Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Hi, I like your belt...

Something amusing happened in the train yesterday.

I was on my way to Tiong Bahru to get Tipz's power bank.

There I was, by the train door, minding my own business, quietly reading the news on my phone when I heard someone say hi.

I looked up from my phone and there was this guy standing about a feet away. He smiled at me and said, "Hi, I like your belt."

Lol! I wasn't sure if I was going to laugh or what.

He then continued, "It goes very well with your shoes."

The funny thing was I was wearing a belt that is more than 5 years old! I got it a million years ago back in Manila from a shop called Samuel & Kevin. I'm not even sure if the store still exists in Manila.

I told this to the guy and I just thanked him for his kind words. He said he thought I just bought it so I guess he was going to as where I got it.

Thankfully, the train was approaching Tiong Bahru station. I was running out of things to say. I about to pick up my bag when I noticed that he was also heading towards the door. Shoot!

The train reached Tiong Bahru, he extended his hand to me and introduced himself. I shook his hand and told him my name, too. His last words were, "See you around."

The doors closed and the train headed to Outran Park. At Outram Park, I alighted and then waited for two trains before going back to Tiong Bahru. Hahaha!

Amusing train ride.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

One more time...

The second half of Saturday night extended until the early hours of Sunday. Haha!

After the heritage walk in the morning, I went back to get some sleep because I knew it was going to be quite a long night.

It was Tipz's last Saturday nightout in Singapore and we agreed that we should go clubbing.

The night began with catching the 815PM screening of Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 at Plaza Singapura. I absolutely enjoyed the film. I can watch it again, to be honest. My favourite character this time was Effie Trinket. She had the best lines and I wish she had more scenes! Haha!

It was past 10PM when the movie ended. My friend E organised a photo exhibit of sorts at his gym to showcase a few photos from his recent trip to Nepal with a group of folks. Unfortunately, we didn't make it to the exhibit as it was already late.

From Smith St, we took the short walk to our main destination for the night - Neil Rd.

One last hurrah for Tipz at that road that is filled with mostly (?) good memories.

Out Bar. Taboo. Tantric. Taboo.

One last night of clubbing with the three of us altogether. One last time of us three having the yum gyoza and beef dried noodles at Maxwell post-clubbing.

Next time the three of us are together to have a night light this one, I wonder if it will be in Aus, NZ or some other part of the world.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

First half of Saturday...

Saturday started very early for me... as usual. Haha!

Today, I had to wake up much earlier though as I arranged an activity for me and HB Boy.

How early was it? It was so early that Tipz was just about to go to bed while I was already starting my day by doing my laundry and watching episodes of Arrow. Haha! My sister from another mother, Tey, was also up so we got to chat and talk on the phone a bit. Turns out she was up early because she was going to take Mama Ching to Laguna

By 7:30, with no message yet from HB Boy, I knew I had to call him already. After tapping on the call button and hearing 5 rings, I hung up. Still no reply. Ten minutes later, I called again and no HB Boy on the other line. Third try. Fourth try. Fifth try. This was already 8AM. Finally, I received a WhatsApp message. Lol!

Hmm, I have been vocal that I really hate late and I will admit that I was starting to get annoyed that we were late again with our agreed meetup time. But then, I've also been getting good at quickly kicking away the annoyed feeling that the other person is late. Haha! Plus, I guess I cut HB Boy more slack since we're dating. Lol!

Moving on, the activity I signed us up for a heritage walk along Telok Ayer St. organised by the Preservation of Sites and Monuments Board (I think). The heritage walk we joined, Home Away from Home, covers two of the most important Chinese temples in Singapore. Along the way, we also passed by two other heritage buildings.

The temples are Thian Hock Keng and Yueh Hai Ching Temple, while the heritage buildings covered are Ying Fo Fui Kun and Fuk Tak Chi. All these heritage sites are located along Telok Ayer St. and are worth a visit.

The tour lasted for close to two hours and was led by a PMB Volunteer Guide. I've visited all four heritage sites before but as museum volunteers would say, "Each tour is a different tour." There is always something new to learn.

That, I have to say, is true. I learned a few new things today from the guide. HB Boy, on the other hand, also enjoyed the tour. I thought it was a good way for him to learn more about the country and its heritage.

After our heritage walk, we walked over to China Square Food Centre for lunch at The Rotisserie. Then, we walked to Chinatown for traditional desserts at Mei Heong Yuen Dessert, which was thankfully not packed.

By the time we finished dessert, we were just both ready to zzz... Lol! So we headed back for some afternoon nap before heading out again tonight for a movie and a last hurrah with Tipz. Huhuhu!

Today is a good Saturday. It started very early. And it is going to end very late. Haha!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Just kidding, Lord...

Calvin, Calvin. LOL! How do you know what's in my head right now? Hahaha!

Kidding, Lord.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Everyone's moving on..

Everyone seems to be leaving...or just moving to somewhere else.

Everyone... including one of my favourite Body Pump/Body Combat instructors. Boo!

Before the class started tonight, he made the announcement that tonight was his last Combat class for that particular sched. He added that his last day with the gym was on Monday, 24 Nov. Afterwards, he will be packing his bags and going overseas.

Where he is headed, he didn't mention.

It's just a bit sad because he is one of my fave instructors.

I intended to thank him and wish him well on his new adventure after the class ends. However, I didn't get to do it because of bad timing. Usually, he lingers in the GX studio after class. By the time I head out of the gym, that's the only time he would be heading back to the locker room.

Tonight, however, he was early at the locker room. Either that or I was moving at such a glacial pace. When I was about to head out, he was just about to hit the shower half-naked with only a towel wrapped around his waist. It felt awkward to stop him and chitchat. Haha!

There goes my chance to say buh bye and good luck! Oh, well... maybe I'll just message him on FB.

In other news, the guy replacing him is also a good one. The guy is also a confirmed... double confirmed. Lol! Quite a chatty guy. We'd say hi/hello in the gym. So now, looks like I'll be seeing more of him.

Anyway, good luck to you, RC! Thanks for being such an awesome instructor!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Bintan getaway...

I don't remember how it was brought up, but HB Boy and I agreed to go on a weekend getaway.

Since he arrived in Singapore, I don't think he has actually gone on a trip to any of the neighbouring countries.

On the other hand, I've been wanting to go on a beach getaway. I miss the beach very much but I don't think TBC will do it for me.

Having lived here for a longer time, I told HB Boy our options. We could either go to Batam or to Bintan. If we were to go to the former, I was thinking of Turi Beach since MkSurf8, Chris, Ian and I had a great day trip to the place and I wouldn't mind going back. The other option was to go to the spa resort Tempat Senang. A few colleagues have given the resort a thumbs up so I believe that it is actually good.

For Bintan, I was initially thinking of going back to Angsana since MkSurf8, RKGreg, Chris, PG Boy and I went there on a weekend trip and I thought the place was really great! I would definitely want to visit again. The other option was Nirwana Resort, which Tipz visited with CP not too long ago.

After checking the rates and consulting with each other, we ended up booking with Nirwana. Alright, one reason I skipped Angsana was because it's already associated with PG Boy. LOL! I dun want my first trip with HB Boy to be to a place the ex and I went to. Haha!

I wasn't sure what to expect about the resort because I've been reading mixed reviews.

We booked a room with the Nirwana Gardens (I think). Overall, I thought the resort is worth a second visit. The room was nice and clean. The shower and toilet had no weird smell. The food at the bistro and the coffee shop were so so, but it's still good enough. I liked the pool very much. The beach was also good enough to satisfy my craving for the beach. Haha! Just gotta be careful of some tar balls. Bleh! We also got a massage at the health club. I fell asleep during the massage, so that's a good sign. Haha!

HB Boy and I also booked a dinner at a kelong place outside of the hotel. Kid that he is, he also wanted to go for the firefly tour. Haha! Hmm, the firefly tour was a unique experience. It was my first time to do it and I'm glad that there were actually fireflies to be seen. Haha! What I didn't like was that there was a light drizzle and I got a bit scared that we were traversing the river in complete darkness. I wasn't afraid of the dark. I was more afraid of capsizing in the middle of nowhere and drowning there and then. Lol! HB Boy got excited seeing the fireflies that looked like Christmas lights on a tree. I enjoyed the sight, too, except I was just thinking of how I will float in case the boat does hit some floating log or something. Haha!

It was a good short getaway. Definitely memorable since I did two new things during this trip.

I found another day spa that's in the middle of the mangroves. I think that's worth a visit. Maybe next time.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Hair emergency...

For the first time since I moved to Singapore, I spent $40 for a haircut. Wtf?! Haha!

I'm due for a visit to the salon. I had the idea of getting a different haircut this time since I always sport the same cut - clean, neat, short. Lol!

Tipz looked for some pegs that I can have the stylist imitate. I found one that I really liked. It was the short haircut of male model Marios Lekkas.

So, after work today, I went to the 12-minute haircut place near my home. I've been going to the 12-minute haircut place for as long as I can remember. I like it because it's cheap, fast and the cut has always been good... even if it's always a different person who cuts my hair on every visit.

Hence, I was expecting no problems. I brought out the photo of Marios, showed it to the stylist. Somewhere along our conversation, something got lost in translation. I knew things were going wrong because I was not liking how my hair was turning out to look like. Haha!

To make things worse, I sensed some trepidation in the stylist while she continued to cut my hair. By the time it was over, I just thanked her and quickly left the place.

Instead of heading back, I rushed to the "real" salon that was also near my place. I went in and asked for anyone who was free.

When the guy came over, I told him as I pointed to my head, "Please fix this."

After prepping his stuff, he began to work his magic. He asked when the last time I got a haircut was. He was so suprrised when I told him that I actually just came from another haircut place.

Forty minutes later, things were looking much better. I even got a shampoo treatment. It's something that I used to have all the time when I was still going to my guy at Piandre Greenbelt. I was reminded of how good it felt to get a shampoo with a head massage. Haha!

I thanked the stylist for saving my hair. This weekend is not the weekend to have a bad haircut. Haha! Thankfully, the stylist was able to do something.

Crisis solved. #FirstWorldProblems.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Twinsies on a Thursday night...

Just a quick post before I hit the sack. Haha!

It was a rather uneventful day at the office once again. Not much happening with the journal package I'm handling except for the one on behavioural analysis and another journal on physiology. Haha! To be honest, I'm thankful that these journals are extra busy.

Anyway... I was supposed to only go for Combat tonight. Tipz said he couldn't make it to Pump so I initially thought of skipping Pump.

Good thing I didn't. Haha! When I was already at the gym, Tipz messaged to say that he had a headache. Ergo, he wouldn't be able to do Combat.

We just agreed to meet up after Pump since I had to get something from him. Plus, I wanted to give him a CDG tee that I haven't worn yet. (Too bad it was a little big for him. Hehe!)

From Cathay, we took the train to Somerset without any clear purpose of what we were going to do at Somerset. Tipz felt like having cake. I felt like having roast chicken or Tori-Q. Thankfully, almost all the food stores were closed. We, well, he, ended up getting bread from Breadtalk.

The other objective was to look for cheapo sunnies. Tipz needed it for his upcoming long holiday, while I needed it for an upcoming weekend getaway. Haha! We started our search at H&M. Fail. We went to Takashimaya. Fail. Success was achieved at one of the stores in Wisma Atria. The sunnies were ultra cheapo. One friend, upon seeing the photo above, Whatsapped to ask if the sunnies were from H&M x Alexander Wang. Haha! I should've just said yes.

And since we both got the same sunnies and we were both wearing gray shirts... a selfie was in order. Yeah, right. Like we need that excuse to take a selfie. Haha!


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Smooth sailing so far...

Things have been moving forward with HB Boy.

By moving forward, I mean that we're still dating. We have no agreement to exclusively date. Even so, I haven't chatted nor met up with anyone new for quite some time now. Same thing with HB Boy. As far as I know (and from what he said), he is also not seeing any other guy besides me.

Recently, I told Tipz that I noticed some change in HB Boy. I felt like he wasn't as interested as he used to be. Turns out I was just reading too much into things. Haha! The way things are going, it is safe to say that the mutual interest is there.

Hmm, we've spending quite a lot of time lately. There was the dinner and movie last Friday with our two chaperones. There was the gym session last Saturday with another two chaperones. There was the Sunday afternoon to evening hangout. On Monday nights, we head back together with Tipz since he also goes to the gym next door. Last night, we were planning to get a haircut but ended up just going for dinner since it was a bit late.

Also, by moving forward, I've been walking with him back to his place on nights that we get back early or if there is no work the following day.

Then there's the Whatsapp convos and the Facetime calls on nights that we don't see each other.

I will admit this. I do like him a lot. I like it how he can be both a kid and an adult at the same time. It's nice to find someone who can be silly as well. Haha!

Will things keep moving forward? Who knows? Right now, again I'm enjoying the gray area. And I'm enjoying the time spent together. Let's see whether things will continue to move forward.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Really productive Sunday...

Today was a productive Sunday.

Started the day with a second batch of laundry. While waiting for the laundry to be done, I managed to watch an episode of Arrow. Haha! Afterwards, I prepped myself to get to church for the 915AM Mass. Initially, I was thinking of attending the 11AM Mass. However, I thought about my plans for the day and figured it'll be better to attend the earlier service.

It turned out to be a good idea. The Mass ended around 1030 or so. It was perfectly alright because the priest Fr. Terence Pereira is such a good priest. He makes a lot of sense when he gives his homily. He talks about things that people can relate to. I think other priests can learn a lot from him. He definitely is one of my favourite priests, together with Fr. Derrick from another parish, another priest from St. Bernadette, and another priest from Holy Trinity.

Done with Mass, I made my way to the city for a few things on my to-do list. The first one was a visit to the new exhibit Singapura: 700 years. While I did attend the curator walkthrough, I wanted to go through the exhibit once more to familiarise myself more. It took me about three hours to finish my walkthrough as I was taking down notes along the way. Hehe!

Next stop was Bugis Junction. I had to go to Adidas to have the shirt given by Chris, RKGreg and MkSurf8 exchanged for a bigger size. I was thrilled that they think (?) I'm a size S but I'm more comfortable in a medium. Hehe! Thank you again, Chris, RKGreg and MkSurf8 for the birthday pressies!

From Bugis, I had to go to Orchard. First, I needed to go to the dry cleaners in Takashimaya to drop off a shirt. I thought it was the only branch. Well, well, I found out that the shop also has a branch in IMM. Hahah! I also wanted to buy some new undershirts since the ones I'm using are due for replacement. Hehe!

But before that, I met up first with HB Boy who came from the gym. Another reason why I was in the city. Lol! I was looking for undershirts, while he was looking for watches for his mom and dad. I happened to spot the brand his Dad wanted in one of the stores in Ngee Ann and we were able to get the piece for HB Boy's dad. We then crossed over to the other side, Paragon, to get my undershirts at Metro. I went to Metro since Tipz's Bae (Lol!) announce in class that there was a Metro sale.

Orchard on a Sunday is a circus. I wanted to get away from the crowd and thankfully, HB Boy was also getting hungry. I suggested we head over to Forum for dinner at CPK. How circa late 90s/early 2000! Haha! Well, it was a good choice since he certainly enjoyed the food - pizza and salad.

Full from dinner, we headed back before 8. He needed to register for TRX classes tomorrow while I wanted to get home to do my most hated chore - pressing clothes.

Before heading back, I figured I had enough time to pass by HB Boy's MRT station and walk him to his place. So that's what I did. The funny thing was he asked me to wait for him to finish signing up for the class so that he can walk me back to the MRT station. Lol!

It was a long but definitely productive and happy day. Looking forward to start the week so that the next weekend can already come...