Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Hey, October...

And just like that, September is over. Hello to my favourite month of the year, October.

Today was a rather busy day at the office. Same as yesterday, I reached the office at 730AM and I didn't leave until it was close to 7PM.

160 emails were waiting for me when I arrived at work yesterday. I managed to go through everything by the end of day.

However, I am still working on the specific action required by the emails. It looks like a good majority of this week will be devoted to the backlog work.

Today is also quite a significant day. Tomorrow, I will be coming to an office that has fewer people. The second batch of leavers said goodbye this afternoon.

I'm a bit sad because a few of them have become my good friends. On the other hand, I am also excited for them. Surely, things will go great if they wanted things to be great.

It seems like the constant thing around me lately is change. I know of people who have left/going to leave Singapore soon. I know of people who have changed jobs.

So far, I've been a spectator. Over lunch, I talked a bit with two colleagues about change. It's clear to us that we want change in our own lives in the near future. It is also clear that there is no one but ourselves to get the ball rolling if we do want the change.

I will start taking this seriously soon. I must.

October, please be awesome and have great things in store for me.

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  1. the start of every month is quite special since it gives that feeling of a clean slate. I can totally relate to your post.