Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sunday was just as packed as Saturday...

It was a nice Sunday. Busy, but it started well and ended well. Ergo, all is well. Lols!

This morning, I had another training session at Fort Canning. The session was at 930. I left the house at 7 so I can have time for break and still make it to the venue way ahead of the starting time. Today's session was interesting as it was on peer assessment. The facilitator is a senior museum volunteer, who I know. The group today was much smaller allowing for more exchange of opinions and more opportunities to get to know each other.

From Fort Canning, I took the bus down to Somerset where I grabbed a quick lunch before heading again to the library @ Orchard. I'm so, so grateful that a library was opened in Orchard. Now, there's a place for studying/hanging out before heading to the gym for the afternoon Pump class at Paragon. I spent a good two hours at the library.

Then it was on to Paragon for Pump with Bertram, whom we (Tipz and I) christened Bae. So, this weekend was a back-to-back Pump with Bae. Thankfully, his session today was slightly not as tough as yesterday. He really is one of the best Pump instructors around.

The last agenda for the day was dinner with Mon and Richie at what is now officially our favourite Thai place - Korat Thai at Orchard Towers. Not a single time were we ever disappointed with the food. We ordered new dishes tonight - mango salad, yellow curry and tom yum fried rice. We also had dishes we've tried before - pad thai and omelette. The food never disappoints!

We skipped P.S. Cafe tonight as we all felt we were so full from dinner. It is a cool evening so we just went for a short stroll. Rich initially suggested catching a movie, but Mon has work tomorrow. We just decided we'll watch next week.

Good weekend!

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