Sunday, February 22, 2015

Saturday and Sunday report...

And just like that, the long weekend is over. And in a few more days, February is over.

Whoa, whoa! Time is flying by so fast. What's the rush? Haha!

Saturday and Sunday were just like my usual normal weekend - meaning packed with this and that.

Yesterday, I woke up at 7AM so that I can accompany Richie to breakkie at 730. He already had work, while I had a museum duty at 1130. I figured I'd be up early so I could definitely accompany him. Mon and Ian, on the other hand, didn't have any plans for the morning so they decided they'll go for breakkie at 9.

By the time Mon and Ian were done with breakfast, I was already packed and ready to head to the museum. It's a very short cab ride to the museum but I wanted to be early so I can do a walkthrough of the exhibit before 1130.

I'm so grateful that we had a staycation for CNY. The past three days definitely felt like a vacay. It must be the activities we had. It was definitely the company of Mon, Rich, Ian and Ann Marie. I won't be surprised if we'll have another staycation next CNY.

Meanwhile, I was pleasantly surprised to have a really huge group for the 1130 tour. It's my first time to have a group of more than 20 people for a morning guided tour. Hmm, I could've done better with my tour but I guess it was still okay because the group applauded at the end of the tour.... or they were just being polite. Lol!

Done with my museum duty, I initially planned to hit the gym for Combat at Cathay. However, I decided I'll just head home first to take a nap. Hmm, I was still feeling tired. Around 5PM, I got up from my nap and dragged myself out of bed. I skipped Combat at Cathay but I did manage to go to Westgate where I spent 30 minutes on the treadmill. That felt really good!

The other plan was to catch a movie. Since there were no good movies, I decided to just head back. Tipz and I FT'd for about an hour or so. It was a good catchup, as always. Thanks to technology, there's the illusion that he's just several train stations away. Lol!

I didn't stay up too late last night (though I was tempted to go clubbing!). The reason for this was I wanted to go to the gym again this morning.

There was a 9AM Pump class, which I managed to join. I also went for the 1120AM Combat class, which was packed! Yup, the holidays are definitely over. Hehe!

The gym session ended around 1PM. By then, I was famished! Din Tai Fung would've been awesome but as expected, there was a queue! I ended up going to eggs & berries. Lol! The last time I was there, it was with Tipz, Mon and HB Boy. Haha!

Done with lunch, I then went to Clementi where I spent the next few hours studying at the library. Another reason why I had to go to Clementi was because I needed to meet up with Tokyo-based Singaporean friend Alvin. I asked him to get a Japan-made brolly for me. Lol!

The last agenda for today was church. Thankfully, there's a 715PM Mass at Church of St. Mary of the Angels. It's been awhile since I went for Mass at that church. I'm glad that I was able to attend Mass there again.

What a nice long weekend! Let's start with the Year of the Goat now! :D

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