Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Off the market...

Not me, but one of my friends recently changed his status from Single to In A Relationship.

I was having dinner over the weekend when I received a text message that said something like, "It's official. We're together."

Seeing the message, I quickly replied, "Woohoo! OMG! Congrats and super happy for you guys!" Indeed, I was genuinely happy for this friend who is now officially off the market.

In a way, I am familiar with their love story as this friend and I talked about the guy, the dating stage, and so on soon after they started dating. Hehe!

My friend would sometimes message random things about the guy and I would be very excited and keen to listen to how the seeds of the relationship were planted and nurtured until it blossomed to a relationship.

At least, there were two less lonely people in the world (said the Air Supply song) during the recent Valentine's Day. Haha! Congrats, congrats again, you and you! You guys have my support! ;)

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