Thursday, August 27, 2015

Tonight is similar to last night...

Tonight is a similar story as last night. Haha.

Dinner with a visiting ex-colleague followed by coffee.

This evening, meetup was with Dubai-based friend Rej. She's in town for a few days to attend meetings in preparation for a company event happening early next year.

Her arrival was a semi-surprise because I just got a Whatsapp message from her early this week indicating that she's already in town.

It was a bit tricky setting up a meetup schedule with her because I-van is also in town.

Rej flies out tomorrow. I-van flies out Saturday.

That meant I am only free to meet them either last night or tonight. This is because my Friday night is already booked for Makoto and his family and Saturday is already booked for Grace who's flying in from Australia. Haha!

Thankfully, I-van was free to meet up last night. Thankfully, Rej was free to meet tonight. Thankfully, our meetup tonight was at 830. That allowed me to go to the 640 Pump class at Paragon. Haha!

Now, I'm in the train again otw home. I'm looking at the MRT map and I still have about 9 more stations to go.

This is very similar to what happened last night. Hehe. Anyway, always happy to see visiting friends. :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Entertainment week...

From tonight until Saturday night, I'm booked every night to meet an overseas-based friend. Haha!

Earlier, I met up with Richie and Mon for dinner and coffee with I-van. Hmm, I dun really consider him to be a visitor anymore since he'a here so often. Haha! Dinner tonight was at Toss & Turn - our current fave salad place. It was followed by checking out stuff at Crate & Barrel. Our last stop was Robert Timms for coffee and long conversations.

Tomorrow, I'm meeting a Dubai-based friend who's here on a business trip.

Friday night, it will be dinner with a Japanese friend and his family. I met this guy at an event of my former company. Since then, we managed to sustain the friendship thanks to the Internet.

On Saturday night, it is dinner with another ex-colleague who is transiting in Singapore.

This week is all about entertaining! Haha!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Some photos from the Singapore Night Festival...

Some photos from the Singapore Night Festival...

It was a tiring but enjoyable experience. I enjoyed the presentation at the National Museum whereby the facade came to life with a group of cute and adorable inuits turning the museum into their playground.

Hmm, we only got to visit the following: National Museum, Peranakan Museum, Armenian Church, and Singapore Art Museum.

There are still a number of other installations to be visited but I'm not sure if I have the time for it. Today and next weekend will be very busy.

Anyway, it was a good Saturday night spent with Richie, Ann Marie, Ana, and Alex. Mon was not able to join because he had another commitment. The rest of the gang also had their own activities. Hehe.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Friendship (always) wins...

How does one know when two people are true friends to each other?

When both have opposing thoughts on certain topics and both engage in a passionate discussion and there are no signs of meeting eye-to-eye, possibly in this lifetime, until one party says, "Agree to disagree?"

And then the other party then replies, "I agree." And the convo ends with planning what to do on a Saturday night.

Then you know those two people are two friends.

Because even if they take different sides on some matters, at the end of the day, friendship prevails. Friendship wins. Hehe!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Bed talk over dinner...

Over dinner the other night, one topic we talked about was beds.

Ann Marie, one of our friends, recently moved in to her own place. So, the past few weeks/days have been spent scouting for, making decisions about, and finally purchasing home stuff - including beds.

That day, she told us that she was contemplating between two beds. I forgot the details of one bed. The other bed, meanwhile, has a technology whereby sleeping person 1 won't feel a thing when sleeping person 2 climbs into bed. It's probably perfect for light sleepers who wake up at the slightest of movements. Hehe!

This started a discussion on why or why such a bed is good.

Richie proffered, "But don't you like it when you feel that someone finally climbs into bed next to you?"

Me being me, I naturally agreed with him on the above and on this - well, I do like it when in the middle of the night, I reach out to the person next to me, I could feel the person there. I certainly don't want to reach out to an empty space. Lol!

So, yeah, I think the only thing I want from my future is bed is to wake up with no middle back pain. Haha! But then, I dunno if that's because of the bed or if it's because of aging.

The discussion moved towards other home furnishings such as sink, toilet seats, lighting, and so on, but the bed got one of the lengthier talk time. Hehe!

Monday, August 17, 2015

The growing Madonna collection...

The Mary collection is growing. Hehe!

Before Richie and Mon went to Shanghai for their long weekend hols, Richie asked if I wanted anything from there. I was quick to say, "Hmm, not really, friend." He mentioned a few things they were planning to buy, such as silk, shirting materials. However, I didn't really see the need for those.

Then I quickly remembered what a great souvenir from China would be. I told Richie, "Friend, please find me a small statue of Guan Yin." I even sent him a few photos of the kind of Guan Yin I was looking for.

When Mon and Richie returned from Shanghai, they sent me a photo of what they bought. I immediately got excited because it was a Guan Yin carrying a baby. I didn't even know there was such a version. I thanked both of them and told them it would go perfectly with the growing Mary collection.

I sent the photo above to Tipz so he can see that the collection is growing. He asked if it wasn't sacrilegious to include a Guan Yin statue. Hmm, to be honest, I guess I'm not sure. It's about perception maybe?

To me, she is Guan Yin but I also see her as the Chinese version of Mary and Child. After all, Guan Yin is often seen as the Holy Mary among Buddhists (?). Maybe if I view it from that perspective, it won't be sacrilegious? Hehe!

So, from left to right, Guan Yin with Baby via Mon and Richie; Angkor Madonna; Black Madonna of Montserrat via Tipz; Mary in Delftware style; Bruges Madonna via Tipz. Not in photo is the Pieta statue I bought from the Vatican.

I found someone selling a Madonna in a batik kebaya but it was 8" tall! It's too big for my collection. It is sooo pretty though! Next I want to look for are a Japanese Madonna and if there is one, maybe an Indian Madonna.

Oh, I would also love to see a Madonna in a baro't saya or Filipiniana garb.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Study date at the library and the new restau at Forum...

Well, today was packed again. Haha!

There are two highlights today. But first, let me begin with the somewhat highlights. Being extremely tired yesterday, I slept at 1030AM and that meant I was up before 7AM. That was great because I was able to go for my usual short run at the park connector near my neighbourhood. By 8AM, I was back at my place and got ready for my morning, noontime and early afternoon activities. The other somewhat highlight was that I managed to finally schedule another session with Yoshisensei. I'm glad that I can still remember most of the things. However, I really need to study, study, study more.

Okay, moving on to the two highlights.

First is something that happened from morning until early afternoon just before my session with Yoshisensei. I went on a somewhat different date. A day after National Day, I started talking to this guy who lived a few train stations away from my place. We agreed to meet up for lunch today. A lunch date was just right because I planned to spend morning and early afternoon at the library.

When I told him my plans, he said, "Why don't we have breakfast? And then, if you don't mind the company, I'll join you at the library. I have stuff to do too, anyway." In my head, I thought that was even better.

So WDL Guy and I met up at a Toastbox near the library. He is a nice guy. The best thing is that we can actually talk. It was easy to get along with him. From Toastbox, the library was just a stone's throw away. He suggested we go there thirty minutes before opening time. When we reached the library, I understood why. There were already four queues of students camping out and waiting for the library to open. As the opening time neared, the crowd got bigger. It felt strange because I think WDL Guy and I were the most senior in the crowd. We were surrounded by sec school and uni kids. Haha!

The library finally opened and I led WDL Guy to the usual spot I go to for peace and quiet. For the next three hours, we were just seated next to each other. I was reading my book and taking down notes. He was also doing his own thing.

Around 1PM, I asked him if he wanted to have lunch. He said yes. That was great because it meant continued talk time from breakkie. We didn't really get to talk at the library. Haha! We walked over to a kopitiam near to the library. Thankfully, it wasn't crowded. We got a table and managed to stay for about two hours for lunch and chitchat.

By 3, I told him I needed to get back because I had a 4PM appointment. He was kind enough to walk me back to the train station. I thought that was nice. Before we parted ways, he told me to give him a call if ever I'll bet at the library. That way, he will join me. I'm not sure if there'll be a second date but I'm glad that the somewhat impromptu date happened.

On to the second highlight of the day, it was dinner with Mon, Richie, Ana, Ann Marie at the newly opened Jamie Oliver's at Forum. I'm always happy to see Mon and Richie because we never run out of things to talk about. It was also great seeing Ana and Ann Marie because both girls always have stories to share.

Hmm, about the restau, I only enjoyed the dessert. For the pasta and the pizza, I'd choose The Wine Connection on any given day. For the price that we paid, we could have had a much better meal at Wine Connection. Hehe! Thank goodness for great company!

I reached home thirty minutes ago. What I thought was going to be an early night turned out to be late night. Hehe! It's okay.

Today was a good day!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Dead tired today...

Haha! So the photo above basically is what I did when I got home twenty minutes ago.

For some reason, today was such a long, tiring day. I'm not sure if it was because my day was packed with activities that required both physical and mental energy or if it was because of the weather. It was extremely hot the whole day. It was the kind of weather that saps one's energy. It was the kind of energy that makes me wish I were by the beach, just relaxing with a fruit shake or a cold drink by my side. Haha!

Hmm, there's not much new to what I did today except for maybe one or two things. That makes me wonder I'm feeling beat.

Alright, my first agenda today was Pump at MBFC. Mon joined me for class. Ian couldn't make it because he was feeling under the weather. It was a good Pump class though. It was much better than my session last Thursday. My guess is because I had a good 6 hours of sleep.

From MBFC, Mon and I walked to nearby Lau Pa Sat for quick lunch. I was going to meet my financial consultant at 12. Since there was time, Mon and I were able to have lunch and talk about their recent trip to Shanghai. I didn't get to see Mon before they went to Shanghai. Convo over a lunch of Hokkien mee, oyster omelette and ban mian was really good.

When my financial consultant Yongguan arrived, Mon went ahead to go back. Meanwhile, Yongguan and I had our meeting. I'm really glad Richie intro'd me to him. He's been helpful in my financial planning. If there's one more thing I have to be grateful for living in Singapore, it is getting knocked in the head to seriously consider planning for retirement. Seriously. I'm hoping/praying that I can go at 75. Before I hit that age, I hope I will be able to save up for a relatively comfortable life by the time I start working part-time when I'm 60 or 65. Hehe!

It was a fruitful meeting. Basically, I identified the amount I need to save. I have no idea how I will build that amount because it seems astronomical but I will find a way. Think big, Angelo. Think big.

What I thought would be a one hour meeting took almost two hours. When we finished our session, I just had enough time to take the bus to the museum.

That's my third agenda for today. With the revamped History galleries opening next month, we had to go through training again. This afternoon, three curators led a walkthrough of three of the new galleries that will open. The entire thing took about two hours of walking and listening. Tiring lah!

Done with the training, the next stop was River Valley for the 6PM anticipated Mass. Since I reached RV around 4, I just had enough time to grab a snack/early dinner at Great World before walking over to the Church of St. Bernadette.

After Mass, I took the bus back to Orchard. I was supposed to meet up with someone. We arranged a meetup at Taka. At the last minute, I decided to cancel because I was tired and I was not in the mood to deal with sarcasm and arrogance. Lol! Anyway, there was no point meeting up because he's flying out on Monday. Para que pa. Lol!

I think he wasn't too happy about it, but I really wasn't in the mood to put up with sh*t tonight. Otw home, I messaged Tipz to tell him I was heading back. He FT'd earlier but I was in church! Lol! This time, it's him who's not available. He was heading out at the last minute. We just agreed to touch base again later.

Hmm, by the way I'm feeling right ow, I think I will be asleep before 11. I'll probably just watch one episode of SHIELD after posting this. Afterwards, it's off to lalaland. Haha!

Tipz, if you read this, I'll iMessage you. Lol!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Trick, Weekend, real life...

These two movies came to mind lately.

Both have somewhat similar themes. Trick is one that I've seen a long time ago. The other one, Weekend, I saw a couple of months ago. I was reminded of it when I recently received an excited message about the film from Tipz. Haha!

I'm quite sure a number of people can relate to the film. Too bad not everyone gets the storyline that Mark and Gabriel have.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

New Eddie Peng film is calling my name...

It's been awhile since I watched a Chinese film. The recently released film "To the Fore" is calling my name. Hehe!

I have a good feeling that it will be a great film since the cast is led by Eddie Peng and Siwon Choi. Okay, I only know Siwon as a member of Super Junior. Hehe! That should be enough of an indication that he's a good performer. Eddie Peng, on the other hand, I have seen in a few Chinese films. I know he can act. And he is just too damn cute.

From what I read, To the Fore revolves around a group of cyclist friends who entered a cycling competition. As is the usual case, friendships will also be tested. The film seems to be high budget because it was filmed on location in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taiwan, Italy, Korea, and the Tengger Desert (wherever that is!).

I also know Eddie Peng prepped for the role intensely because I recall him posting several cycling-related photos/videos on his Instagram. Yes, I follow him. Hehe!

Now, I just need to find someone who'll be keen to watch the film. Otherwise, I can also watch it on my own.