Monday, February 23, 2015

Closest to a closure...

Some details about HB Boy surfaced last night.

The funny thing is that the source of information was the last person I expected to tell me anything about HB Boy. Haha!

When I got back from Mass last night, I was just in my room resting for a bit before going to shower. I received a Whatsapp message from an acquaintance who wanted to talk to me about something else.

When we were done talking about the subject which was the reason he messaged, he then asked me if I was still seeing HB Boy. It was an amusing moment for me because I didn't expect this person to know much about HB Boy. I just laughed out loud and sent the reply above.

He then replied with the message in the photo above.

The exchange of messages continued a bit more and ended with him giving some advice and pulling my leg. Lol! It was really kind of him though to tell me about HB Boy. While I should've probed him more to really confirm that he was sure it was HB Boy, I didn't do so anymore because this person has nothing to gain from crafting any stories. Also, the area where he saw HB Boy adds credibility to his story.

Hmm, I will confess that I did feel sad for awhile. The whole "Why do bad things happen to good people?" thought came to mind. Thankfully, I didn't dwell on it too much. Thank as well to the two people who gave more words to knock some sense into me after I told them about the info shared with me.

In a perfect world, I would still want to see HB Boy face-to-face and just hear from him what happened. I guess that will never happen or is far from happening. The above is probably the closest I can get to a proper closure. Oh well...

Could there be a more appropriate time to be told about HB Boy? It's the start of another year (that is, the Year of the Goat). The moment is a good time to really start moving on...

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