Sunday, January 4, 2015

First weekend of 2015...

And so the first weekend of 2015 is almost over. Haha! Sheesh, time really does fly fast!

It's been a generally relaxed weekend.

Friday, I went to the office to work. That was one of the reasons why I decided to fly back early. There are a few deadlines I have to take care of. Also, going to work last Friday enabled me to prep for the official start of work year 2015 this Monday. At least, I know what pressing concerns there are (thankfully, nothing new!). I know what awaits come Monday.

After work, I messaged Richie if he was free for dinner. Mon is in the US at the moment for a family holiday. I knew that Richie doesn't get back to work til Saturday so I decided to ask if he was free for dinner. I also asked PG Boy if he was free to join us. Hmm, I knew he'd be glad to see Richie. Good thing he didn't have anything planned for the night.

We decided to go to Char, the Cantonese restau next to Richie's place. It's one of the best choices in the area. It was also strategic as PG Boy was coming from Macpherson, Richie was coming from his place, I was coming from Lavender. As expected, it was an enjoyable dinner followed by coffee/dessert. Afterwards, I headed to City Square to meet up with Bernice for coffee and chitchat. She was flying back to Timor Leste Saturday morning. We met up in Manila but we didn't have enough time to chitchat as we both had other appointments. Hence, it was nice to see her again before she flew back to her adopted home.

Saturday morning, Jon and I were supposed to go to Pump at our usual Saturday morning gym class. However, he had a slight injury so I ended up going to Pump on my own. We just met up afterwards. He prepped lunch at his place (so did his other housemates). I wouldn't say no to a home cooked meal. Haha!

In the evening, I made a journey to the East again. The dinner was with Ian and Richie. It was Ian's birthday and he asked us to dinner. Jon wasn't able to go because of his slight injury. The rest of the gang are still overseas, I think. It was an intimate birthday dinner at Long Beach Mountbatten. Hehe! For a small party of three, I think we ordered a lot of food. I'm not a big fan of crab but I'm starting to like it. Hehe! From Mountbatten, we took a short train ride to go to Richie's place for further hohol.

Today, I initially planned to go to the gym after church. However, I decided that I'll head back after church so I can do some other things. There are plans to meet up tonight with another visiting friend, but I haven't heard from them yet. So, we'll see. Otherwise, I think I'll just side at my side of the island today. Haha!

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