Friday, February 20, 2015

Day 1 (and 2) of Year of the Goat...

Hello, Year of the Goat!

The first day of the New Year is usually spent visiting families and relatives. So while most of Singapore did that, I did something similar as well.

After checking in at one of the hotels along Singapore River, the gang and I walked over to Esplanade to check out the River Hongbao. It was a nice walk from Clarke Quay to Esplanade as it was a cool evening. The River Hongbao was parked but it was a good experience since I was with friends. It's also my first time to visit the event on an evening. The previous years, Richie and I would go in the afternoon. Hehe! The evening, naturally, was really crowded but it was still just as fun. I particularly enjoyed seeing the lanterns all lit up.

We got home quite late but, still woke up early as usual. Started the day with a nice breakkie with Ian, Richie and Mon. We then planned to hang by the pool and just chillax the entire day. However, the pool hangout was delayed because Frozen Sing Along version is on cable. Hahaha!

It's been enjoyable so far. I'm really liking this whole "staycation" concept. I like that I'm still on a holiday even if I'm in the country. I do agree with Mon though that we kinda miss going for a road trip to a nearby province to hit the beach or just eat out. That's something that was so easy to do back in Manila.

Oh well, I'm not complaining. Loving where I am right now. Haha!

Alright, Frozen is over. Heading to the pool now.


  1. I would want to try celebrating CNY in SG someday. It looks fun ;)

    1. Hey, Simon. It is fun if you're with friends. :)