Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Very busy weekend..

Sunday was almost as busy as Saturday. Haha!

In the morning, I still got up at my usual early morning wakeup time because I agreed to go with Melvin on a nature walk. We haven't met up in a long time and a nature walk was long overdue.

Aside from Melvin, I managed to convince a new friend to join us for a walk. Originally, the plan was go to Macritchie Reservoir. We decided to go to the TreeTop Walk instead. Hehe! That's because Melvin had to be back home before 12 noon since it was his Mum's birthday. I also didn't mind getting back to the hotel early as I wanted to take a nap and go to an earlier Mass service.

The walk was quite fun. There were a lot of people who woke up early that Sunday. Haha! It was nice to see a lot of fellow nature walkers.

I reached the hotel at half past twelve. After finding out that there was a 420 Mass at a nearby church, I decided to rest first.

From the church, I headed to Orchard where I met up with I-van, Richie, Mon and Jon. We headed to CPK at the Forum where we spent a good three (?) hours just chatting and chatting and chatting while enjoying two kinds of salad, a meaty pizza and one other special dish. Hehe!

Sunday was definitely a good day as well. Thankful for the wonderful weekend!

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