Friday, January 30, 2009

If I thought that what you thought was that I hadn't thought about...

Just some random thoughts.

The problem with words is that it's so difficult to pin down its real meaning. When treated singularly, the chances are higher. But once the words are combined, and the verbal exchange begins, and the context is factored in, all hell breaks loose.

While my daily life revolves around words and sentences, I'll admit that when it comes to certain things concerning communication, I would hit a roadblock or two. Or I could get my message across but later on I would only find out that the other person and I weren't playing the same language game. That sometimes becomes a problem for me because I'm not a big fan of gray areas. And when you're like that, you get restless and anxious because you try to guess whether you and the other person are on the same page.

It's so much more different compared to writing a press release. When composing one, I know exactly what to say and if I'm unable to say something in a way that should be understood by everyone, I have a boss who comments on the article for improved clarity. If only there were something like that in day-to-day exchange, huh?! I wonder if a lot of things would be better. I wonder if there would be less gray areas. I wonder if the other gray area worrywarts of the world would be more at ease. Hahaha!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

One step closer to the GSMA Global Mobile Awards... Wooohooo!

This post is kind of late but... "We're in! We're in!"

Found out some time last week that an entry two colleagues and I wrote for the Green Mobile Award category of the GSMA's 14th Global Mobile Awards was selected as a finalist for the said category.


The Green Mobile Award category are for the environment friendly and innovative concepts or programs of mobile operators. Our entry is about the wind- and hybrid-powered cell sites operating in certain parts of the country.

How big of a deal is it?! Uhm, let's see. From the PR I read, more than 450 submissions for the 16 categories were reviewed. Of these, only 80 were selected.

And then there's the GSMA itself. GSMA is an organization that unites more than 750 of the world's mobile operators from some 219 countries. I'm not that familiar with how the group works, since my work assignment deals primarily with the corporate social responsibility projects of the company rather than the core business.

So I guess the hours and days of writing the entry just before the holidays paid off, huh? Woohoo! The winners will be announced during the Global Mobile Awards this Feb. 17. It will be in Barcelona. It would be really great if I get to go (to see Barcelona's culture really) but I know that chances of going are very slim. Hehe! Crossing my fingers and offering extra prayers for the award. But even if we don't get the award, I'm still super happy because this is a first for me.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

150K for a Fake AMHO... Augh!...

On a recent lunch with friend Grace, she mentioned to me that someone recently got duped into buying a fake Anita Magsaysay-Ho work. However, when the piece was brought to Nana for authentication, Nana broke the bad news that it was a fake. The owner just lost P150,000!!! Augh!!!

I'm a bit puzzled though as to why the buyer, whoever that person is, didn't first get in touch with Nana before acquiring the piece. Isn't that the logical thing to do? And I thought that the way the feet were drawn were already dead giveaways that the piece was a fake.

Grace also told me that a celebrity was planning to purchase a couple of Nana's works, and when they showed the pieces to her, only three out of the five were authentic. Shucks!

AMHO is one of my favorite artists. (Having a painter for a father instilled in me a certain love for the art world. Hehe!) Two years ago, I met Nana at a party at my former boss's house. Man, that was really one of the highlights of that year! I've always been a fan of her work even before I met her, so getting to meet Nana in the flesh was an ultimate "high!" Hehe! Even though I know I can't afford any of her works (yet! Haha!), I was already contented with seeing several of her works up close for a year in my former office.

It was also always fun to hear stories about her. Somehow, I got a glimpse of how she is not just as an artist, but as a Mom and as a Lola. Aww! I guess I'm really fond of her because she reminds me of my own grandma. Hehe! A bit ambitious, yeah? But look at the photo above and wouldn't you agree that I could pass as an apo. Hehehe!

Hay, anyway. Going back to the main topic of this entry, this whole art scam is just scary and saddening. I mean, if things like this happen even when the artist is still alive, what more when they've passed away and no one's left to authenticate?

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Thank you for that very enjoyable night, indeed of course yes...

Met up with Carlo and Wes yesterday for Thank You Girls at Robinson's Galleria.

We met up around 6PM at Cafe Med for Carlo's birthday dinner. Hehe! Although his birthday is really today. I met Carlo, if I still remember correctly, in 2002. And since then, he became one of my most trusted and really good friends. We rarely see each other because of work and stuff, but I know that when the road gets a little bumpy, he is one of the guys I can count on to help me get back on my feet. We've seen each other through so many things - meeting new friends, falling in love, getting hearts broken, the birth of Zsazsa (first, the book, then the musical, then the movie), gaining weight, changes in career, and so on. He's both a little brother and a big brother. For all these shared life experiences, I will always love the guy. Happy birthday, Carlo Guapo! =)

Afterwards, we were off to see the movie. The special treat was getting to meet the guy behind the film, writer and director Bebs Gohetia!!! Woohoo! This is why I love social networking sites.

I tremendously enjoyed the film. It was a good watch for a Saturday night. Uhm, I love that it was in Visayan. That really made the film "real." Very rarely do I get to watch a Filipino film where the language is not Filipino. My only recall of a show that used a local dialect is a Cebuano telenovela entitled Isabel. That was when I was still in elementary school I think. And I dunno but I love that it was shot on location and you can actually identify the location. I mean, yeah, a lot of Pinoy films have provincial settings, but in this movie you know that it was happening in Davao and Bukidnon and so on. Of course, I have to mention the cast. I wonder if it was any difficult for them to "act," because they all seemed like they were just showing another day of their real lives. (Hmm, are they really byuconeras?! Hehe!) And then, of course I love the writing. It was as real as it can get. Or at least, that's what I think. I haven't really seen much of these pageants, but I have heard stories and getting to watch the film made me feel like I was really watching one. Hehe! Aside from just showing the glamour and the pressures of joining a pageant, I also liked it that the film also showed how life is for gay men in the countryside.

The film will be running at Robinson's Galleria until January 27 only. So if you still haven't seen it, go and watch it. It is worth the trip. And to Direk Bebs, congratulations! For making this film and for giving us a glimpse of a byuconera's life, all I can say is, "Thank you, girl!" Hehe!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

One of the Boys...

I never thought I'd actually see the day that I would be rooting for a PBA team. Haha! One, because I will forever be haunted by memories of playing that sport as a kid (hehe!) and two, because it's just not in my DNA.

Although I must say that I did have a thing for the Purefoods team during the glory days of Alvin Patrimonio. And in college, I enjoyed watching a good UAAP game once in awhile. But to actually follow the semi-finals series and to want to know who's leading is something I never thought of happening. Hehe!

But because of TNT and getting to watch a couple of their games live, I'm sort of loving the game. Last Sunday, my Dad called me during the last few minutes of the fourth quarter of the TNT-SMB game. We were both on the edge of our seats. And we were both roaring when TNT scored! Again, I never thought that father-son moment would happen. Hehe!

Anyway, just wishing the Talk 'N Text Tropang Texters the best. After the win last night, it seems like the team really has a very good chance of getting into the finals. Woohooo! And even if Yousif doesn't get to spend several minutes on the court, still, go, go, go Tropang Texters! Haha!

Much thanks to Tey for making the photo above happen. Talk 'n Texters Gilbert Lao, Jason Castro, Yousif Aljamal, Pong Escobal, Yancy De Ocampo, Gec Chia, Ali Peek, and Renren Ritualo. MIA were Dillinger, among others. Hmm, could I pass as one of the boys?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Kapalaran hatid sa inyo ng iTunes... hahaha!

Got this from Charmaine. I know this is super old already, but since I've nothing to post today...

1. Put your MP3 player/media player on shuffle.

2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.


- In Priase of the Sun - Chicane -- *Yep, I'm thankful to the sun (heavens?!) for each waking day... haha!*

- Music - Madonna -- *Hmmm...*

- I Need You - LeAnn Rimes -- *Hahaha! This says a lot.*

- Love Heals -- Jonathan Larson *The title says it all...*

- Lagi Mo na Lang Ako Dinededma -- Rocksteddy *Or maybe it's the other way around... Or, I swear my eyes have invisible blinders sometimes*

- Crazy In Love - Beyonce -- *Hahaha! Could it be because I leave the house so early and arrive home super late... crazy in love... with work, unfortunately?! Haha!*

- Apologize - One Republic -- *Harharhar... This is one thing I should stop doing*

- Be With You - Atomic Kitten -- *WTF?! This is spooky, seriously. The last person I liked is super thousands of miles away. Haha!*

- Sunday Morning - Maroon5 -- *Yeah, I guess so. Just chillaxing. Enjoying the morning sun. And just happy to be alive.*

- Johnny Can't Decide - tick...tick...BOOM! soundtrack *Hahaha! Until now I'm still undecided*

- I'm Moving On - Rascal Flatts *WHAT THE?! Like I said in a recent post, it's about time. Haha! And I'd like to say, "I'm sorry. Really I am."*

- Seasons of Love (LEX Remix) - Rent Soundtrack -- *Oh yeah! Because I want my married life to be seasons of love all the time*

- It's Hairspray - Hairspray soundtrack -- *Almost correct. Although in my case, it should probably be, it's hair gel/hair wax. The amount of those stuff I put on my hair everyday! Ack!*

- Harana - Parokya ni Edgar -- *Yeah, once upon a time I did enjoy making "harana" (read: writing letters, making little gestures). Hmm, I want again.*

- When All Is Said & Done - Mamma Mia *Well, when all was said and done to save something and things still ended trafically... what else is there to say or do? Right?!*

- Won't Go Home Without You - Maroon5 -- *Yeah. I wish.*

- Enchantment Passing Through - Aida Soundtrack -- *Hmmm...*

- Kapalaran - Radioactive Sago Project -- *And to a certain extent, it feels like it... hahaha!*

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New beginnings for CICLs...

Had a very early start of the week. Was up at 4AM so that I can be at the office by 530AM. Super early, huh?

It was my turn to monitor the news for the week, and usually, I arrive at the office around 630AM for this.

But yesterday, I needed to be earlier so that I can finish the scanning the newspapers for business-related news asap and then dash to the PLDT office to get on the bus headed to Dasmariñas, Cavite. There was an event in DLSU-Dasmariñas that I needed to cover and it is a big deal because our Chairman was going to be there.

An hour before lunch time, we arrived at the venue for the event inside the DLSU campus and that was when I really saw how big of a deal the affair was. The event is the blessing and inauguration of Bahay Pagasa, a juvenile rehabilitation facility supported by the PLDT-SMART Foundation. The facility aims to help children in conflict with the law by providing them with transformational and developmental activities.

That afternoon, several guests from different sectors - police, showbiz, academe, NGO, corporate - gathered at Bahay Pagasa to show their support for the program. I was surprised to see Diether and Christian, as well as Edu.

From Cavite, we went back to Manila and I made it back to the office just in time for a 4PM meeting. Hehehe!

Hmm, I wonder if how things went during my Monday will set the tone of how this work week will be. Haha!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Tambay Saturday...

Hmm, I think it's about time I do something about the weight thing so I took advantage of the corporate promo at Gold's and enrolled for three months. The corporate promo is until July. If I see results (and I must!) after three months, then I think I'll enroll for a longer period. Haha! Anyway, had my Fitness Test and measurements taken the other day. As expected, it was depressing. Haha! I've been avoiding weighing scales and any instrument or device that measured fat, but there was no escaping this one. And I guess to put things in a more positive context, I needed to see the truth in order to be able to set a goal, huh?! We'll see. After the fitness test and measurements, I punished myself and spent the next hour and a half at the gym. Haha! If only I can be just as disciplined with my eating habits. Hay! The Kapampangan genes are to be blamed for my culinary love affair.

In the afternoon, I found myself in the Diliman campus of my beloved University. Met up with couchsurfers for an afternoon of catching up and some frisbee catching. Okay, they did the frisbee and I, together with a couple of others, took care of everyone's stuff. And that's exactly what I wanted to do. Having gone to the gym in the morning, I think I've had my workout for the day already. And I already found joy just sitting on the mat and watching everyone play. Met new couchsurfers as well that afternoon, so that was nice. It was also great seeing other couchsurfers whom I haven't seen for the longest time since there have been "developments." Hehe!

From Diliman, we headed to Mister Kabab in West Ave. for dinner. It was my first time to eat at the place and I must say it's a good restau. I thought that waiting time would be long because of the line, but I'm really glad I was proved wrong. Service was good as well. And the food is yum!

Happy Saturday!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Got Milk (Shake)? At Mco El Pueblo, there is.

Met up with the Anawangin buddies yesterday. Unfortunately, three people weren't able to join. Mommy Yen had a meeting (on a Friday night!!!). Karla was MIA. And Lex is still in the freezing Land of the Rising Sun. Would have been great if they were able to attend so that the gang was complete, but still we managed to have tons of fun catching up on each other's lives and making McDo El Pueblo our playground that night. Hahaha! I wouldn't be surprised if we get banned from the place for (somewhat) rowdy behaviour. Hehehe!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hay, Mcdo...


Today, that smile is real...

Here's something to share that would probably draw laughs for being cheesy.

The nicest thing happened to me a couple of weeks ago.I've been meaning to write about it, but I thought I'd keep it to myself for a couple of days first and just relish the memory and the feelings that were stirred while it still lingers.

Now that my feet are back on the ground and reality has bitten me big time, I can write about it. Haha!

Since the tragedy of 2006 until this very day, if memory serves me correctly, I've only gone on two dates. But both led to nowhere. The first one I thought was going well, but then I saw that I was just being used to a certain extent. When it's convenient for that person, we would go out. Otherwise, I wouldn't really hear anything. The other one I thought had better chances. We seemed to have the same level of maturity, we seemed to share similar thoughts on a number of things, we seemed to be prepared for whatever that road we were taking. It didn't take long for me to find out that I was the only one ready for the next leg of the trip. The person pulled a complete 180 and that was it.

After these two simudates, I don't recall having another date. Some friends would be kind and try to set me up. But it's a bit tricky and amusing because some friends think that it's enough that the prospect and I both like the same fruit. Hehehe!

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, I met this really nice person and it wasn't even a date at all. A friend of a friend, this person and I needed to meet up because I needed this person to give something to our common friend. It wasn't really our first time to meet. We've met before but we never really got to sit down and talk.

But this time, we did.

In a cozy, little cafe. At some place in the city where heaven and earth meet. And at that particular hour, the world around us ceased to exist. Only the laughters were heard. Only the exchange of life experiences and thoughts on the most mundane and most serious topics occurred. Hahaha! Talk about emo, yeah?

Here's the thing though. There was no tinge of romance at all the whole time. For one, I would probably never see the light of the following day if I even thought anything. And knowing that we were worlds apart was more than enough to knock some sense into my head.

What has been making me smile the past couple of days is realizing that there was this certain feeling. A feeling which I haven't felt for the longest time, and I actually thought wouldn't feel any time soon. But it was there. And it was good. Am I confusing? You're probably thinking, "Didn't you just say that there was not a single drop of romance at all?" And you're right. There wasn't. There isn't. There won't be. With that particular person.

But what was there is that nice good experience of "feeling" once again. I can't remember the last time that I've experienced that kind of emotion - a mix of excitement, anxiety, the thought of a possibility of a possibility. I'm not sure if I'm making any sense, but I'd like to think that I am.

The downside of this whole thing is that I was a bit saddened afterwards. For what reason? I guess it's because while I felt happy to be able to "feel" again, the downer was wondering where the several other versions of that person was here in this city. And what would it take for our paths to cross? What kind of push is needed for us to get to the crossroads? I have an idea and I still need a little push to do things. I'm sure I can rely on friends for that.

During the holiday break, I came across this box that has been hidden for the longest time. In this box were the letters, cards, souvenirs, of broken promises, of dreams that ceased to be a reality, of feelings that somehow just evaporated. I've been wondering what to do with it for the longest time. Should I throw away everything? Should I keep at least one good letter? Why is it hard for me to throw this box away?

After the get-together with the person above, I think I'm now ready to throw away that box. I guess I was holding on to it for fear that it would be my only link to remembering what love is like, what it means to be loved and what it is to love. But now I'm more convinced that I am still capable of feeling something for another person. And that when one least expects it, a feeling long forgotten is stirred and it brings back memories of just how good it is to feel that feeling once again. It's taken so long for me to move on from what happened two (now almost three years ago). I'm doing fine, but deep in my thoughts I know that there was still something there. And it doesn't help that people don't understand why you can't move on. But now, I think I'm really ready. And I have that person to thank.

So, really, thank you super! In the short span of time that we got together, you've helped me reach a breakthrough. It's not exactly the breakthrough I'd hope for, but at least, I know that I can work my way to reach that breakthrough. So really, thank you very much! I owe you big time.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Hanging out with a few of the people who make life heaven...

The latter part of the week and the weekend was spent with friends old and new. And it turned out to be a fun four days of hanging out with people.

Thursday night I hung out with Tey, Tauffer, Allyn and their friend Kenny. We met up at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Convergys because there was some kind of relationship emergency with one of the people present. It was my first time to hang out at CBTL Convergys and it's an interesting place, I must say. Must hang out there more often. Hahaha! Anyway, from CBTL, Kenny and Tauffer brought us to a restaurant/bar in Pasong Tamo called Chunky Boy's at the Orient Garden. Don't be fooled by the name. It's a bit teasing but I tell you it is quite the opposite. Now that the OT bar in Valero closed (Waaah!!!), Chunky Boy's seems like a good substitute for cheap beer and food. Hehehe! (Check out their Multiply site -- -- and you be the judge.)

Friday afternoon, I met up with Jimmy who was flying back to LA the following day. Jimmy and I have already "met" but that was our first time that we met in person. I wrote about Jimmy's co-worker, FilAm writer Noel Alumit, and that was how he and I sort of met. Fast forward to 2008, I found Jimmy on Facebook and added him as a friend. Late last year, he mentioned that he was flying home to the Philippines and I happily volunteered to help him with stuff that he needed (hotel accommodation, or itinerary). Unfortunately, we didn't get to meet when he arrived because the flight that he took had an immediate connecting flight to Manila. Ergo, he didn't have the time to stay in Manila.

But I'm really glad because we got to meet last Friday. I took a half-day leave from work, and met with Jimmy at the Mall of Asia. We just hung out at Cafe Breton for a couple of hours talking about Manila and LA and life. I had a really good time. I haven't been seeing much of the barkadings lately so gettinng together with Jimmy somehow sort of connected me again to that life I have not been having.

After hanging out with Jimmy, I met up with the office gang and we headed to Zong at the Fort to meet with former colleague Rej. She was flying back to Singapore the following day as well and that was the only time to meet up with her. It's always such a joy meeting Rej because she's fun and smart and a really happy person. I didn't get to work with her, but when we met, I knew that she was going to be a good friend. And that's exactly what happened. During my visit to SG late last year, we got to hang out and chat as if we've known each other for awhile.

Saturday, I needed to get out of the city and I'm glad that two friends from Magsaysay, May and Shy, were kind enough to go with me even though it was a super last minute invite. I woke up at 8AM and I messaged them asking if they wanted to go to the Nike/Adidas/etc outlet store in Sta. Rosa. Thankfully, I managed to get them both to say yes. I really needed that. We drove to Sta. Rosa and had lunch at Poquito Mas and just walked around Paseo de Sta. Rosa for awhile, before heading back to Manila. What I thought was going to be just a short trip turned out to be quite a long one and boy, I'm really happy!

I was supposed to join Edsel and the others at the Bed gimik, but I missed that. Augh!!! Next time. Seriously, I think it's about time that I put myself out there. I've been complaining about being disconnected and I guess this is one way of getting to know the scene again. Good luck!

Yesterday evening I met up with two girls I haven't seen for the longest time and who are also about to leave. Oh my gosh, what is happening?! Everyone's leaving. It's so sad. Is it time? Hehehe! Charmy and Kendi are two of my oldest friends. We go way back to our UP Manila days and though I hardly see these girls, I know they're trusted friends and I love them so much. We all met up in Makati, and had dinner and yosi and just caught up with each other. Charmy is leaving this Friday for the US, and who knows when she'll be back?! Kendi, on the other hand, will also leave (also for the US) sometime in April or maybe earlier and again, who knows when she'll be back?! I'm really going to miss both of them. Our other two friends have also been "absent." Eden, who is in Dubai, is MIA for the longest time and Leah, who is in Manila, is somewhere. I have a feeling though that I'll be seeing Leah very soon. So that's good.

Reading about this now, it was a good weekend, huh?! Thank heavens for friends.

Welcomed to the CS Project and Welcoming the Gap Messenger...

My faith in the Philippine Postal System is somewhat really returning, I must say.

Late last year, I think it was November, I my verification 3 for the Couchsurfing Project. From what I read, this step is quite important because it adds to your credibility as a couchsurfer. Basically, it's one more proof that you're from where you say you are and that you are not some psycho. Anyway, the process after applying for 3rd level verification is that the guys behind the Couchsurfing Project would send you your verification code via snail mail. According to the site, it should only take a couple of weeks.

When the CS postcard didn't arrive after a month and a half, I've come to accept the fact that again, the card was mishandled and already got lost who knows where.

Yesterday, when I got home from work, I saw a postcard at the bookcase where my Dad usually leaves my mail. And to my huge surprise, it was the CS postcard with my verification code. Woohoo!!! Thanks super to the CS peeps and thanks to PPS for getting me my CS card. Sorry if I sometimes doubt your ability to deliver, but I've heard way too many stories where some of your PPS guys are evil.

In other news, I had an unplanned purchase. Eeeep! I was feeling a bit low, and I turned to a little retail therapy to cheer me up. It was unplanned though, like I said. I wasn't too keen on buying anything and I already gave myself a pat on the back for not getting anything from the Zara sale nor from any of the other wonderful sales that's currently ongoing in the metro.

But then I had a moment of weakness, and while I was going around Glorietta waiting for a friend, I ended up at the Gap and I saw the olive green messenger bag above. Augh!!! I knew I was in trouble. It kind of reminded me of that super nice Belstaff utility bag Nicole Kidman had in the movie The Interpreter.

For a moment, I managed to put down the bag, leave the store and go around Glorietta again to wait for my friend. When I finally met up with my friend and showed her the bag, that was it. Instead of dissuading me from getting it, she told me I should get it. For one, the price was "good" and it is a very practical and utilitarian piece.

So, in the end, I walked out of the Gap store with a carrier bag which had that messenger bag. I think I'll call it my The Interpreter bag. Hahaha!

Welcome to the family, Interpreter. Can't wait for you to meet the other members of the family. Hahaha!

Friday, January 9, 2009

You've got (snail) mail!!!

I can't recall the last time I received one of these.

Not just ordinary snail mail. Not the usual mail which I get. (credit card bills! Grr!) But an authentic greeting card sent via air mail. When all the mail that you get are but electronic, there is really some joy to be experienced when you get snail mail.

The card above was from Tokyo and it finally reached my desk today. I've already accepted the fact that the Philippine postal system screwed things up, but lo and behold, the fact that I got the card brings a little back of my trust to the PPS. Hehehe!

I haven't emailed my friends Masaki and Makoto yet, but I'm sure they'd be just as happy to know that their mail reached me. For Christmas, I sent greeting cards to friends living abroad just because I wanted them to feel a little Filipino warmth during the holidays.

It was perfect because my colleague Rhyz shared with me some beautiful UNICEF greeting cards. I mailed one card to the Netherlands, two to Tokyo, and three to Singapore. I'm glad
because everyone got their cards.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this really nice experience of sorts. When was the last time you got a nice snail mail?!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

And the winner goes to... hahaha!

The "girls" are finally coming to Manila.

Thank You Girls will have be at the Robinsons Indiesine from January 21 to 27 only, so you better watch it. Doesn't matter if you're girl, boy, bakla or tomboy. We could all use a good film, right?!

Congrats, Bebs and TYG team!!!

Grabbed from the TYG Multiply site. A little info on the movie.

"Thank You Girls"

Directed By: Charliebebs S. Gohetia
PRODS: Adolfo B Alix Jr, James R Hohl
SCR/ED: Charliebebs Gohetia
CAM: Albert Banzon
MUS: Teresa Barrozo
Cast: Gie Salonga, Pidot Villocino, July Jimenez, Kit Poliquit, EJ Pantujan, Kim Vergara

Thank You Girls is a Visayan film with a gay lingo twist.

Tired of losing in all the beauty competitions in Davao City, five dysfunctional gay beauty pageant veterans decide to travel north to Cagayan de Oro City, in the island of Mindanao, with a mission to conquer the grandest competition of beauty, personality and brains in the province.

They believe that being city dwellers, gays in the province will never stand a chance against them.

Passing through the breathtaking landscapes and cultural vignettes of the Mindanao provinces, each queer need not only struggle to win a single title but also battles against his individual internal demon raring its ugly head behind their pink masks.

During their travel, the ultimate gay adventure of the characters brings them to back to the basics of themselves and of each other.

While they are blinded by their belief in the power of their so-called beauty, they still have to prove that whether on or off stage, beauty doesn’t just come in packages wrapped in foundation, mascara, eyeliners and witty beauty pageant answers.

What they will discover about themselves could be fitting and that being a run-away loser is not at all ugly.

Because what is essential is VISIBLE to the naked eye.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Go for Gold('s)...

Our company has this ongoing Gold's Gym promo for employees that can be availed of until July 2009. Wondering if the results of last year's annual physical exam could have something to do with why Waived enrollment fee. Waived processing fee. And after the discount, just P1,000 for monthly dues.

Good deal, yeah?

So I think I'm going to grab this promo and enroll, even for at least three months.

I'm the biggest idiot when it comes to gym workouts. I haven't got the slightest clue on how to work the machines, and I never know whether I'm doing the workout correctly. The last time I went to a gym was a couple of years ago, but obviously that didn't get men anywhere. Hahaha!

I do however enjoy the classes. Before there used to be taebo/dance classes offered here at the office as part of the employee wellness program, and I tried to attend it as often as I could. One time I joined Edsel for spinning classes at FF and while that left me super tired, I found it to be really fun.

Any tips on how not to be a gym dummy would be most appreciated. Hehehe!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Feeling much better already...

Hmm, what's up with the air people have been breathing in lately? Not sure if it's just me or if a lot of people have been getting sick. Could the sudden change in temperature have something to do with it? (I don't know how it is in your side of town, but it became much colder as the new year arrived.)

Anyway, was down with fever and a crazy stomach for the past four days. So yeah, I welcomed 2009 feeling shitty, literally. Haha! But still managed to join the family in our Media Noche, although I didn't get to enjoy my Mom's cooking as much as I wanted to.

Yesterday, I finally dragged myself to the ER of Makati Med. The last time I went to a hospital for a checkup was I can't even remember, so it was weird getting into a cab yesterday and telling the driver to bring me to the ER. It was even weirder to tell the guard that yes, I am the patient and I'm here to see a doctor. Weird because the guy probably thought I didn't look sick at all. I looked like I was off to the mall, and I was supposedly. End of season Zara sale yesterday, remember?! Haha!

After about an hour, I was done with the hospital. I didn't wait for the lab results anymore because two hours of waiting doing nothing is just stupid. So I left and it was great that I could just call for the results.

Dropped by the office hoping to do some work, but there was no AC and it would have been difficult to get some work done because it was hot. So killed the time at Greenbelt, and then when the doctor finally told me all is well with the lab test, I went home. 

So, right now I'm just really enjoying what's left of the holiday break. How about you? Ready to go back to work on Monday???

Friday, January 2, 2009

That one night of the year...

Monday night was really a good one because I saw friends whom I haven't seen for the longest time. It was the annual queersmas gathering and the venue this year is Richard's house in QC.

As usual, I was the early bird. (Gawd, when will I stop arriving on time or 10 minutes before the agreed time?! Who does that? Haha!) But after about an hour or so, the others started arriving.

It was great hanging out again with all of them. Some of them I see sometimes. Others I haven't seen for several months. There were some people who used to be there in the previous parties, but aren't there anymore and there are the newbies as well (like Mate's kid.) Haha!

As expected, it's a night teeming with laughter, good stories, an impromptu photo shoot, an exchange gift process that always ends up in a riot, and just really a good time.

More photos to be uploaded. And I'm waiting for Edsel and Jigs to upload their photos so I may grab them. Haha!

Happy new year to everyone! =)