Sunday, September 30, 2007

Saturday with the Lolas...

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Spent the morning with the grandmothers living at Hospicio de San Jose. It was Rose's birthday, and just like last year, she decided to celebrate it at the home for the elderly. It was my first time to be at Hospicio, and I can't really remember the last time I was at a home for the elderly so I found it a bit difficult to approach them. I guess I was a bit shy. It's so much easier when it's kids. But I guess that's part of the whole apostolate. In any case, I sat down beside a nice lady who held a pair of crochet needles and was intently doing whatever it was she was trying to make. I later found out that she makes these cute cellphone holders, which she sells to visitors at the hospice. Her name was Lola Le Thi, and she's a Vietnamese refugee. (Lola is the Filipino word for grandmother.) I didn't ask much about her story, because I'm afraid it might be too sad and I didn't want to break into tears.

Anyway, the entire "party" went on with success. The grandmas sang songs and joined the games. They were so grateful for the gifts and the short time that we spent with them. It was really great to be part of it all. Somehow, I also managed to convince Grey Guy to go with me to the party. It was great to see him show his "caring" side to the grannies. So I guess there's hope. Just kidding.

So that's how my Saturday went. Hope yours was great!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Every Pinoy Should Ask, "Why not?"

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Attended the first WhyNot? Forum last night at Warehouse 135 along Yakal St. in Makati. Turned out way much better than I expected. I only got to listen to 6 out of the 7 speakers, but all six were more than enough to make you stop for a while and agree in saying, “Why not?” I have to say that the forum was a success. Speakers for the night were Dondi Gomez (Unilever), Jay Bernardo (AIM), Gang Badoy (RockEd), Greg Tangonan (Ateneo), Brian Tenorio (Tenorio Manila), Fr. Ted Gonzales (Center for Family Ministries), and Quark Henares (Filmmaker).

Basically, the WhyNot? Forum was inspired by the TED talks ( WhyNot? Aims to get every Filipino to ask, “Why not?” Congratulations to the organizers!

To learn more about this, check out their Multiply site.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Me Wuv Oo...

Currently reading Jamie James' Andrew and Joey. It's one of the books that I got during the recent shopping spree at National Bookstore. Anyway, I'm halfway through the book and I'm really enjoying it. The story was presented through a format of several email exchanges so that's really refreshing. While doing my reading the other night, one of the lead characters used the words "Me Wuv Oo" in his closing line. Me Wuv Oo. I used to say the last two words a lot not so long ago. But early last year, there was no more need to say it. Hmm, it would be great to say those words again to someone. What would be even greater is if someone says it back.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Another Gay Movie... Yay!

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While going through Sean and Romil's DVD collection, I chanced upon a "Another Gay Movie." I haven't heard of the film, or maybe I have, but just ignored it. Anyway, since the weekend was more about taking a break, I popped the DVD in the player. Really enjoyed the film for the humor. Of course, I also loved it because of the Griff/Jarod angle. Haha! Looking for a copy of this DVD.

Zero Visibility...

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This is how Tagaytay looked like on our drive back to Manila yesterday after lunch. It was drizzling, and the fog was thick that Sean had to turn on the headlights and the hazard lights. There was no view of Taal Lake nor the volcano. And the weather was just so perfect for staying at home and in bed. Hehe! It was a good weekend.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Back to Manila...

Hmm, as tempting as it was to just stay in Tagaytay for another day, Sean and I had to take the drive back to Manila. Today's morning was pretty relaxed. Woke up a bit late, 9AM. Watched some episodes of QAF and Desperate Housewives. Had a breakfast of toasted bread, butter, schublig and coffee. Read a bit. In the afternoon, went to Metrowalk with Sean for the opening of a restaurant. Was a private event. Family members of Sean, Ogie and Regine (yes, as in the composer/singer and the singer) were there. So were Jaya and her kid and partner. Found out it was Sean's birthday. Bopped my head for not knowing. Afterwards, it was off to Jay-jay's with Sean, Joel and Bernard. Had two bottles of beer. Buzzed before 8PM. Went to Katipunan for dessert at Sweet Inspirations. Dropped off bread at Gray Guy. Went home.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

This Week's Friday Five...

1. When were you the coldest you’ve ever been?
Hmm, literally? I think it was when I went to Sagada several years ago. Figuratively? About a year ago. Hahaha!

2. When were you the hottest you’ve ever been?
Hottest, hottest. When I was 30 pounds lighter. Hahaha!

3. When were you the tiredest you’ve ever been?
We left Manila for Ifugao, which took about 8 or 9 hours by land. After meeting with our program partners, we took the drive back to Manila, which was 8 or 9 hours (again!!!).

4. When were you the most stressed you’ve ever been?
Every time I to do something I'm not prepared for that much I go crazy, and I drive the people around me crazy.

5. When were you the dirtiest you’ve ever been?
Hahaha! Would I really disclose that information?


I'm done. Your turn.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Movie with Carlo...

Watched the last screening of "Ang Lalaki sa Parola" (Man at the Lighthouse) at Robinson's Galleria with Carlo. Been reading "interesting" reviews this sort of controversial indie film, so I went and watched it. Of course, I had to drag poor Carlo. Uhm, to a certain extent, I enjoyed the film because the location was just fantastic. I also kind of enjoyed the way several scenes were shot (the angling of the camera, the production design). But while the parallelism approach was kind of refreshing, it could have been better. Carlo and I both agreed that everything was just too obvious, so the audience didn't really have to think that much. Hmm...

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Grapevine to the left...

Believe it or not, went on taebo/aero workout this afternoon. There's this program in our office initiated by Human Resources called "Live After Five." It's probably part of their campaign to promote work/life balance, and health and fitness. Anyway, I'm sort of bothered that I feel unfit and unhealthy. Just ten minutes after the whole routine started, I was already chasing my breath. Eeeep! Tomorrow there's going to be another session. I hope I'll do better. Haha!

Monday, September 17, 2007

This Week Is All About Early Days...

It's 5:40AM and guess where I am? You're right. I'm at the office already. I'm so early I had to ask security to open our office. Haha! Wondering why this early? It's my turn to do our daily news digest. Every morning, one of us at the Public Affairs group compile the essential news for the day. A news digest is then sent out to all employees. Sounds easy, eh? But it actually takes me about two hours just going through the news articles. We have about 15 newspaper sites to check, and in addition to that other websites for the special feature of the day. Hmm, I'm looking at my schedule now and it's jampacked with meetings too. I have a feeling this will be a week of 12-hour work days. Hehehe!

Happy birthday, Elkie!

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Attended the first birthday of Elkan Chandler aka Elkie yesterday afternoon. It was held at the Pomodoro Verde restaurant in Tiendesitas. (The place is heaven to kids and parents.)

It was a fun party. Elkie was clueless about what's happening, but he seemed happy. Hehehe! His parents, good friend Charmy and dad Erik, were obviously both happy. The grandpa and grandma (Charmy's parents) were obviously happy. Party was a good one. I enjoyed the chicken fillet and the pasta with two sauces. I also loved the chocolate fountain. Hahaha!

What was more amusing though was the fact that everyone who entered the restaurant had a child in tow. I think I was the only spouseless and childless person the entire time. Hahaha! Making things more amusing was the fact that I keep on getting asked, "Where's your kid?" or "You're not yet married. You should get married already." I don't know if this is just a Filipino thing or if it's common everywhere. Hehehe!

Anyway, fun party!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Eeep! Book Shopping...

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Hmm, I watched a play this evening with friend Grace. It was the opening night of "Love's Labor's Lost" at Onstage Greenbelt. While waiting for her, I decided to hang out at National Bookstore. I first checked out the magazines, and then I later gravitated towards the bargain bin. And that's where it started. I first saw David Stukas' "Biceps of Death," 40% off. And then came the other books!!! Eeeep! The best buy though was "Boy Culture" by Matthew Rettenmund. 20% off, and it was the last copy on the shelf. I doubt if there were several copies of the book. I'm really happy I got the book, because at least, even if I don't get to watch it on the big screen (Q. Allan Brocka made the film version.), I have the book to enjoy. Still, I want to see the movie. Anyway, I ended up buying six books. I did save a lot since most of the books were 40% off. It's been awhile since I went book shopping.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

This Week's Friday Five...

1. What was the last thing taken from you without your permission?
Uhm, the last thing taken from me was my tape dispenser on my desk. Augh! I swear once I find out who the culprit is... Hahaha!

2. Who was the photographer the last time a picture of you was taken?
The guy from the Kodak studio. Needed to have my photo taken for my company ID.

3. When were you last taken by surprise?
About four days ago. I thought all was well. Apparently, it wasn't.

4. When were you last taken for a ride (interpret literally or figuratively!)?
Hmm, the day before I was taken by surprise *wink wink*

5. Where were you the last time you wished to be “taken away from all this?"
Waiting for the bus along Ayala Ave.

I'm done. Your turn.


Thursday, September 13, 2007

And He's Guilty...

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After six long years, the verdict is reached on the case of former Philippine president Joseph "Erap" Estrada. Guilty of plunder. Perjury charges dropped.

The two other photos above are taken from the window of my office - Erap supporters already expressing their disappointment (?) on the decision.

This Is How It Ends...

9 P.M. Long day for Guy A. He goes to house of Guy B for dinner. Guy B talks to the dog and asks how she is. Guy A is silently annoyed and chooses to remain silent. Guy A, realizing he's really just making a fool of himself, finally has the balls to say that he has to go home.

Guy A: Just got home. Thanks for dinner. My Mom says thanks too for the muffins. Yum. Hey, are we dating or just friend? Sorry I have to ask but just for clarity.

(12 Hours Later...)

Guy B: Hi. Good morning. Well, I guess we are better off as friends. What do you think?

Guy A: Thanks for the honesty. Right from the start, I got the feeling you'd say that. I knew I was kidding myself thinking that you may see me differently.

Guy B: Yeah I see differently. You are a good person, a nice one that's why I want to preserve that friendship. Nothing has changed.

Guy A: Thanks. I don't really know what to say. I have things in my head but my mind's just a blur right now.

Guy A needs a strong drink right now.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Toxic Week...

It's going to be a really toxic week. Oh man!

I'm looking at my schedule and I see nothing but meetings, meetings, presentations, presentations, and more meetings. Eeeepppp!

A Christening on a Hot Sunday...

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Attended the baptism of Johannes Matthew Amurao this morning.

JM is the firstborn of former coworker and good friend Lenly, and her husband Genie. Met up with Magsaysay friends and took the trip to Cavite. It was quite hot today, but I enjoyed seeing friends and the food was just good. Although, everyone had two words to say to me - Diet. Now. Hahaha!

From Cavite, took a quick stop at Starbucks for a Frappuccino and the sinful Banoffee Pie. Hehehe!

Friday, September 7, 2007

This Week's Friday Five...

1. What’s your favorite small office supply (like something that can fit in your top desk drawer)?
I'd have to say my fave small office supply are my multi-colored pens.

2. What’s your favorite medium office supply (like something that can fit on your desktop)?
For this one, it'll have to be my post-it pads. Can't live without them.

3. What’s your favorite large office supply (like a furnishing or a large tool)?
A nice, ergonomic, but stylish chair which I still have to find.

4. To which specific office supply do you have a particular personal attachment?
I'm attached to colorful file folders. Haha!

5. Which office supply do you consider yourself something of an expert on?
Hmmm, using alligator clips to slim down a person on a photo. Hahaha!

I'm done. Your turn.


Happy weekend!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Two Events to Cover...

Today and tomorrow would be quite toxic. This morning, I have to organize a mini-exhibit for a card design judging. Of course, I was informed about this at the very last minute. In the afternoon, it'll be the finals night of an office contest. Will cover the event. Tomorrow morning is a photo shoot for the winners of tonight's contest, while in the afternoon I have to attend a workshop/training. Tiring...

A Dose of Anna Wintour...

An interview with US Vogue editrix Anna Wintour. I love her.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Take the Leap (?!)

Something's sort of bugging my mind lately. It started just very recently. I feel like I'm falling into my usual cycle again. My friend Carlo told me, "Why do we allow them to take us over? Why do we give them control? Take control, friend. No one owns you but you." Yesterday morning, Thea, another good friend, said, "Well, you got to have the stomach for it, if you're going to get into that game."


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Check out the cover of the September issue of Preview! Woo woo woo!!!

Joey Mead, Phoemela Baranda, Ornussa Cadness, Rissa Samson, and a very pregnant Wilma Doesnt clothed in nothing but chic jewelry.

I daresay it's way better than the cover of my favorite international fashion magazine. Hehe! I think this is the first time a cover with a peg like this ever came out.

Congratulations to the Preview team!

P.S.: Haha! It's waaayyyy better than I thought. The cover's actually a gatefold featuring PMAP models!!! Galing!!!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Kinda Long Sunday...

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Morning was spent in Tagaytay with the usual suspects of the 1st Sunday Mass tradition. Joined Rose, Mina, Cathy and Tita Sonia at the Pink Sisters Convent in Tagaytay. Mass was followed by a fantastic brunch at the RSM Lutong Bahay restaurant. Since we were early, we got to get one of the cottages that gave an awesome view of the Taal Lake.

In the evening, met up with Sean and Romil at Greenbelt. We did some catching up while enjoying a couple of crepes at Cafe Breton.

Went home and watched She's the Man. Channing Tatum is hot. Awww!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

The "-ber" Months Begin...

Woohooo! It's September already!!!

Before we know it'll be Christmas Day. But of course, we'll have to celebrate my birthday first this October. Hehehe!

l may have had a good start, and I'm crossing my fingers it'll keep going.


Saturday, September 1, 2007

This Week's Friday

Here goes this week's Friday five.

1. What’s something you suspect you regularly overpay for?
Hmm, the last "something" which I really did overpay for was a meal at this hospital in Makati. Gawd! I can't believe I shelled out 350 pesos for that meal that I ate. It's crazy.

2. What’s something you suspect you regularly underpay for?
Hehehe! This chocolate cake at Glorietta. Three cute little boxes for only 100 pesos.

3. What’s taking up more of your time than it should?
On certain days, it's doing tasks other people can do.

4. What’s causing you stress only because
you let it?
Haha! Seriously, this person who's not really supposed to be a source of stress.

5. If all your karma were based on your positive and negative attitudes, would it be in good shape, in bad shape, or perfectly in balance?
I'd like to think it's somehow in balance.


I'm done. Your turn.