Saturday, November 15, 2014

Hair emergency...

For the first time since I moved to Singapore, I spent $40 for a haircut. Wtf?! Haha!

I'm due for a visit to the salon. I had the idea of getting a different haircut this time since I always sport the same cut - clean, neat, short. Lol!

Tipz looked for some pegs that I can have the stylist imitate. I found one that I really liked. It was the short haircut of male model Marios Lekkas.

So, after work today, I went to the 12-minute haircut place near my home. I've been going to the 12-minute haircut place for as long as I can remember. I like it because it's cheap, fast and the cut has always been good... even if it's always a different person who cuts my hair on every visit.

Hence, I was expecting no problems. I brought out the photo of Marios, showed it to the stylist. Somewhere along our conversation, something got lost in translation. I knew things were going wrong because I was not liking how my hair was turning out to look like. Haha!

To make things worse, I sensed some trepidation in the stylist while she continued to cut my hair. By the time it was over, I just thanked her and quickly left the place.

Instead of heading back, I rushed to the "real" salon that was also near my place. I went in and asked for anyone who was free.

When the guy came over, I told him as I pointed to my head, "Please fix this."

After prepping his stuff, he began to work his magic. He asked when the last time I got a haircut was. He was so suprrised when I told him that I actually just came from another haircut place.

Forty minutes later, things were looking much better. I even got a shampoo treatment. It's something that I used to have all the time when I was still going to my guy at Piandre Greenbelt. I was reminded of how good it felt to get a shampoo with a head massage. Haha!

I thanked the stylist for saving my hair. This weekend is not the weekend to have a bad haircut. Haha! Thankfully, the stylist was able to do something.

Crisis solved. #FirstWorldProblems.

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  1. Hahahaha! eh kasi naman....:-p it looks great! this blog post deserved a selfie!