Sunday, November 30, 2008

Reminded that shopping is fun... Haha

While planning for the Singapore trip, the only shopping I was thinking of was for souvenirs. After all, the reason why I travel is to go sightseeing and experiencing the local culture as much as I could.. or so I thought.

But alas, on my last day in Singapore, I ended up spending. (Although, technically, it started a day before at Ikea and Muji.) After visiting shops with Mon and Richie at Orchard the previous day, I knew I would be buying stuff. Haha! Hence, the last day in SG was spent doing some shopping. Eeep! Shopping day started at Heeren where a branch of cool store New Urban Male (NUM) and HMV were.

From there, it was down to more shops that lined Orchard. First stop again was Paragon for the little things at Muji again, followed by Lucky Plaza where I got Singapore souvenirs and some shirts for my brothers and my Dad. Then off to Kinokuniya at Takashimaya where I got an issue of VMAN. Yahooo! I"m still bummed out though that they don't have the Chace issue yet. Borders didn't have VMAN either. Sigh.

Afterwards, headed to Tangs where I got my Mom a small bag. The final store we visited was the NUM in Wheelock, where I ended up getting more than I planned for. Eeep! Haha! Originally, I just wanted to get one shirt and the really cute rainbow bear. I took home some shirts and a nice, little rainbow bear. The shirts for S$50 I think are quite expensive but I still bought them just because. Haha! And they're way cheaper compared to the Lanvin and Etros that Mon got. Hehehe!

Haha! I haven't gone shopping for quite some time so it was great doing it in Singapore. I was reminded of how relaxing and fun that activity is. Haha! I would love to go back perhaps next year to experience the Great Singapore sale. That should be really fun, I guess, with the discounts really driving people into a shopping frenzy.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

And the Singapore exploring began...

So I'm back from Singapore. It's been one good trip. Tiring, but very good. And I think all the walking in SG and Kuala Lumpur did me some good.

I arrived at Richie's place in Serangoon at 2AM. Mon and Rich waited for me to arrive, and it was great to see them both. We didn't get to chat much because Rich had work the following day.

As previously blogged, the first day in SG was spent with three good friends - Jean and Joi from Pahinungod and Lloyd whom I worked with in a project with Smart. They were patient enough to show me around, even though I'm sure they've seen the places a million times. Anyway, we went to all the mandatory must-see places in SG.

In the morning, it was Esplanade, Merlion Park, Raffles monument and Raffles Hotel, Old Parliament House, War Memorial Monument, and brunch at Lau Pa Sat. In the afternoon, we met up with Lloyd at Vivo City and went to Sentosa where we visited Palawan and Siloso Beaches. For dinner, we ate at the Food Republic in Vivo and then took the MRT to Clarke Quay. To cap the night, we went to Starbucks where we got Joi a muffin in lieu of a cake since it was her birthday the following day. Hehe!

For a first day, I think we've accomplished a lot. I didn't expect the weather to be really hot though, and I wish I could have worn something more comfortable. Oh well. Haha!

I've got about 500 plus photos from Singapore and 250 plus photos from KL. Haha! I think I'll just select my fave ones and then post them in an album later, hopefully.

Ikea, Paragon, Kinokuniya and everything nice...

It was only in Wednesday that I got to hang out with Richie, Mon and Mrs. V. Our day started with a visit to Ikea in Tampines. It was my first Ikea experience and I loved it. There were so many nice things I wanted to buy - a cool bookshelf, a nice wooden table, linen with cool prints - but of course, I didn't because they weren't really on my shopping list. Plus, shipping costs weren't included in my budget.

Still I ended getting new towels, a 24-pc cutlery set, a bayong with an ultra-nice print (which I wasn't really keen on buying but ended up buying because Mon found a way to use it - the beach... haha) and some Ikea paper carrier bags. Haha! We had brunch at the Ikea cafe where the food was great and reasonably priced.

From Tampines, we took the MRT to go to Orchard Rd. Orchard is heaven for me and Mon, I should say. Haha! Richie's heaven is anywhere where there is gadgets, I think. Hehe! So far, the Chanel shop in Takashimaya is the biggest and nicest Chanel shop I've seen. The freestanding Hermes store was also wow! Paragon and Takashimaya became quick favorites because of all the pretty things. Hehe! In particular, I love Muji store in Paragon and Kinokuniya in Takashimaya.

Our motto for spending that day was "Just because..." There were so many little things that we bought. They weren't really on the needs list but we still bought them just because. Hahaha!

Also, I didn't expect the sale in SG to be super sinful. Haha! Almost all the shops were on sale, super sale with discounts as big as 70% off. It's a good thing that I prepared a budget for the trip so I didn't buy any unnecessary stuff, or did I? Haha!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

KL in less than 24 hours...

I'm back in SG. Arrived yesterday evening from KL. Dead tired but it was great.

I left for KL last Monday at 730AM. Reached KL around 1PM. Then it was all walking around. Got to visit Merdeka Square, the National Mosque, the Old Railway Station, the KTM building. I reserved the Petronas for last. Hehehe!

Good trip, good trip. What made it particularly enjoyable and more memorable was meeting some KL CSers. Thanks super to my host CK for putting me up for a night, despite his busy busy schedule. Thanks super to Sabiqa, Joey and Jon for the wonderful dinner. :)

Need to cut this short because heading out with Richie, Mrs. V and Mon to Ikea and then Orchard. Woot woot!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hello from Singapore...

Finally, the postponed mandatory leave pushed through and I'm here in the nice home of friend Richie in Serangoon Ave. 4 here in Singapore. Haha!

Got here this morning via Cebu Pacific and though I only had a couple of hour's sleep, I went out as early as I could to see the city. It doesn't feel that foreign to me because I spent the day with dear friends from UP - Joi and Jean. And then we also met up with friend from Smart Lloyd. So it was such a pleasant day despite the heat and then the sudden rain. Haha!

Today, I decided to do the mandatory Singapore must-visit places so that come Wednesday and Thursday I can hang out with Richie, Mon and Mrs. Villarin. Did a lot of walking today starting at the Esplanade and then the Merlion and then to the Old Parliament then the Arts House followed by Raffles Hotel before proceeding to Vivo City to meet Lloyd. From Vivo, we went to Sentosa. In the evening, we visited Clarke Quay. 

Thanks super to Tey for lending me her camera because I have a million photos. Hehehe! From almost every building with a nice architecture to road signs and even public transpo guides, I had my photo taken. Hehehe! Turista kung turista. Haha!

Tomorrow, I'm going to take a bus to KL. Will meet with a Couchsurfer - CK - who agreed to host me for the night. Yahoo!

Okay, this is it for now. Need to get some sleep. Early bus trip to KL.

Monday, November 17, 2008

CS overload during the weekend... yeah!!!

Had a CS overload during the weekend and it was fun, REALLY fun!

Friday night, we went to the Elation: Chocolate and Shooters Buffet at the Grand Terrace in faraway Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City. Since it was a toxic week and I didn't really go out, I was more than game to spend the entire night hanging out with the CS gang.

Met up with Dawnie, Anj, and Karla at Glorietta and from Makati, we met up with Monette in Gateway. We then headed to the venue to meet Archie and all the other CS party people. My first reaction while I was at the registration was, "Hmm, why do I have this feeling that this is a college (perhaps even a high school) org meeting?" Hehehe! When you're almost a decade out of college, I guess you can tell when you're around the "kiddies." Haha!

Nevertheless, the event really rocked. The choco fondue buffet was yum, and the shooters were even better. I liked it that I didn't get tipsy at all (while some of the "kiddies" were already throwing up in the bathroom, according to Dawnie... ahhh, I remember those days...hahaha!) but there was something about the drinks (or was it the chocolate?!) that really pumped up the energy level of people. So congrats, congrats to the organizers of the event for the success. Thank you for giving us that feeling of elation from the chocolates and the shooters! Good luck with the business.

Anyway, the "oldies" aka the CS gang sort of made a CS event out of the party. We had our own little corner in the nice venue where we just danced and laughed and chatted and ambushed the waiters carrying trays of shooters. Hehehe! In fact, that night would be written down CS Manila history as the night that the CS dance was born. Hehehe!

Around midnight, since people were still wanting to party, we moved to Havana KTV for several rounds of singing and more camwhoring. Hahaha! We parted ways a little past 3AM. Who cares if that would only mean a few hours of sleep (I had to meet Edsel in the morning, or I thought I had to.)? The whole night was fantastic.

Saturday night, on the other hand, turned out to be another one BIG CS party again. Haha! A CS City Ambassador from Spain is in town, and so a meet was organized. It was supposed to be at Gweilo's, but since we wouldn't get to talk there, we moved to the neighboring restaurant F word. It seems like a new restaurant, but I loved the cool interiors and the lighting. Perfect for chatting and hanging out.

From the F Word, we moved to Music 21 for singing and dancing. The karaoke thing ended way past midnight. And the last few standing men and women moved to a nearby Yoo-Hoo Bar-B-Que along Makati Ave. Haha! It was a good way of ending the loooong night. I didn't get to take any photos from this event because the camera was acting up. Arrrgggh!

One helluva good wekkend, thanks to CS!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

One really NICE Friday phone call...

Last Friday would be one of the best Fridays for this year.

Before the CS Manila party, I got a very, very nice surprise call thanks to Tey, of course. Hahaha! I was working on something when Tey called and told me she'd like me to talk to someone. And then when she was about to pass the phone, I heard her say who it was. Thanks, Tey. Woohoo! I stepped out of the room, just so the entire room wouldn't hear my phone call. Hehe!

But then too bad because the venue where Tey was was really noisy, and it was difficult for the guy to hear what I was saying. Hehe! The nice thing is that he was nice enough to say, "It's noisy here and I can't hear you very well. Let's just hang out one of these days." Okay, I know, I know that he was just being nice but that nice gesture was really appreciated. Nice one. (Okay, the last few sentences has been peppered with the word "nice." Haha!)

Very nice Friday and very nice ending for the week. (Hahaha! There goes that "nice" thing again.)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

From Philip to Whaxter to Me to You... Hehehe

I haven't be able to post anything since not much has been happening. It's been all work these past few days. Anyway, posting this Q&A from Whaxter who got it from Philip. Hehehe!


1. Ano ang sinasabi mo noong bata ka pa na gusto mong maging paglaki mo?
Doctor. Everyone wants to be a doctor when back then. Hahaha!.

2. Ano ang isang bagay na na-enjoy mong gawin noon?
My piano lessons... joke... Uhm, weekend sleepovers at my cousin's.

3. Bakit?
Diliman was an out of town trip already for me back then.

4. Pumapasok ka ba ng ganitong age?

5. Sinong 'buddy' mo noon?
I forgot his name.

6. Anong pangyayayari ang hindi mo makalimutan?
I played Angel Gabriel for the Christmas Belen. Mwehehe!

7. Kilala mo pa mga teachers mo?
I remember the faces, but not the names.

8. Iyakin ka ba noon?
Yes, only because of the "bullies."

Grade School

10. Sinong principal nyo noon?
Mrs. Evelia Orbeta... Naks, I remember. Haha!

11. Anong paborito mong laro?
Patintero, cops and robbers

12. May club ka bang sinalihan?
Art Club, Flute Club, Marimba Club, Knights of the Altar...

13. Maingay ka ba sa klase?
Nope, I was a consistent conduct awardee. Which is why until now I'm a stickler for rules (most of the time... Hehehe!)

14. May kinakatakutan ka bang teacher noon?
Mr. EB and Mr. EL.

15. Bakit?
Sibika at Kultura and PE.

16. Pano ka pumupunta sa school?
My Lola used to bring me to school. Then she got old. I used to take the schoolbus, but then we always got into all sorts of accidents. So I learned to commute when I was in Grade 5, I think.

17. Marunong ka na bang mag-commute ng panahong ito?

18. Paano ka mag-aral?
My Mom used to make reviewers for the quarterly exams. And then there came a point when I would finish assignments before going home. For exams, I would review then when I'm done, I would just sit back, relax and wait for the exam the following day.

19. Mahilig ka bang kumain ng tusok-tusok?
Nope. Dirty daw sabi ng school nurse. Yuck, arte. Haha!

20. Responsable ka bang estudyante?
I never got kicked out of the cream section. Would that be an acceptable answer already? Hehehe!

High School

21. Saan ka nag-high school?
Some school...

22. Anu mga section mo?
Sampaguita, Narra, Gold and Pearl. Hahaha!

23. May-CAT ba kayo noon?
Yep, I was even an officer because I wanted the extra points for acads.

24. Naging officer ka ba?

25. Kumakain ka ba habang nasa klase?

26. Tamad ka bang pumasok?
Only when it's raining.

27. Sinong principal nyo noon?
Mr. MM.

28. Kilala ka ba nya? Ano tawag nya sa'yo?
Nope, students were afraid of him.

29. Paano?

30. May award ka bang natanggap nung highschool ka?
Some merits for a writing and a drawing contest.


31. School mo?
Peyups Manila

34. Meron ka bang org na sinalihan?

35. Ano?
OrComSoc, YFC

36. Naniniwala ka ba na pag college ka na,matatagpuan mo ang true love mo at hindi sa highschool?
Once upon a time... hehehe... and then sabi nga ng Buddy TVC namin, "There are many fishes in the sea..."

37. Embarrassing moment?
Mr. & Ms. Orcom... hehehe

38. Unforgettable moment?

39. Pano gumalaw ang mga tao sa eskwelahan mo?
Hmm, is this a trick question?

40. Sosyal ka ba?
Uhm, no naman, dude pare. Bwahahaha.

I'm done. Your turn.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Got a Philippine Quill Award of Merit... woohoo

Last Friday, the 2008 Philippine Quill Awards was held at the Hyatt Hotel and Casino in Manila. The Philippine Quill is given by the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC).

Of the entries that our department sent, we got two Awards of Excellence and four Awards of Merit. One of the Awards of Merit was for an entry I wrote. Yey! Hehehe! It's for an internal communication campaign we designed and implemented for an online advocacy project.

I didn't get to attend the awarding ceremonies, because I was dead tired from the Makiling trip. Hehe! I was already happy to know that I'll be seeing the plaque above when I came in for work this morning.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Juday, isdatchu???

Obviously, one of the "perks" of being in public relations is that one gets to meet celebrities and VIPs. Hehe!Yesterday, while I was in the hills of Makiling having a deja vu of my HS bivouac training and my Rayadillo days in UP, my officemates were having photos taken with Judy Ann Santos. Hehehe! She had a meeting with our boss and since I wouldn't be around during her visit, I had colleague Monet get the photos above. Hehehe! Another addition to the growing collection. Thanks, Maver!!!