Sunday, November 9, 2014

Uneventful eventful Saturday...

Quite an uneventful eventful Saturday.

Confusing, eh? Haha! What I mean is that the Saturday was filled with activities, but all the activities were things I usually do on Saturdays.

As is the case most of the time, I woke up ahead of my alarm. I went to bed a little past midnight. Since there was no work the following day, I was hoping I would get up by 7AM. Guess what? I was up an hour before the alarm went off. Damn body clock! There is probably nothing that can be done about it anymore. Hehe!

Unable to go to sleep again, I decided to just get up, head to the kitchen with my bag of dirty clothes and do my laundry. While waiting for laundry, I ate my cereals while watching an episode of Arrow.

By 10AM, I made my way to Jurong East for the gym. One "new" thing about this Saturday is that Mon decided to join me and Tipz for our crazy class combo of Pump x Combat. Haha! It was really nice of Mon to join since it was literally a journey to the West for him. HB Boy joined us at the gym much later. He went for his swim, while Mon, Tipz and I punched and kicked in Combat.

By the time we left the gym, it was already 3PM. We headed to eggs n' berries for a very late lunch/breakfast/brunch. The good thing about going to restaus at that time is that there are no queues. Yay! egg n' berries is a good brunch place. Their first branch is at Expo. PG Boy and I used to go to that place when he was still living in Tampines. I was more than pleased when I saw that another branch was opened in Westgate.

Time really just does fly so fast. It was already 4PM when HB Boy and I said buh bye to Tipz and Mon. Tips stayed behind at Westgate to check out Tokyo Hands. Mon headed back to the city to run some errands. HB Boy and I had our own unplanned plans.

Further proof that time moves so fast? Our unplanned plans lasted until 1030, I think. Lol! Having made the trip to Jurong East, I thought I'd accompany HB Boy back to his place in the north. Usually, we part ways at the MRT station. Last night, I walked him back to his place. It wasn't far from the MRT. But by Singapore standards, I would say it is far. LOL!

I'm not complaining. It's one more "walk" that can be added to the list of "walks" that we usually do. Richie once said, referring to me and HB Boy, "That's your thing, no? Going for walks." Hmm, I guess it is. I dunno. That's one of the things I like to do I guess. I'm glad that HB Boy seems to like to do the same thing.

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