Tuesday, September 23, 2014

See you again, Jogja/Yogya...

Tomorrow, I get to use my passport again.

Similar to last year, I am taking Mom on a holiday within her holiday. Haha!

It has always been a known fact to me that she wants to see the majestic Angkor temples in Cambodia. However, the plan had to be pushed to next year since a significant portion of my travel funds went to Europe. Haha! Also, it's a mystery to me why the plane tickets to Cambodge are so damn ex compared to the plane tix to neighbouring ASEAN countries. Haha!

Hence, I decided to bring her to the next best thing to Cambodge - Yogyakarta. Luckily, Air Asia had a seat sale a few months ago. I managed to buy tickets for Mom and me. Yay!

Also, I think it is better for her to see Prambanan and Borobodur first before seeing the Angkor temples. She can think of this as a preview of what to see next year. If Prambanan and Borobodur gets her excited, I can't imagine how reaction will be once she sets foot in Cambodge. Hehe!

I am grateful to be blessed with opportunities to take my Mom on overseas holidays. I'm quite sure that she didn't expect she would be able to visit these places before she gets too old. Thank you, Singapore. Thank you, Wiley. Thank you, Lordy, for the blessings.

My next project should be to have a get-together in Singapore with my two brothers. Hopefully, next year... before one of them ties the knot.

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