Sunday, September 28, 2014

Back to regular programming...

This blog has been neglected these past few days as I was spending a lot of time with Mama.

Monday and Tuesday nights were spent having dinner with her. Then, there's the inception holiday to Yogyakarta from Wednesday to Friday. Yesterday, we were out the entire day for last minute shopping and get-together with Mr. Lim for lunch until late afternoon followed by a send-off dinner with Mon and Richie.

Today saw both of us waking up before 6AM so we can be early at the airport, in case some inconveniences come up (There were none. Yay!).

I am also glad that my good friend Noreen was on the same flight as my Mom. At least, she would have company until the plane lands in Manila.

Meanwhile, it is back to regular programming for me. To be honest, I am very exhausted. Lol! I haven't been getting enough rest this past week. I haven't been able to go to the gym at all. Yikes! I am afraid to step on the weighing scale. Haha!

Talking about going back to regular programming, the first thing I did when I got home was to watch the premiere episodes of two series - Scandal and Gotham. Scandal has always been a favourite of mine. I am extremely happy to see Olivia Pope and her team (?) back. Meanwhile, I will suspend any review of Gotham until I see the next few episodes. The pilot of the new series has got me interested though. Hopefully, the show will be awesome.

Then, there is also Downton Abbey. I wonder what happened to Arrow. I hope the series will continue as it is a favourite, too. Haha!

Other than the TV series, today is about recuperating and putting back order into my room.

We resume normal programming, folks. Haha!

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