abbey. Scandal. Gotham. How to Get Away with Murder. The Walking Dead. Arrow. Looking.

Of these, the two shows I'm really addicted to are Downton Abbey and Scandal.

Yup, that's what I'm supposed to write about tonight. Which TV shows am I addicted to at the moment?

Scandal. Though I really am not a big fan of Fitz, I can't seem to let go of the series. The main reasons are the protagonist and the writing. Kerry Washington's character Olivia Pope is someone I've fallen in love with. I love everything about her. I love how she can be a powerful woman at one point and then, she becomes this needy, lonely girl the next moment. Haha! And as I have just mentioned, the writing is just plain awesome! Seriously, I am a fan of the episode writers of the series! They're brilliant, whoever they are!

Downton Abbey. The way I feel towards Scandal is the same way I feel towards Downton Abbey. I am a huge fan of the show! I love everything about it - from the characters to the storyline to the writing (again!) to the location to the costumes (!!!). Season 5 has just started and a lot of changes are happening at Downton. I'm curious to find out how much more life the series has.

Thankfully, these are the only series that I follow. I don't know how other people are able to follow more than 5 series. Haha! Earlier, HB Boy and I were talking about shows we follow. He shared that at one point, he would start watching series on a Friday night and finish by Saturday night. WTF?! Lol! I can't do that. I can never do that. Even if I could do it, I would never do it. Hahaha!

Anyway, back to watching my other new episodes...


  1. im such a bore. i dont follow any series. pwede pa copy ng downtown? wanna start it ;p