Wednesday, February 11, 2015

People you may know...

On my way to the city earlier this evening, I was going through Facebook on my phone to see what friends are up to. As I was going through the app, I scrolled through the section that suggests people you may know. What a surprise to see who the first “People You May Know” tile was – HB Boy.

I knew I should’ve kept my phone in the bag and just went with the plan to continue reading Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird on my Kindle. Haha!

Seriously, Facebook? Seriously?

It was rather surprising to see HB Boy on Facebook since a) he didn’t really use it as it was banned in China and b.) well, he’s still around.

A lot of people say that Singapore is a very tiny island. I guess it is. But when you live in the heartlands and your one-way commute to the city takes close to an hour (to the airport, close to an hour and 45 minutes), it’s a bit of a challenge to think that I’m living on a little island. Hehe!

Just after HB Boy went Gone Girl on me though, that was a time when I saw that Singapore is indeed a tiny island. Almost everywhere I went, it brought back happy memories with HB Boy – the train station where we would meet up after gym on a Monday night, the gym where I brought him so he can swim, a particular Chinese restaurant, the Singapore River, to name a few.

Who knew so many memories can be built in a short, short span of time?

Recently, I had lunch with another friend and he was telling me how he had a somewhat similar experience. The guy just went Gone Girl on him, too. When he told me that he would still sometimes stand at a particular door at the train station with the faintest hope that he would catch a glimpse of the guy, I told him I knew how that felt.

Yeah, I know it’s rather stupid that there’s still a tiny part of me that hangs on to memories of HB Boy. He was a good guy (or so I thought, and so did my friends). Maybe I almost loved him? Maybe deep inside, I still believe he’s a good guy. Maybe I am wanting some sort of closure (though I know I may never get the kind of closure I want.)

Tipz, thousands of miles away that he is, said something rather interesting about this whole thing. “…you have closure because then you saw what kind of with how he ended it and you saved yourself from any more hurt…”

Thank goodness for friends like Tipz. Hehe.

I know that the island will remain to be the small island that it is. Maybe the trick now is to create new memories in all those places that brings back memories of HB Boy.


  1. or pwede rin instead of person monster HAHAHAHA

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