Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Smooth sailing so far...

Things have been moving forward with HB Boy.

By moving forward, I mean that we're still dating. We have no agreement to exclusively date. Even so, I haven't chatted nor met up with anyone new for quite some time now. Same thing with HB Boy. As far as I know (and from what he said), he is also not seeing any other guy besides me.

Recently, I told Tipz that I noticed some change in HB Boy. I felt like he wasn't as interested as he used to be. Turns out I was just reading too much into things. Haha! The way things are going, it is safe to say that the mutual interest is there.

Hmm, we've spending quite a lot of time lately. There was the dinner and movie last Friday with our two chaperones. There was the gym session last Saturday with another two chaperones. There was the Sunday afternoon to evening hangout. On Monday nights, we head back together with Tipz since he also goes to the gym next door. Last night, we were planning to get a haircut but ended up just going for dinner since it was a bit late.

Also, by moving forward, I've been walking with him back to his place on nights that we get back early or if there is no work the following day.

Then there's the Whatsapp convos and the Facetime calls on nights that we don't see each other.

I will admit this. I do like him a lot. I like it how he can be both a kid and an adult at the same time. It's nice to find someone who can be silly as well. Haha!

Will things keep moving forward? Who knows? Right now, again I'm enjoying the gray area. And I'm enjoying the time spent together. Let's see whether things will continue to move forward.


  1. 1 week to NZSFV lol! thats the other moving forward! :) happy for you friend! remind me to pinch you about the over thinking - youre not INTJ!

    1. One week to go! Stress! Wonder what the stars have in store for me! Lol! Thanks for the offer to pinch! The roles have been reversed na? You're the one doing the pinching na. Haha! :-P

    2. Hahahaha! yes, role reversal! flex