Friday, July 1, 2016

It's July...

Hello, July.

New President. New Vice-President. Daenerys is sailing with her armada towards Westeros. Jon Snow is a Targaryen and a Stark.

Winter has come. What about change? Change is coming? Lol.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Wednesday night ASEAN hohol...

It was an enjoyable Wednesday night.

A week ago, Bernard asked me if I wanted to join him, Miru, and Jackie as they were planning to visit the pasar malam at Geylang Serai. Supposedly, there are a number of food items that are worth trying.

Initially, I thought I couldn't join them because they planned to meet at 6PM. I was knock off work at 530PM and I live all the way in the West. The pasar malam was all the way to the East.

Somehow, I managed to work out my schedule and I did end up joining the trio.

It was quite fun. There were a lot of people naturally, but I did enjoy trying out the different food items sold by various stall.

From the market, we walked to nearby One KM where we continued our conversation.

I think it was a really good convo as we didn't notice that it was already a bit late by the time we decided to head back. Haha!

Always good to see these guys. It felt like a meeting of ASEAN members since it included a Filipino, a Malaysian, an Indonesian (now Singaporean), and a Singaporean. Hehe!

Monday, June 27, 2016

Afternoon at the Kranji Marshes...

Last Friday, I joined a company outing. Some colleagues organised a nature walk at Kranji Marshes.

It was a good place for nature walk beginners, I suppose.

For those who want something more rustic, the nearby Sungei Buloh reserve is a good place to visit as well.

I did enjoy the walk and I did enjoy testing the macro shot capabilities of the iPhone.

It took me a huge amount of silence and stealth in taking the photos of the insects. Haha!

Erm, I'm quite happy with the photos. Hehe!

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Friday night = Whiskey night...

I was home early yesterday. Some colleagues organised a nature walk at the Kranji Marshes. I signed up to join them since it's been some time since I last went on a nature walk.

The place was okay. It's not as rustic as Sungei Buloh. I'm glad I went for the walk though. Anyway, since Kranji is a station away from my place, I was home early. I managed to still get some work done.

There were really no plans to head out but I thought I'd check where Jon was. I messaged him and he said he was out having dinner with his housemate Lara.

He also said he wasn't really keen to go for drinks because he needed to work and he wanted to do laundry.

I told him we'll just go for one drink and that we'll catch the last train back to our side of the island.

We even set a time for going home - 1030.

One drink. 1030PM.

Haha, well, one jug of whiskey sprite became two jugs. We headed to our usual drinking place, and I managed to get the bar staff to make the mix stronger. Uhm, we're paying $48 for the jug! I dun want it diluted.

By the time we were finishing our second jug, Jon and I agreed to drop by a neighboring bar.

I should've known that already meant that we weren't getting home early. Hahaha!

Three of his friends joined us. We ordered some more whiskey sprite but man, the whiskey at this bar was really bad whiskey. It didn't take long before I got wasted. Haha!

Long story short, I slept over at Jon's place. How we both got back to his place in one piece, I'm thankful. He was just as wasted as I was. Haha!

It was a fun night though. We defo missed Tipz.

Okay, next tugs should be in August na.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

The last good date...

I've been a good boy for the past three months.

By good boy, I mean I haven't been on any apps, I haven't met up with anyone. All I've been doing is hang out with my couple friends or fellow single friends, work, museum, gym, and so on.

These past few weeks, I've been masturdating since MonRich were in Europe while Jon was in Japan.

While I was doing my jog earlier, one of the thoughts that came to mind was trying to recall the last time I went out on a good date. Hehe!

Since it happens rarely, only two persons come to mind - SQ Guy and Curator Guy.

If we're going to be strict about the definition of "date," then only Curator Guy would count. The thing with "SQ Guy" was more of a hang with some harmless flirtation. Hehe!

I don't even recall when the date with Curator Guy happened. It was a few months back and it only happened because there was an even which we were both interested in.

He and I have been messaging on and off for almost a year before the meetup actually happened. When it did happen, it was good because it was nice to be on a date again.

We had dinner at a nice restaurant. We went for a short walkt to the event venue. We shared an ice cream. We went for another round of dessert after the event. Throughout the night, there was easy convo and some flirting. He offered to drive me back but I refused because my place is too far. Haha!

We did hold hands. And as any proper date, ended the night with a polite kiss to say, "Thanks, I enjoyed your company."

It was, as I suspected, a one-off thing. We chatted again for the next few days. We agreed to meet up again. A day before the meetup, he said he's not feeling well. I wasn't up for it either. And the whole thing just died a natural death. There are no regrets because during the date, I already sensed some red flags. Nope, he wasn't a bad person. I just knew that it wasn't going to work out.

On the other hand, I was really happy because it was a good date. It wasn't a date that started with "Got place?" It was a date that started with "Would you like to go to this event with me?"

And although I was turned off for five seconds by the fact that he's wearing flipflops (WTF?! I took my time prepping for this time and you show up in flipflops?!), it was a night that I sincerely enjoyed. It was a night I won't mind having again soon.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Mass at St. Francis of Assisi...

I still haven't been feeling very well.

Thankfully, I didn't have any commitments yesterday. The entire day was spent at home. I spent a few hours for the online course I signed up for.

In the afternoon, I spent time resting and catching up on Game of Thrones.

My only plan for the day was to attend anticipated Mass since I may not be able to go to Mass today.

I thought of going to one of my usual churches but decided on being more adventurous (...or maybe stubborn since I should actually be resting. I shouldn't be tiring myself.).

Anyway, thanks to a website that lists all the churches and mass schedules in Singapore, I managed to find one church I haven't been to.

It's in Boon Lay, an area I rarely visit because I've really got nothing to do there. Hehe.

The church is St. Francis of Assisi. The saint is dear to me as he is the first saint I became acquainted with. He is, after all, the patron saint of our school. As early as prep, I was already invoking his name during prayers, "St. Francis of Assisi. Pray for us." after I call on our Lady, "Our Lady of Lourdes. Pray for us."

It was not that difficult to reach the church. Thanks to, I managed to easily find it. It's a small church with beautiful stained glass window.

The service was good. The church was packed. I'm always happy to see a packed church. Hehe!

Okay, adding St. Francis to the list of churches I've visited.

Several more to go...

Friday, June 17, 2016

Dinner at Wheat...

I'm not feeling very well.

It's the weather I think. There was one night I slept with the AC really cranked up that I woke up with a weird feeling in my throat. I knew something was up because the next thing I know, I was starting to feel feverish.

If it wasn't for the scheduled dinner tonight with MonRich and PG Boy, I would've stayed home and slept early. Hehe!

Still, I went out and met up with the guys. We had dinner at this new healthy foodplace called Wheat. It's at the basement of Raffles City. I got a teriyaki chicken salad. It's a good salad place but I think I'd still choose Toss & Turn. Hehe! That's mainly because I'm a creature of habit.

The guys and I parted ways about an hour ago.

It was good because I was starting to feel worse and as a result, I wasn't contributing much to the convo anymore. Hehe!

Hope I'll feel much better tomorrow.

Anna Wintour x Amy Schumer...

Okay, this was totally unexpected....


this is truly hilarious!

Anna Wintour - you're the best!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Dinner and dessert with visiting Richmond...

Just got back from dinner.

I rarely meet up with MonRich on a weekday evening. However, tonight we met up because of a visiting friend - Richmond.

Richmond, whom Richie knows since his university days and whom Mon and I know since early 2000, was in town for a few days with his family. He'll be flying back to the US on Saturday night. It was nice of him to ask us out to dinner.

Over dinner (at Wee Nam Kee because Richmond was craving for chicken rice) and dessert (at Robert Timms because this was our default go to for coffee and dessert), we talked about the old days - how Malate was such a fun place, how we used to be able to go on spontaneous out of town trips, and so on.

I guess one thing that stuck with us from tonight's convo was Richmond saying, "We need to create new memories!" It does make a lot of sense because we kept on harping back to the past. (Is it harping or harking? Hehe!)

Hmm, I think we have been making new memories. In fact, I think we've made tons of new memories. It's just that most of us have gone on different ways since the early to mid-2000. However, we still find ourselves at crossroads sometimes and when we do, we tend to remember the good old days. I'm not complaining though. Hehe!

Who knows when I'll see Richmond again? I'm quite sure though it would still be a fun get-together the next time we see each other.