Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Quickie random post...

Blogging from the phone.

Went for yin yoga class at Clementi.

Prior to that, I had to go to Orchard. I met up with a Carousell buyer as I decided to put up some of the bearistas for adoption.

Oh well, I enjoyed their company while they were with me. Also, I still have a few remaining with me - the Philippines Bearista and the Singapore Bearista. :-)

Okay, just reached Jurong East. That's it for tonight.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Monday night drinks...

I was planning to go for my usual run after work.

However, it suddenly rained around 5PM. Though the rain stopped, I decided to skipp running because I was worried that the ground might be too slippery.

Instead, I messaged Mon and Richie to check what their plans for the night were.

Since it was a Monday night, they said they didn't have any plans.

I asked them if they were up for some drinks. Haha!

By 8PM, I was already on the east side of the island making my way to Mon and Rich's place. On the way, I recognised a familiar person making his way to the same exit I was about to take - RKGreg. Yay, it was good to see him and I guess I was meant to see him.

I brought my Christmas present for them with me. My plan was to drop by their place after I visit Mon and Rich to pass on the Christmas pressie I got. Hehe! Good to see RKGreg.

Anyway, what I thought would be a somewhat short hohol time (it is a Monday after all) turned in to a long chitchat hangout. Haha! I just got home a few minutes ago. When I left, Richie was already about to sleep. Haha! It was way past their bed time.

Always happy to see them.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

All day museum day...

Today was all day museum day.

NGS in the morning, NMS in the afternoon.

Tiring, tiring day.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Whiskey Coke night...

I needed a drink tonight, just because. Haha!

Earlier during the day, I asked two friends if they were up for drinks. One was not sure, the other was up for it. Eventually, we decided to postpone it. Hours later, the plan was on. Haha!

It turned out that these two friends were planning to a meet & greet happening at City Hall. I, on the other hand, planned to meet up with Richie for dinner... at City Hall.

Everything was perfect.

After my dinner, I met up with my two friends and we went to a place along Telok Ayer St. It was interesting for a number of reasons: 1.) I didn't know the AJ bar existed; 2.) It was a karaoke bar; 3.) It's for bears!!! Wow!

I was just hoping to have one glass of my usual whiskey coke as I felt like celebrating because it was a weekend. That one was glass turned out to be 5 glasses! Hahaha! It was good because I finally learned the trick how to have more glasses without burning a hole in my wallet.

Order a jug and share it with a friend. Surprisingly, this bar is kinda generous with its whiskey Coke - 10 glasses in all! Hmm, the whiskey they used is defo not Johnnie Walker though, defo not Maker's Mark. Haha! For the price my friend and I paid, $36 in total, we don't complain. A glass of whiskey Coke is already $11 without taxes. So yayay!

Since I had plans tomorrow, I told them that we should catch the last train. Thank goodness for the Downtown Line, it was so easy to get back!

Happy Friday night!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sunday night karaoke...

Tonight, I did something I haven't done in such a long time - karaoke!

Earlier during the week, Bernard messaged if I was interested to join him and Miru for karaoke. I was feeling much better this morning, so I had no excuse not to go. Besides, I really missed karaoke. Haha!

We went to Teo Heng at Rendezvous Hotel. It wasn't bad at all. The songs were updated. The rooms don't reek of that usual KTV smell. It was very affordable. Jackie also joined us. For 4 people and three hours, we only paid $8 each. That was also because Bernard had a free one hour. Not bad at all, not bad at all.

The boys sang and I sang a mix of songs - Chinese, dialect songs, English songs. I sang one Tagalog song. I also sang Teresa Teng's I Only Care About You because of Addicted. Haha!

It was also such a nice surprise to see that songs from Madonna's Rebel Heart album were already available. I got to sing Joan of Arc and Rebel Heart! Yay!

What a nice Sunday night.

Beautiful Friday sunset....

With nothing planned last Friday night, I just went for a yoga class. It was goooood!

The other good thing that night was the sunset I saw from the 23F of Fusionopolis.

How awesome are the colors, huh!

Saturday, April 16, 2016

I voted today...

Today was a rather long day. What's new?

Uhm, it's almost only 9PM but I'm defo going to sleep after this. I've been feeling under the weather the whole afternoon. I think the weather is to blame for it. These past few days, it's been insanely hot. From the hot weather, I will then spend hours in an airconditioned room. That drives my body crazy, I think. It's been like this for as long as I can remember.

Earlier, I was close to being groggy during the post-training debriefing. I just wasn't feeling well. Fellow MV Lionel asked me out to dinner. I could've said no, but I knew it was going to be quick anyway and I still had to eat dinner anyway.

Before the afternoon training, my first stop in the morning was the Philippine Embassy. I opted for the postal voting, but I decided to be kaypoh and check out the elections at the embassy. Voting time was scheduled to start at 9. I reached 20 minutes before 9 and of course, there were already quite a number of people. That's good, I thought. It didn't take long before more people arrived.

I didn't have to wait that long though. When I finally got into the voting precinct, I mentioned that I had my ballot with me. The person in charge of the postal voting received my ballot, stamped it as received, and that was it. I was done in about 20 minutes! Impressive, huh?!

There are 83000 registered overseas voters in Singapore. Six days since voting started, only 5000 people have voted. I really hope more people will head down to the embassy and vote in the next couple of weeks!

If you don't vote, you don't get to complain!

Friday, April 15, 2016

A love story circa 130 AD...

I am currently preparing to give a tour of an ongoing special exhibit at the museum.

This exhibit requires more reading than usual as it covers different time periods, cultures, and civilisations. I don't know how I'm going to pull it off.

Anyway, one of the artefacts on display is a bust of the Roman Emperor Hadrian. Upon reading a little more about him, I found out that the man behind the artefact has one of the more cheesy stories.

Considered to be one of the five Good Emperors, I would describe Hadrian as a man in love. He was in love with the Greek culture. (In fact, he was nicknamed the "Greekling" when he was growing up.) He was in love with architecture and civilisation. We don't know how deeply in love he was with his wife Sabina, since not much was known about her.

But we do know that he was deeply in love with a young Greek named Antinous.

During these ancient times, two men having a relationship was not condemned. What was unacceptable was coveting another Roman citizen's wife. But the relationship Hadrian and Antinous did not raise eyebrows and in fact, they were open about it.

Hadrian was enthralled with Antinous and the entire Roman world probably saw this.

Unfortunately, it was a relationship that would be cut short. During an imperial trip of Egypt, Antinous drowned in the Nile.

The emperor Hadrian was deeply affected by this and from what I read, I guess it might be okay to say that Antinous' death really crushed Hadrian's world.

Just how much did Hadrian love Antinous?

The former loved the latter so much that Hadrian founded a city in Egypt and named after his late lover. The city's name was Antinopolis. Furthermore, Hadrian elevated Antinous to become a god. Usually, this was reserved for family members but Hadrian went ahead with it. A temple was built at Antinopolis and a Antinous had a cult following.

It is a kind of love story we rarely hear about these days.

Today, Hadrian and Antinous are reunited in one of the galleries at the British Museum. At the museum, they will remain together for as long as the museum is around. Only a traveling exhibit or perhaps a jealous curator could separate the two. Hehe! During a later imperial tour of Egypt in AD 130, Antinous drowned in the Nile and Hadrian is said to have been distraught and ‘wept like a woman’. His devotion to Antinous led him to found a city named Antinopolis on the banks of the Nile where he died. He also made Antinous into a god - not unusual for members of the emperor's family, but unheard of for such a low born person. Hadrian commemorated his beloved in huge numbers of statues, figures, portraits and coins across the known roman world.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

DOTS ep 15 trailer...

Wait, wait. What's happening???

I'm not ready to say goodbye.

And it better not be some sad ending... I'm going to be so devastated! Lol!