Sunday, November 9, 2014

Really productive Sunday...

Today was a productive Sunday.

Started the day with a second batch of laundry. While waiting for the laundry to be done, I managed to watch an episode of Arrow. Haha! Afterwards, I prepped myself to get to church for the 915AM Mass. Initially, I was thinking of attending the 11AM Mass. However, I thought about my plans for the day and figured it'll be better to attend the earlier service.

It turned out to be a good idea. The Mass ended around 1030 or so. It was perfectly alright because the priest Fr. Terence Pereira is such a good priest. He makes a lot of sense when he gives his homily. He talks about things that people can relate to. I think other priests can learn a lot from him. He definitely is one of my favourite priests, together with Fr. Derrick from another parish, another priest from St. Bernadette, and another priest from Holy Trinity.

Done with Mass, I made my way to the city for a few things on my to-do list. The first one was a visit to the new exhibit Singapura: 700 years. While I did attend the curator walkthrough, I wanted to go through the exhibit once more to familiarise myself more. It took me about three hours to finish my walkthrough as I was taking down notes along the way. Hehe!

Next stop was Bugis Junction. I had to go to Adidas to have the shirt given by Chris, RKGreg and MkSurf8 exchanged for a bigger size. I was thrilled that they think (?) I'm a size S but I'm more comfortable in a medium. Hehe! Thank you again, Chris, RKGreg and MkSurf8 for the birthday pressies!

From Bugis, I had to go to Orchard. First, I needed to go to the dry cleaners in Takashimaya to drop off a shirt. I thought it was the only branch. Well, well, I found out that the shop also has a branch in IMM. Hahah! I also wanted to buy some new undershirts since the ones I'm using are due for replacement. Hehe!

But before that, I met up first with HB Boy who came from the gym. Another reason why I was in the city. Lol! I was looking for undershirts, while he was looking for watches for his mom and dad. I happened to spot the brand his Dad wanted in one of the stores in Ngee Ann and we were able to get the piece for HB Boy's dad. We then crossed over to the other side, Paragon, to get my undershirts at Metro. I went to Metro since Tipz's Bae (Lol!) announce in class that there was a Metro sale.

Orchard on a Sunday is a circus. I wanted to get away from the crowd and thankfully, HB Boy was also getting hungry. I suggested we head over to Forum for dinner at CPK. How circa late 90s/early 2000! Haha! Well, it was a good choice since he certainly enjoyed the food - pizza and salad.

Full from dinner, we headed back before 8. He needed to register for TRX classes tomorrow while I wanted to get home to do my most hated chore - pressing clothes.

Before heading back, I figured I had enough time to pass by HB Boy's MRT station and walk him to his place. So that's what I did. The funny thing was he asked me to wait for him to finish signing up for the class so that he can walk me back to the MRT station. Lol!

It was a long but definitely productive and happy day. Looking forward to start the week so that the next weekend can already come...

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