Monday, October 13, 2014

Birthday month 30-day writing challenge: Day 13...

Tonight's writing assignment is something that will meet MkSurf8's comment in my previous post. Haha!

Three confessions of my choice. That's what I'm supposed to write about tonight.

First confession: I almost entered the seminary after secondary school. Being an altar boy for six years, I really felt that I had a calling to the religious vocation. It was just a matter of choosing the religious order to join. First option was the Franciscan Capuchins. It would have been the obvious choice since I was educated and heavily influenced by the Franciscan order. The other option I considered was to join the Benedictines. I seriously believed I could live behind a life of ora et labora, of prayer and work. The third option, and the one that I almost joined, was the Claretian order. A Tita knew someone from the Claretians, I think, and linked me up with the vocation director. I went for an interview. I went for the three-day search-in seminar. I got accepted to the Claretian seminary.

What happened? UP happened. The university entrance examination I only took was the UPCAT. No other university. It sounds stupid, I guess. But at that time, I was decided and I have accepted that if I didn't pass the UPCAT, I was meant to be part of the religious world. It seems like the Big Guy had other plans for me. I passed UP. My Dad put down his foot. I was to go to the country's best university. The rest was history. Sort of.

Second confession: I go to confession every time I commit a mortal sin. Blame it on 7 years of Catholic education, 6 years of being an altar boy, 3 years of attending activities at an Opus Dei study centre. All these experiences have made me into a practicing (and I guess, devout) Catholic. Hmm, I'm not a fanatic though. Lol! I'm far from being one. Haha! I do believe in a lot of the Catholic doctrine and I'm ready to defend my faith (if needed), but I still choose which arguments to get into. Lol! I still think that the church needs some reformation. But despite all the faults of the clergy/religious, I will continue to keep my Catholic faith.

Third confession: I went on a date yesterday afternoon. It was completely unplanned. After my museum guiding duties, my plan was just to head back, rest for a bit then head to church. Since the train ride heading back will pass by one particular station, I thought I'd message this guy I've been chatting with for a few weeks now to see if he's free for late lunch. We've been trying to set a meet up for a few times, but it had to take a third time before we finally got a chance to meet in person.

It turned out to be a good date, a very good date. We met up for dessert followed by a walk around the mall. He suggested we watch a movie, but there was nothing good showing at the mall where we were. I asked him whether he wanted to go to another mall. He was up for it. We took the train closer to my territory and ended up going to a bigger mall. Haha! We checked if there was a movie that we liked. Fail again. We walked around again. We went to the neighbouring library. The whole time we just talked and talked and talked. Conversation flowed naturally as if we already knew each other for some time.

Come 5PM, I told him that I needed to go to Mass. Yes, I'm not going to skip Mass for a guy. Baka bawiin ni Lordy. Charot. So I told him he can either already go home if he wanted to or if he wanted to have dinner, he could wait. I was hoping he would choose the latter. He did. Haha! I left him at the library and I went to church. After fulfilling my Catholic obligations, I went back to the library. We had dinner, followed by coffee and dessert.

It was getting late so I told him it was time to head back. Since he waited for me, I thought I'd ride with him back to his MRT station and then I can take the train going back to my place. Yeah, I'm sweet like that. LOL! Kidding.

When my train arrived, it was quite packed. I went in to the middle section and found a spot. I thought he'd left already. Just as the doors were closing, I saw him peek inside the train and waved at me and smiled before walking away. That was the last image I had. It was quite nice. It felt good.

I'll call him HB Boy. The reason behind the name is he hails from the country which currently has a sour relationship with my own country. Haha! HB = Hunnan/Beijing. Well, I guess we just have to skip any talk on politics. Haha!

Okay, to be honest, I have no expectations on where this would go. The guy's a total newbie and me being me, I'm already thinking about why it won't work. Haha! However, I must say I had a goooood time! It was an awesome date! Whether this leads to something or not, I am just happy to have been able to experience another good date. Yay!