Sunday, January 25, 2015

Training, museums, gym, Mass, and so on...

Good morning! It's Sunday and I've been up since 6AM. Haha! What's new?

I'm not surprised because I was already in lalaland by 11PM. Yesterday was a very long day. It started at 6AM, too. I had to get up early and be in the city by 830 to attend the training for my new volunteer commitment. The training lasted until 1PM.

After that, I headed to the National Museum to meet up with fellow museum volunteer Lionel and to do a walkthrough of the ongoing exhibit. Hanging out and going around the exhibit took close to two hours.

I left Lionel since he was doing the 2PM tour, and I headed to the gym for a 330 Combat class. Prior to Combat, I was thinking about whether to eat or not. The dilemmas was I couldn't eat a proper lunch because I didn't want to do Combat on a full stomach. Add to that the feeling that it's bad and it might result in appendicitis. Lol. I can't eat a proper lunch after class either because by then, I would have to observe the one-hour fast before Mass. Yeah, one of the Catholic teachings I still follow and believe in.

So, how? Hashtag First World Problems?

In the end, I rushed taking a shower and getting dressed. That left me a good 5 minutes to rush to the 7-11 at the ground level of Cathay to get a pau. It was imperative that I eat because I was already feeling faint towards the end of Combat class. Haha!

The last activity for the day was Mass at St. Anthony's, my favourite church in Singapore along with Church of St. Mary of the Angels and also, St. Bernadette. The priests give very good homilies! The homily is always something relevant to the every day lives of people.

That was Saturday. The reason I went to Mass yesterday was Sunday is also going to be a packed day.

I have a museum guiding duty. I organised a meet up with Kok Kuan, Des and Justin. I need to go to the city to take the first few steps on a new project. Just this morning, I volunteered to take over another museum guiding shift. The assigned museum guide couldn't make it since she was down with throat infection and flu. With all these errands, I'm afraid I may not have enough time for Mass. It's ironic that Mass seems to be the last item in the to-do today list, instead of being the first.

Busy Saturday. Busy Sunday. How to find time for a relationship? Or even a date? Lol! Just kidding.

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