Sunday, January 18, 2015

Friday and Saturday hohols...

Weekends have always been precious to me. I think there isn't a single working person who doesn't look forward to the weekend (except those who work on weekends. Lol!)

Now that I'm telecommuting (which is basically working from home most of the time), weekends have become even more precious because it is a time that I get to see my friends and once in a blue moon, go out on a date.

Friday and Saturday have both been really good ones as I got to hang out with people I don't see as often but I wish I saw more often.

Thanks to Chris' invite, I was able to hohol with him, MkSurf8, RKGreg, Jeff and Jin. Chris' sib and the wifey gifted Chris with a room at the Intercon to thank him for hosting them in Singapore (I think), or something along those lines. Hehe! It was a good get-together though short as I had to catch the last train to the far West. I don't see this group of friends as often as I used to. Thus, every invite to a get-together is a happy moment.

I don't know if ageing has something to do with it (haha!). Lately, we've been trading the noise and the crowd of the club to an evening of chitchat with drinks at MkSurf8's place or in this instance, at Chris' hotel room. I enjoy both but I have to say that I enjoy the hohol moments where there is just a conversation among the guys. Group conversations are always fun because we can talk about anything, from the mundane to the most serious of issues. Haha!

The following day, Saturday, was also quite a busy one. At one point, I exclaimed to Richie,"I'm exhausted!" after realising how I've been running around all around the city again! Morning started slow with just usual house chores - laundry, folding clothes, watching series, cleaning the room a bit. After that, it was time to head to the gym for Pump class. With the training for my new volunteer commitment coming up, I have to rethink my Saturday gym sched again.

Gym was over by 1PM. From Jurong East, I took the train down to the city to meet up with my fellow museum guide-turned-friend Lionel. He's one friend I don't see as much but we're in touch almost every other day. It's nice to catch up with him and just talk about travel and so on.

Saturday concluded with an evening with Richie and Mon. Lionel told me about the screening of the docu film Dior and I as part of the Singapore Design Film Festival. I knew immediately that Mon (and maybe Richie) would be interested to see the film. Luckily, Lionel told me about the film early enough that I could still buy tickets. Apparently, all tickets were sold out.

The screening was at 8PM. Kiasu that I am, I insisted that we meet up early so that we can have dinner early so that we can queue early. Lol! The aim was to get good seats since it was free seating!

It was a success. I met up with Mon and Rich around 6PM. We had a relaxed and filling dinner at Tonkichi, just one level below the cinema. By 7, we collected the tickets and headed straight to the hall where the movie will be shown. Our group was the first in line. Yay!

The movie was only 89 minutes and I'm glad that both of them enjoyed it. We had a short discussion about the film just before parting ways.

I reached home at 11PM. I was beat and just wanted to crash into bed. Haha! Definitely, Friday and Saturday have been great!


  1. ay may selfie - unfriend lol jk!!!

    1. Lol! If you were there, you would have been in the selfie. ;)