Friday, November 7, 2014

Some random things...

1.) Things at work are a bit slow. Most of the journals I'm currently handling are published either quarterly or bi-monthly. This means that there may be very slow days at the office, especially when no journal issues in production. Thankfully, I have one journal that is under a continuous publication business model.That's been keeping me busy. I do plan to check with my team lead if there are new journals that may be assigned to me. I want to be busier. Haha!

2.) Recently, I found out that one journal I handle is included in the Top 40 (or 45) scholarly journals list of the Financial Times. A little more digging about the journal and I learned that Nobel Prize winners have actually written and been published in the journal. Whoa! I'm one proud prod editor!

3.) Ariana Grande has been on repeat these past few days. Haha! It started with Break Free, followed by Bang Bang. Now, Love Me Harder is on repeat, repeat, repeat. Haha! Obviously, the last song is a current fave. The words, the music. So damn sexy to listen to. Haha!

4.) After so long, Tipz and I went again for Pump x Combat classes at Cathay. Just how long have we been away from what used to be our weekly Thursday night routine? The very friendly instructor walked over to Tipz and then me to ask, "Where have you been, ah?"

5.) I'm more than halfway through with The Death Cure, the third installation of James Dashner's The Maze Runner trilogy. Hmm, I am starting to get annoyed with it. Poor Thomas, Minho and Newt. I feel sorry for the misfortune after misfortune that the trio has been going through. At one point, I wonder why they just don't end their lives and put themselves out of misery! Lol! I'm determined to finish the book though for one main reason - closure. TMR is giving me the same feeling as I had with the Divergent trilogy. At one point, I just wanted to give up reading the book. Thankfully, I haven't. All I'm saying is the book better have a good ending.

Oh, I also got an extra phone. Just got a 5S as work phone. It's part of the whole Work From Home setup. Hmm, tbh, I dun need another phone. Lol! But it's there sooo... hehe!

Weekend is almost upon us. Let it be an awesome one!

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