Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Back in a bit...

Dear blog,

I know, I know. I haven't been paying attention to you for the longest time.

Believe it or not, I think I am just starting to really fully settle in this new environment, new everything.

Tomorrow, it will be my fifth month here in Singapore, and yet I feel like I've been here for more than a year now.

So much has already happened in that short five months.

Looking back now, it's surprising that so many things have already taken place. Some are good. Some are challenging. Most are very good, and I couldn't be more grateful. Friends have played a huge role in making the move easier. (I say easier because I've always been in love with Singapore, and I've always said I would move here in a heartbeat given the opportunity. Having friends here just makes things so much more better.)

I moved into a new home, and I have a good feeling about it. My wonderful landlord prepped the room really well. I have a nice desk, and a nice chair that Stefan (my Macbook) and I can use to chronicle this new journey I embarked on five months ago.

So, I promise to sit down and spend time with you more, my dear blog.

In the meantime, I can't believe it's already September! Whoooppee!

More great things are going to come. I know it. :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Here's the National Day Parade 2011 theme song "In a Heartbeat."

The song is peformed by Singapore Idol 2009 runner-up Sylvia Ratonel. Song was composed by music director Goh Kheng Long with lyrics by playwright Haresh Sharma.

The words and the video are really good. It's very touching.

The story of Singapore is told through the perspective of a family, focusing on a mother and her son.

Nice, nice. :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happy birthday, Singapore! :)

Today is the 46th National Day of SG.

Google commemorates this important day.

Nice. :)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The wait is almost over...

Look who's coming to town.

Hold on to you wallets, boys and girls. Haha!

But seriously, it's great that H&M is finally opening here. Now, there's no excuse to miss the designer collab collections.

Wooohooo! :P


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Vacheron Constantin exhibit...

The other highlight of the weekend was a visit to the National Museum for the Vacheron Constantin exhibit.

As I mentioned in a previous blog entry, I was quite sure my friend Mon would be interested to go see the exhibit. If I-vanchy were here, he would've probably gone as well.

Mon and I agreed to meet at the museum by 4PM. Another friend from Manila, Kate, joined us. Yey.

The exhibit was set up at one of the halls in the basement.
More than 100 pieces were on display. Some pieces date back to the 1800s. Some pieces are very new.

As we went around the exhibit, I couldn't help but be in awe of the patience, dedication and skill of the Vacheron Constantin people. (Uhm, what do you call watchmakers?)

The patience and attention to detail needed to finish one timepiece was just tremendous. I can't imagine myself doing it.

Between being a timepiece creator and an artisan for uhm, Hermes (hehe!), I'd choose the latter. I think I would be better at making bags by hand.

Anyway, my favorite pieces from the exhibit are the ones that featured so much detail. The ones that had paintings and engravings really, really caught my attention.

Amazing, it was just amazing.

Now I have an idea why some timepieces are priced the way they are. Hehe!
Still, I don't see myself getting one of these timepieces even if I can afford it. Maybe because I'm really a bag person.

Monday, August 1, 2011

WTG, Angie! :)

Angelina Jolie received the Heart of Sarajevo award at the Sarajevo film festival last 30 July.

For her first film as a director, Angelina chose a story that had the Bosnia early 90s war as the setting.

"In the Land of Blood and Honey" sounds like an interesting film/story - a love affair between a Bosnian Muslim woman and a Serb, who were on opposite warring sides during the conflict.

The actress was close to tears as the audience applauded her continuously and gave her a standing ovation.

"I will start crying if you don't stop," she said.

"Tonight we are giving the honorary Heart of Sarajevo to a great artist, not only for the great impact she has in the world of cinema but also for persisting and her active engagement in the complexities of the real world," said Festival director Mirsad Purivatra.

Very true. I'm a huge fan of Angelina Jolie, primarily because of her engagement with the UNHCR.

Mrs. Pitt, as part of her work for UNHRCR, has visited Bosnia as a goodwill ambassador. She has also helped fund the construction of several houses for returnees in eastern Bosnia.

I really admire her.