Monday, July 28, 2014

Happy, fun long weekend...

What I thought would be a restful weekend turned out to be a weekend packed with happy activities with good friends! Haha!

It started Friday night. After the movie and dinner with NB Boy, I headed to Tipz's place to freshen up and change clothes for the second agenda for the night - get-together with Richie, Mon, Jon, MkSurf8 and RKGreg.

We reached the usual hangout place in Neil Rd before midnight. It was great seeing everyone. Richie and Mon rarely have late nightouts because Rich has work even on weekends. This week, he is on leave so he was able to join us for hohol time. On the other hand, the last time I saw MkSurf8 and RKGreg was when Makii was in town. After that, everyone seemed busy that we never got to arrange any gatherings.

We finished clubbing around 3AM and then had supper at Maxwell before heading back.

Saturday morning, I thought I would have some time to recov from the clubbing the previous night. However, a good friend messaged at the last minute that some company was very much needed on Saturday morning. Tired as I was, I knew how important it is for this person. Add to that the fact that I still get up at 7AM no matter how late I hit the sack. So, with only four hours of sleep, I managed to go on a leisurely walk and have lunch with this friend before heading back.

In the evening, I traveled all the way to the East for dinner with Richie and Mon. Richie brought back a few dishes by his mom, Tita Merlita - pinakbet, monggo, and adobo. Tita Merlita knew how much I love her cooking. It was really kind of Richie to have me over for dinner. We then watched And the Band Played On.

During dinner, I received a message from MkSurf8. Since I didn't get to chat with him and RKGreg the previous night, I decided I would head over to his place from Richie and Mon's. Hehe! It was just MkSurf8, RKGreg and three other people. RKGreg prepped delicious Purefoods goodies. Haha! Thank you! I was slightly tempted to meet up with Tipz at Neil Rd for clubbing/dancing. In the end, I decided I will just head back for rest. Second night that I've been hitting the sack close to 4AM.

Sunday was also just as packed. Mr. Lim and I attended the 11AM Mass at Church of St. Mary of the Angels. Later that day, we met up with Des for picnic at the Botanic Gardens followed by dinner at Ivins.

The last agenda for Sunday night was a movie marathon night with Tipz and Jon. The plan was to watch Before Sunrise, Sunset, Midnight trilogy. I only managed to finish the first two. Haha! I already crashed by the third movie. I need to see the last one for closure! Haha! Third night of sleeping way past midnight.

Today, I get to have some rest time before heading out again. Hahaha! NB Boy wanted to see the Annie Leibovitz exhibit and the Dinosaur exhibit at ArtScience Museum. I promised him I would accompany him. I was hoping to get some work done during this long weekend, but oh well. Hahah!

It's been a tiring weekend, yes. But it has been a very good one. It was spent with really good friends. What could be better done that?

Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday morning thoughts...

Not much happening this week, which I guess is somewhat good.

Work is still the same. There is nothing new. I expect the changes to take place sometime in late September.

Uhm, I've booked two more flights in addition to the Borobodur trip with Mama in September. The other flight I booked is for the long weekend because of National Day. A Manila friend is flying over to Kuala Lumpur for a look-see. Since the flights were cheapo, I decided to fly to KL and meet with him there. The other flight I booked today is for another trip later this year.

That's it. No more travels... unless there's a very good sale.

I should start saving for the big trip I want to do in late 2015 - New York and San Francisco. Truth be told, the only reasons I want to go to the US are these: New York - watch Broadway Musicals: Wicked, If/Then, Book of Mormons; visit museums: the Cloisters to see The Unicorn Tapestries, the Frick collection, MoMA, and the Anna Wintour Costume Center; window shopping: 7th Avenue, Barney's; check out and pay homage to the LGBT scene: Christopher St.; and for San Francisco: because my best friend Tey is planning to visit as well and I am putting pressure on her to bring me around.

If not for these, I would rather go to Europe again. The flights are more affordable and there are more things to excite me. I want to go back to the Netherlands and Belgium once again. Though this time, I want to include a visit to Haarlem and to The Hague (Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring at Mauritshuis!!!!) in addition to Amsterdam. In Belgium, I definitely want to do a day trip to Bruges and Ghent to see the Michelangelo's Madonna. I'm also excited at the thought of going back to Brussels because I now have two friends living there. Lastly, I want to include a trip to Paris! I hope it doesn't have the same effect on me as Rome did. Hahaha!

It would be so nice to travel again to these countries. Last year, I told myself I wanted to take a break from Asia. I have done my part in contributing to Asian tourism having visited Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Singapore, Myanmar, and Nepal. Haha!

So it was really such a grateful moment for me to have been able to do a trip to Europe. Never, never have I thought one boy's dream would become one man's reality. I am just really thankful. There are other places I want to see - Machu Picchu,Bhutan. Augh!

But for now, I should end this post and start working. Lol!

Happy Friday...

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

509 words and PS Cafe Dempsey...

After being charged with lacking in enthusiasm because of disappearing for a few days, I thought I'd make it up to NB Boy by accompanying him to PS Cafe at Dempsey on a Tuesday night. Lol!

Other than because of the gym or if there is some rare occasion, I usually prefer to be home and zzz by 10:30 or 11 at the latest on work nights. The main reason is I want to get enough sleep so I can wake up for the 7AM group workout classes at the gym.

Last night was one of those rare occasions where I decided to head home later than usual.

I will admit that there was a deliberate intent on my part to be out of NB Boy's radar the past few days. Previously, I told him that I just got out of a relationship and I am certain that I do not want to get into a new one just yet.

It seems that there was a need to reiterate the point. Otherwise, there would be no claims which make me comparable to a Filipino snack I'm kinda missing right now - palitaw. Lulubog, lilitaw. Hehe!

So, I ended up composing a 509-word letter to explain myself again.

Uhm, I was expecting a letter of equal length in reply but instead, the reply was getting asked to go to PS Cafe in Dempsey on the same night and to an exhibit he's been meaning to see. Lol!

For once, I'm enjoying the gray area I am in right now. Being a black or white kind of guy, this is all new to me. I still dislike gray areas but for now, I am finding it a bit comfortable.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Happiness and contentment talk at 5AM...

Does happiness follow after contentment? Or does contentment come first before happiness?

It sounds like the "Chicken or Egg" question would be easier to answer. Haha!

After a long night of partying and clubbing, I was just about ready for shuteye. But having taken a shower minutes earlier, I was a bit awake.

Not knowing if Tipz was still awake, I just started talking in the dark room. Lol!

Earlier during the night, PG Boy and I were at the same party. It was the first time we saw each other since we parted ways more than a month ago.

He was looking good. E and Tipz both said he lost weight. I blame his work. It was good seeing him again. I missed the guy. And I have to say it was just really great that was no awkwardness between us when we saw each other. We talked the same way as we did before. The only difference now is that our sentences are no longer punctuated with "babe" in between words.

Minutes before I fell asleep, I started ruminating about the events that transpired during the night.

It led me to some thoughts which I voiced out to a sleepy Tipz. Lol!

And so he asked, "I thought you were happy! When I asked you before if you were happy, you said you were!"

I was happy. I really was.

Then Tipz raised the topic of contentment. I think there was a part of me that was not contented. That thought was further reinforced because of some events that happened some time in the latter part of June. Those events led me to realise some things.

So again, I ask. Does happiness follow after contentment? Or does contentment come first before happiness?

Tipz and I never got to dwell more into it as we were both fast asleep soon after the discussion has started. Though I can say that I think I have a better idea now.

The photo above was from E's birthday party. I thought I'd use the photo since it somehow looks like we're about to lunge into a discussion. Haha!

You know it's not a straight party....

I attended E's birthday party last night.

The post on the birthday party itself has to wait. It's 830AM. I've only had 2 hours of sleep. And I'm starting to feel sleepy. Haha! I just have enough time for one quick post.

I thought it was amusing that it took some time before someone started to touch the hors d'oeuvre. Haha! E said he was not going to prep real food since there was so much food wasted at his party last year. Only canapés and small treats would be served. (I thought this was a good idea. Wasting food = thumbs down.)

The other thing that amused me and I found quite nice was the size of the red velvet cupcakes. They were super mini. This means less guilt over a sweet treat? Hehe!

So, two signs you're at a happy and gay party? When it takes hours before someone starts to take food and the cupcakes can be eaten in one go. Haha!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Very late Thursday night...

Thursday night ended up not being the usual Thursday night.

I was feeling a bit rebellious last night. I've been dealing with stupid colds since the weekend, which means I haven't been able to go to the gym since last Thursday.

Thursday night is usually back-to-back Pump and Combat classes with Tipz.

While I did get to do Pump, Tipz and I decided to skip Combat and instead head to the movies. Haha!

I was hoping to catch Walking on Sunshine, but I was also okay to watch Begin Again.

Jon gave me the impression that the movie might be a bit of a downer since it involved Keira Knightley getting dumped and Mark Ruffalo getting fired from his job.

The movie turned out to be quite the opposite. It was pretty enjoyable. Uhm, it actually felt like an indie film to me. Hehe!

Adam Levine was also part of the cast.

That made missing Combat and getting home past midnight on a work night(!!!) okay.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

More changes...

A lot of changes have been happening at work.

We didn't think the change would reach the shores of Singapore but it did. And boy, what a change it was.

That was just the start though. There is something else that is going to happen soon.

Well, to be honest, we don't know yet if it will happen. A group of colleagues is serving as the guinea pigs for that potential additional change. If it does turn out okay, then that change will happen.

Hmm, I was initially resistant to the idea because it is something completely different and something I am not used to.

This morning though, I thought to myself that I'm being reactionary to the news. Maybe I should be more open and see the pros of the proposed change. Maybe there is actually more good to it. Maybe it will serve as some sort of trigger for my personal plans as well.

So, yeah, I'm more open to it. One cannot be left behind I suppose. One must keep charging ahead, if possible.

I've been thinking about it earlier when I got back to the office after lunch.

How feasible is it to live on the other side of the Causeway while remaining employed in the Little Red Dot?

Needs more thinking, that's for sure.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Short trip to Malacca...

So our group of two Malaysians, 1 Singaporean, 1 Malaysian turned Singaporean and 1 Filipino boarded a bus headed to Malacca last Saturday.

It was my second time in the UNESCO World Heritage City and still I feel that an overnight trip is not enough to explore and enjoy the city. Hehe!

I've heard quite a number of people say that Malacca is boring. It's this. It's that.

The two times I've been to the city, I didn't feel bored at all. Hehe! I wish I had more time to go to the museums or walk at a leisurely pace.

Again, I've missed checking out the house at 8 Heeren Street. The shophouse has a permanent exhibit on the conservation and restoration process of the building. One can also learn about the history of early shophouses and Dutch architecture, which obviously had an influence on the local architecture.

Two new places I got to visit this trip were the Malaqa House and The Baboon House. The former sells authentic antique Peranakan furniture while the latter is an art gallery/cafe/boutique hotel. Why it was named The Baboon House I have no idea. Hehe!

I want to go back again soon. More cafes and restaus to check out.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Away for the weekend...

Heading to Malacca tomorrow with a few friends.

I've been looking forward to the trip since it's an opportunity to take a break from the little red dot... even if it's just for two days. Hehe!

A few people I know find Malacca to be boring. I don't really agree.

If one is interested in historical places or if one just wants to visit a place where a Catholic saint was once buried, then Malacca shouldn't be boring at all.

I enjoyed walking along the old streets and marvelling at the Peranakan mansions. I enjoyed the canal cruise during sunset. Hehe! I said a prayer when I visited the burial place of St. Francis Xavier. It's just a bit sad that not too many people know that a sacred man was once buried there.

A Twitter friend is in town this weekend but I didn't know he was flying in. Had I known, I would have scheduled the road trip on another weekend. Still, please enjoy Singapura, Jepoy. Maybe next time you can also do a side trip to Malacca.

Happy weekend to everyone...

How awesome is Apple...

Just how awesome is Apple! :)

I'm a proud customer of a company that supports the LGBTQ community. ;)

What I wouldn't give to work for Apple, move to California and raise kids with 1:23. Haha!