Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tested... negative...

Earlier this evening, I made my way to Farrer Park towards the north east instead of heading to the west to go back.

To be specific, I headed to 31 Kelantan Lane, which is where the Action for AIDS Anonymous Testing Service holds office thrice a week. (On regular work days, it is where the DSC Clinic is.)

I've been meaning to get tested. The main reason I want to know my status is because I intend to think of some long-term plans. My status will have some impact on my planning, so it is mandatory that I know my status. Also, I think it's being responsible to go for the test. I'm not active in that department, but there have been certain moments when the struggle for purity and chastity were a failure, so to speak. Haha!

It's my first time to get tested at the AFA ATS. The last time I went for the test was at Raffles Hospital, as a requirement for the application for my employment pass as a foreign worker.

The AFA ATS clinic is very good, I must say. The process was efficient and clear. The staff were very professional and cheerful. (I think a few of them are actually volunteers.) The waiting time could be more than 30 minutes but that was because it was a busy night. To a certain extent, I thought it was great that many individuals (male, female, young and old) are getting themselves tested.

The counselor who attended to me was a nice, good looking guy named Clement. The one who took my blood sample was a very cheerful lady named Nur (I think). After the test, I wondered if she was being too cheerful as a way to get the patient to relax. Whatever the reason, she (as well as Clement) is awesome!

The cost for the test was $40, depending on the window period. It could be as low as $30.

I was very hungry by the time I left the clinic. I was tempted to go for a nice meal to celebrate the negative results. Hehe. Instead, I settled for a wrap and a cookie at Subway. Lol.

Action for AIDS Singapore | ATS : Anonymous Testing Service
Operating Hours: Tuesdays & Wednesdays 6.30pm to 8.30pm; Saturday 1.30pm to 3.15pm
Address: 31 Kelantan Lane #1-16 S200031

More details here.


  1. it feels good afterwards nuh? congratulations and stay safe. its best to make it an annual thing actually.

    1. Yeah, it does feel good. Though I wasn't too worried with the results. Hehe! Agree on getting tested regularly, twice a year if one is more active.