Thursday, January 29, 2015

I can be a jerk if I want to be... lol...

Haha! After gym tonight, I met up for a quick drink with this guy I recently met the other day on Grindr. We've been chatting for the past two days. Tonight, we agreed to meet up after gym.

We went to the same gym. I went for a class, he went to do his own workout. Thankfully, I finished my workout way ahead of him. I showered, got dressed and left the gym. I told the guy I'll just wait for him at the nearby Starbucks.

I say thankfully because when he arrived, I wasn't sure if it was him. First off, he was wearing a cap in his photo. How am I supposed to know he has a shaved head? Next, he conversed quite good over the phone. Heck, he even spelled Philippines correctly (though I did ask if he was using predictive text... lol!)! So I was a bit surprised that he was struggling somehow with his English. And as much as I hate it, there was a point when I spoke in broken English using the most basic of words. Lol!

For awhile, I was tempted to come up with some lame excuse just to get out of the situation. I then thought I'll just be in charge of the situation: we can go grab a quick drink and then head back. That's exactly what we did.

Another "thankfully" moment that I did that because on the way to a nearby Subway. I asked him in a non-sexual, most casual way of asking if he was hungry. He replied, "Yes, I want to eat hotdog." I replied with a laugh and told him to turn on his app and look for what he wanted. He then replied something and after that, in my head I was already going, "Alrightey, that's it for tonight. Let's make this quick so we can go home separately." Haha!

We went to Subway. I ordered my wrap and a drink. He got his own drink. For the next 10 or so minutes, I was the polite guy and just conversed with him about life in Singapore. As soon as I was done with my meal and he with his drink, I quickly got up, returned my tray, thanked him for the meetup. I made sure we wouldn't spend one minute more together by saying, "I'm going to the grocery to buy something. You're going straight to the MRT, right? You're tired anyway?"

Haha! That was that.

On the train ride back home, I was Whatsapping with another guy... also met via the same app as above. He seemed like a great guy. He could carry a conversation. I was more sure that his conversation skills were a lot better. And I could sense that he could actually be someone to hang out with... until he started dropping hints about hooking up. Lol! Alright, for the record, I have no issues with fun. If one is up for it, then state it clearly at the beginning. Why start the convo under a false pretense of friends first, maybe fun later.

Once the conversation started taking a turn towards hooking up, I took hold of the situation again and told him that I'm going to sleep. He then replied, "You're a real nice guy." I decided I'd be a bit of an asshole and sent the reply in the left photo above. Haha! He sent a reply again, which I already ignored.

Sorry, James. You were at the receiving end of my angst tonight. Lol! Prior to these two guys, there was this other guy I was chatting with for a few days now. He was also a nice guy, very thoughtful and caring. We've been chatting regularly for a few days now. I even asked him out to a movie, to which he said, "We'll see." I decided to ask him, "Are you dating anyone?"

Refer to the above right photo for the reply. Lol! I then came up with the lame excuse of needing to get back to work. I wished him a good day and that was it. Later in the evening, he messaged to ask how my day was. I pulled off an HB Boy and didn't reply. Today, I didn't message as well. Harhar! This is different though from the HB Boy x UP Boy episode because this guy and I never met. I had every right to bring out the asshole in me. Lol!

So yeah, this is what's been going on recently. I think it has something to do with the app that I'm using. I'm currently reading this book entitled "Meet Grindr: How One App Changed The Way We Connect" written by a man name Jaime Woo. It's a good book because it dissects the app in an academic sort of way, though he claims he did no scientific study. Most of the theories, propositions in the books are something I could relate though at this very moment. Haha!

Maybe I should delete these apps or just retain one? I seem to be getting better conversations from that other app. Maybe I should just go back to believing that I'll meet that future partner in the real world and outside of these apps. Haha!


  1. aren't we supposed to be assholes in these apps? i mean appholes!