Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Kino's no longer naked...

Kino (my Kindle) finally got his cover yesterday.

Thanks to Google, I was able to find online seller SweetEvil Spree.

Don't be fooled by the name. Well, she does seem like a sweet person. And the items she sells would make you go on a spree. But I'm quite certain that she is evil. Hehehe!

So after work yesterday, I headed to to the city to meet up with her to get the cover. The item was nice. The color I got was cedar brown. I could've gone for black, but I thought the brown was really nice. Twas only 25 bucks.

I'm glad that Kino is no longer naked. Now, I dun have to bring around the original box with me to protect him. Hehe!

Do check out the items sold by Xuan (aka SweetEvil Spree).

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Club 21 Bazaar experience...

As mentioned in a recent post, I went to the legendary Club 21 Bazaar over the weekend hoping to score some good buys.

And score good buys I did as I walked away from the bazaar.

The bazaar opened to the public last Friday. Club 21 members and Citibank cardholders had a preview the day before. Mon and I were initially tempted to take a leave for the preview, but decided against it. Haha! Tempting as it was, I decided not to give in to temptation and went to work.

On Friday, I left home at 8 so that I can reach the venue by 9. The bazaar was opening at 10, but I was expecting there would be a queue.

Crazy as it may sound, I was feeling very excited as I walked from Promenade station to the F1 Pit building. I dunno. I guess I was just really excited by the whole thing because it was my first time to attend the legendary event.

When I reached the venue, there were already about 4 people in queue. I was so glad I decided to come early because more people started arriving as 10AM neared.

There were two queues though - one for Club 21 members and another for the public.

Once the clock struck 10, the doors opened and the Club 21 members were let in first. Boo! Haha! After a few minutes, they let the rest of us in.

Upon entry, a Club 21 staff was handing out huge plastic bags to shoppers. I got one and immediately headed in.

The bazaar occupied two main halls. Club 21 was efficient enough to publish a layout of the bazaar so I already knew where I wanted to go. DKNY was at this area. CK was at that area. D&G, Lanvin and CDG were on the other side. Club 21 Men were next to it, and so on.

I'm really no newbie to these kinds of sales. I already have a strategy of my own. Dress comfortably. Dun bring a bag (which was a great idea because they asked shoppers with bags to deposit the bags. Precious shopping time taken away! LOL!)  Collect and select. When you see something that you like, grab it immediately and decide later if you really want it. Otherwise, someone else might snap it and then how, you cry, ah?

Also, I already had in mind a list of things I was hoping to get and a list of brands I wanted to check out. This was important especially because I had limited time.

After going through the pieces I was looking for, I went around just to check the other items on sale. I am still amazed at how low the prices were. Pieces of clothing that were originally thousands of dollars are now down to a few hundred bucks. Those that sold for hundred of bucks were down to less than a hundred. It was really one of the rare opportunities to snatch a designer item.

By the time I decided to hit the cashier, the crowd has increased and it was already a circus. It was quite amusing to watch actually. All around, there was so much action going on. People were digging through piles of clothing and going through racks and racks of designerwear. Those who were early at the bazaar were at their own little corners sorting the items in their shopping bags. The kids, I have no idea why some adults brought their kids, were all sitting on the floor along the hallway playing with their iPads and iPhones while their parents shopped. Haha!

I was going to meet PG Boy at Plaza Sing by 1PM so I had to stick to my schedule. This was great because I was able to plan my trip to the bazaar quite efficiently. It was almost 12 noon when I paid for my items and luckily, the queue to the cashier was not yet long. I managed to chat a bit with the friendly lady behind the register telling her how awesome the sale was.

When I reached home in the afternoon, I proudly showed PG Boy my loot from the sale. He found it amusing how crazy I can get over a sale. (See! Not every homo is into designer stuff. LOL!) I surprised with a nice collared Calvin Klein shirt and a bunch of DKNY innerwear. Hehe!

Hmm, my fave pieces that I got were two Junya Watanabe for Comme des Garcon tees. They were the last pieces. And I was very lucky that they were in medium and that I was quick enough to spot and snap up the items before the guys beside me did. The original price of the tees were SGD260 each. (I would never fork out that amount for a tee! LOL!) I got each for just SGD50.

I was also happy that I did not overspend. I was able to stick to the budget I had in mind. I also like to think that I did save a lot because on an ordinary day, the items that I got would have already cost a thousand over. No way will I spend like that for shopping (not just yet. LOL!).

So, yay Club 21! I think for next year, I will not shop the entire year and just save and wait for the bazaar. Once the bazaar comes, break open the bazaar fund and shop. LOL!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Kiddie party with the Yong-en Care Centre...

The 28 all over again birthday celebration was held last Saturday at the Yong-en Care Centre in Chinatown.

This is the second time for me to hold a party with the kids of the centre. I was really glad that they said yes again to my request to have a simple party for the kids.

One major takeaway that I learned from this year's activity is to just believe that things will work out. :-)

Prior to the party, I was worried that I won't have enough gifts for the kids and that there won't be enough friends who will be able to join the activity. It was a long weekend, and a lot of people already had other plans.

A bunch of friends (thank you, Tipz and CP) have already promised to give gifts. With the help of uni friend and fellow Pahinungod volunteer Jean, we were able to get enough presents as the day of the party neared.

On the day of the party itself, I was (pleasantly) surprised that there were more kids this year. Initially, the center told me that there would be about 15-20 kids. During the party, I counted about 30 kids. Then there were also a group of volunteers from Singapore Poly who helped out in ensuring that the kiddie party would go smoothly.

Again, I was a bit worried that we may not have enough gifts and at that moment, even food, because I was expecting just about 2-3 volunteers from the center.

But then, things turned out very well!

At the last minute, more people confirmed their attendance. Jean's colleague Robert also decided to buy more gifts that morning. As for the food, Alexie baked a lot of cupcakes, which was just enough for the kids and the friends/volunteers. Ho and Pg Boy bought more drinks and some more food, while the games were ongoing.

So, yeah, the entire activity went great. My friends looked like they had a good time. The SP volunteers were still energetic even after the activity. Most importantly, the kids all looked happy! Yay!

Really, really grateful to everyone who helped make the event successful! :D

Friday, October 26, 2012

I love you, Club 21...

The Club 21 Bazaar experience was awesome!!!

It really is such a super mega sale! If you're a fan of all these designer stuff, then this is one sale you dun want to miss.

Just look at the photo above. A Maison Martin Margiela tee originally selling for SGD420 is now down to SGD80(!!!)

Though very tempting and a rare opportunity to wear a Margiela, I still didn't get the shirt. I just couldn't get myself to still spend 80 bucks for a tee. Haha! I know, I know. But seriously, I can be stingy when it comes to spending for myself. If it were a birthday pressie, then I would have prolly gotten it.

Still, I'm very happy with the buys I got from the sale.

Really glad I woke up early for it. It was sooo worth it.

Club 21 bazaar this weekend....

Aside from the public holiday today, the other major event happening this weekend is the Club21 Bazaar.

Pinas has Store Specialists, Inc. (SSI). Singapore has Club 21 (except that most brands Club21 have are really super high end - Balenciaga, Comme des Garcons, Dries Van Noten, Lanvin, and so on.)

According to some friends, the Club21 bazaar is legendary. It's not difficult to understand why.

The brands that were mentioned earlier. Up to 85% off. Seriously, it's crazy. A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the awesome experience I had when I stumbled upon the CDG tees at Ion. Haha!

Well,  I expect today to be twice, thrice, four times the awesomeness! Haha! It's prolly the mother of all luxury good sales in the island. Haha!

So today, I woke up very early. I will leave the house very early. Just so I can reach the venue - the F1 Pit building - very early.

The bazaar actually started yesterday. It was a preview for Club 21 members and Citibank card members. Let's see how this will go. Woot! Hopefully there will still be goodies left for us mere mortals.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Turning 28...again...

Monday (aka my birthday) was a day I was feeling extra, extra grateful.

I decided to take the day off from work so that I can just enjoy the day.

Woke up at 5AM and prepped for church. Headed to St. Anthony of Padua in Marsiling for the 630AM Mass. I was happy when one of the aunties approached me and asked if I was willing to do the offertory. Hehe!

Headed back home and spent some time Vibering with Tey.

At 10AM, left the house and made my way to Somerset. Had brunch and chikahan with Richie at Jones the Grocer in Manarin Gallery. This guy is one of my closest friends in SG. We've known each other for more than 10 years!

From Somerset, we took the bus to Bras Basah to get to the National Museum. I told Richie I wanted to check out the exhibit The Wedding Dress. Apparentl, he was also interested. Good to see works by some of the world's best couturiers.

Afterwards, I headed to Cathay because I wanted to attend gym in the evening. Killed time by watching the Korean film Soar into the Sun. It was so so. Just wanted to kill time. Hehe!

By time time it finished, I had enough time for treadmill before doing back-to-back Pump and Combat classes.

Good day it was! :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Thank you!!!

It's been a good day! :)

Really, really grateful for the people who took the time to greet via Facebook, Path, Twitter, Instagram, iMessage, WhatsApp. Thank you, thank you! :D

Felt the extra love today!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday morning with Andy Warhol...

Just like my pre-birthday lunch yesterday, I decided at the last minute to finally go and see the Andy Warhol exhibit at the Art Science Museum at Marina Bay Sands.

The exhibit was supposed to have ended last 12 August, but it was extended until today.

Sunday morning was supposed to be spent with Melvin for our monthly nature walk/hike but he cancelled since he wasn't feeling well.

My other plan for the day was still in the afternoon so it gave me just enough time to head down to MBS for the exhibit.

Also, I decided to go very early so I can avoid any crowd. Haha! I can be kiasu sometimes. Can't really blame me, right? It is the last day of the exhibit after all. Hehe!

The museum opens at 10AM. I was there at 958. As soon as the counter opened, I got my ticket and headed straight to level 3.

15 Minutes Eternal was mounted to commemorate the 25th death anniversary of one of the greatest pop artists ever - Andy Warhol.

His most popular works would probably be the Campbell's Soup Can prints, the Marilyn Monroe prints and a self-portrait which I found out was entitled Fright Wig.

Over 260 paintings, drawings and sculptures were on exhibit. There were also audio-visual presentations showing him at work as well as a showcase of items he owned and used in creating his art.

Through the exhibit, I actually learned more about the artist. The exhibit took me through four stages of Andy Warhol's life.

There were some works of his which I ended up lingo more than the iconic multi-color portraits of Marilyn Monroe and other stars/celebrities.

The ones that I really, really liked were the Endangered Species collection. Warhol created a series of ten color screenprints that portrayed endangered animals from around the world. I really loved the colors.

By the time I finished the exhibit, I had a better appreciation of his work and contemporary art. I was also glad to have seen other pieces of his aside from the usual iconic ones. Uhm, if I were to be asked what I thought was awesome about him, I would have to say that it was the way he transformed everyday mundane objects into art pieces.

Really glad to have been able to catch this exhibit.

Oh, and I think there's no need to say that the exhibit title was inspired by a statement of the artist in 1968 whereby he said...

"In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes."

There is some truth to this, I must say.

Pre-birthday lunch with the guys...

At the last minute, I decided to have a birthday lunch for my becky bunch here in the little red dot. 

Initially, I was just planning to have the kiddie gift-giving activity next weekend as my main celebration for this year. On the big day itself, I was just planning to have a "me" day since it's a work day and since PG Boy is still overseas for his holiday.

Then I just thought of holding a lunch for friends. After all, except for MkSurf8, Ian and Chris, I rarely see the rest of the guys. It would be a good time for everyone to meet and catchup. It would also be my own little way of thanking them for being my becks family here. 

Good thing most of them were free for the lunch. Only Rich and honorary becky Coly were unable to go because of work. 

So yesterday morning, I woke up quite early. After dropping by Toastbox for breakkie, I headed to Fair Price to buy ingredients for the lunch. By 9, I started prepping my pasta. By 11, I got the roasted chicken, drinks and desserts and headed to MkSurf8's place.

Half past-twelve, people started arriving. It was a small group and it was just right. I'm glad that Tipz and Chris were able to go. I'm glad that Bien and his kumare were there. It was also good to see Chiz, Jeff and Mon. 

After lunch, we all just hung out. MkSurf8 opened a few bottles of wine. Others started mixing their own drinks. I had a few glasses of wine and whiskey, so I had a buzz at 3 in the afternoon. LOL!

In the evening, Ian, Chris, MkSurf8, Mon and I met up with Rich at Little Vietnam along Guillemard Rd for dinner. I'm also glad to have seen Rich.

What I thought would be just a few hours of hanging out with the guys turned out into an almost entire day thing, which I thought was just really awesome! :D

I'm grateful to have these guys as friends. And I'm grateful to have the advance bday celeb with them!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Shopping with

Jane, a fellow volunteer, told me about online shopping site I remember there was another friend who told me about it.

I'm trying to recall if I've ever bought anything from an online store when I was still in Manila, and I remember buying from Amazon one or two times a million years ago. I've also bought a few items on Ebay, but it's kind of different because the mode of payment was cash on delivery/bank deposit.

Having experienced lost mail once or twice and the fear of online fraud, I rarely buy stuff online.

However, a recent online shopping experience with ASOS went very well and that I think was more than enough to consider online shopping here in SG.

I got an email from the site that a major sale was ongoing. I decided to go check the site and there was. A lot of the items were on sale with really huge discounts.

At that time, I was really planning to get PG Boy a scarf for his US holiday trip. There's really no reason. Just a have a safe flight/enjoy your trip present. I dunno. I just do these kind of things. Hehe!

Anyway, I was really glad that I found the present at ASOS. It's a beanie and scarf set. It's French Connection. It's 70% off (PG Boy doesn't know this though. LOL!).

So I decided to purchase the item. If by some stroke of bad luck, I don't get the item, then it's okay lah because I only paid a small amount. Hehe!

The package arrived in about 8 working days. Much earlier than I expected. The package came in a nice box, and the items were also in a nice FCUK box. I was really, really happ with the purchase.

Another awesome thing? Free shipping.

Weeks later, I gave the present to PG Boy and I think he liked it. He even sent me photos of him wearing the scarf... just the scarf. Hehe! Kidding, kidding.

And recently, I got an email again from ASOSthat they are on sale. Hmm, thinking of checking again. Hehe!

If you're after good bargains, if you have high EQ and can wait, then you really must try online shopping at Easy shopping, quick despatch, reliable shipping, good items. The site carries a lot of good brands so a lot of items are a steal.

Maybe I'll wait for the Boxing Day sale. Prices will prolly be slashed like crazy again. Haha!

By the way, I did not receive any payment for this post. Just sharing a wonderful online shopping experience.

Happy Thursday...

This has been my thought for the week. Monday started out kinda crazy and ended even crazier.

Tuesday could also have been better. I did something I haven't done in a long time - cry... in front of someone. :-/ So embarrassing lah.

Things have gotten better though. I prolly just needed a good cry. Haha! Is it shameful to say that? The back-to-back Pump and Combat classes last night were also gooood! Haha!

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Comme to Daddy...

Despite getting home at 5AM on a Sunday from tugs with Chris, Ian, Tipz, RKGreg, MkSurf8, Makii and Ahmer, I was still up at 930AM. (It's the damn body clock curse. Haha!)

Thankfully, there was no hangover. However, I did miss my supposed meet up with Jeaners. I had a slight headache and I couldn't make it to Outram Park in time to see her.

Initially, I was tempted to just stay at home and "recover." However, I decided I didn't want my entire Sunday to go to waste. I was still okay anyway.

So I thought of things to do while WhatsApping with Pg Boy (who was at Maine at that time I think).

First, I thought of going to the National Museum to check out an exhibit I've been planning to check out. Then I thought why not catch the Taiwanese film GF*BF. Anyway, the NSM exhibit will run until end of the month.

Having decided that, I went online and booked myself a ticket for the 1:25 screening. I left home around 11 so I can go jalan jalan from Orchard to Somerset.

I didn't get to do the leisurely stroll. In fact, I had to do some brisk walking from Ion to Cathay Cineleisure just to catch the movie.

The cause of the almost delay?

I stumbled upon a happy place somewhere and I spent almost an hour or so at the happy place. Haha!

Been wanting to get a CDG shirt for the longest time but I'm too stingy with myself. I just couldn't bring myself to shell out a certain amount for a tee, even if it's CDG. In fact, I haven't really bought any clothes for myself for the longest time.

That's why I was really glad when I walked into this happy place. My heart was racing seriously. That's the effect. Haha!

I kept on checking my watch for the time. There were other pieces that caught my eye but I had to leave already. It was good because otherwise, I would've prolly been damn broke. Eeesch!

Anyway, really happy with the new tees. Birthday came quite early lah! LOL!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Flights, Accomms in Myanmar...

Our homes during the trip:
Yangon: Traders Hotel
223 Sule Pagoda Road, G.P.O. Box 888, Myanmar

Bagan: Bagan Princess Hotel
Nyaung U Township, Bagan, Myanmar
USD256 - 2 twin rooms/3 days/2nights

Inle: Golden Island Cottages (Nampan)
Inle Lake, Nyaungshwe Township,
Southern Shan State, Myanmar
USD140 - 2 villas/1 night

They helped us with flights and accomms:
Hotel (Bagan and Inle):
No. 16, 6th Floor (R)
U Aung Myat Street, Tha Pyae Gone Quarter,
Mingalar Taung Nyunt Township
Yangon, Myanmar
Phone: +95 (0)1 8619201, +95 (0)1 8619202
Fax: +95 (0)1 8619202

Mode of Payment: Bank Transfer

Flights (Yangon-Bagan-Heho-Yangon):

Phone numbers:  + 951-375050 , + 951-372227

E-mail address:

Office address:    FMI Centre, 4th Floor, Unit 18, Bogyoke Aung San Rd., Yangon

Office location:

Website address:
Yangon - Bagan - USD133 (Air Bagan)
Bagan - Heho - USD100 (Air Mandalay)
Heho - Yangon - USD133 (Yangon Airways)

Mode of Payment: Cash

People worth contacting if you do go:
Tour Guide:
Thu Thu Aung (USD20/day; boat - 18000ks) 081-209258/0941003892.

Airport Cab Driver/Rent-a-Car Driver (Yangon):
Min Soe (USD10 - Airport-Town/ AC Car)
HP: 0973046201

Sunday, October 14, 2012

In the Land of Golden Smiles: 3 of 3


6.) Pinoy blooper. We were having dinner on our last night in Bagan. Right next to our table was a pair. The four of us started talking in Tagalog about the couple and I'm sure it was quite audible. Dinner came. Drinks came. After paying the bill and thanking the restau owner, we got up and made our way out. That's when the guy at the next table said, "Excuse me. You're Filipinos?" The four of just froze and tried to remember what we said earlier during the night. Haha! Thankfully, our earlier conversation stopped at asking who was what and nothing more crazy. Haha! 

7.) Being disconnected from the world. When we reached Bagan, almost every hotel and restaurant had a "Free Wifi" sign. But that was all it was - a sign. For two days, we tried to connect but it wasn't successful. I already expected that Inle would be the same. I was right. When we asked the front office of our hotel about wifi, they already told us that it doesn't work and they were apologetic about it.  I didn't mind at all. It was a reminder of the old days where I didn't have a mobile phone, I didn't have to post where I was, I didn't know what was happening in the outside world, and so on. (I did however still take photos of the food and the surroundings so I can upload them on Instagram upon our return to Yangon. Haha!) Being "offline" allowed me to just "be there" and be in awe of the panoramic lanscape surrounding us... and I was okay. 

8.) The sunrise at Shwesandaw Paya. My favorite, favorite, favorite experience during the trip! Let's just say that after having seen the sunrise at Shwesandaw, I've concluded that I really am a morning person. We reached Shwesandaw around 530AM. We made our way to the top of the temple. It was chilly. I didn't bring a jacket with me because it would be hot during the day. The magic started as 6 AM struck. I was on the other side of the temple marveling at the sight of the plains slowly being revealed by daylight. I decided to return to the other side which gave a vew of the sunrise. That was when I saw the golden orb rising from the horizon. At first, you can only just see a small section. Minutes, second passed by and the orb becomes bigger and bigger. A few minutes more and it was there - a perfect ball of golden yellow. It was truly an awesome sunrise. There is a feeling of optimism that goes with it, a feeling of hope that it's going to be an awesome day. And at that moment, I was just grateful, grateful to be there -  to see the glorious sunrise, to be in the midst of magical surroundings, to be alive and seeing everything around me. 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

In the Land of Golden Smiles: 2 of 3


3.) The spectacular view of temples on Bagan plains. Bagan excites you even before you exit the airport. As our plane began its descent to Bagan, Chris and I already caught site of hundreds, thousands of mostly red concrete structures dotting the plains of Bagan. Dhammayangi, which I learned was the largest temple in Bagan, was quite easy to spot. You already get a feeling that it will be such a visual treat once you get closer to the temples. What a marvelous sight it did turn out to be! It was impossible not to be deeply impressed by the surrounding views. Close your eye. Randomly point somewhere. Open your eyes and there'll be a temple or pagoda or stupa in sight. Do it again, but this time point somewhere else, and there would still be a structure to see. With about 4,000 of these structures scattered all over the plains of Bagan, I have to say that this has to be one of the most breathtaking views I ever laid my eyes on. 

4.) The kindness of people. Whether it was in Yangon, or Bagan or Inle, the kindness of people just moves you. Three people stand out for me. In Yangon, it was airport cab driver Min Soe who was supposed to just bring me to the airport from the hotel. But when he found out I had more hours to kill, he drove me around the city so I can see more of it. The next one was a lady also waiting for a cab at Shwedagon Pagoda. Having a day to myself, I wanted to go to Aung San Suu Kyi's house, General Aung San's house and Bogyoke Aung San market. Having difficulty explaining to the cab driver what I wanted to do, the lady gave several minutes of her time to translate for me and the driver. In Inle, we got a tour guide to help. Her name was Thu Thu. She was very knowledgeable about the culture and heritage of the people and communities around Inle Lake. Because we only had an overnight stay in Inle, we could only do a half-day tour with her. She mentioned that what she would usually do is bring tourists to villages so they can really interact with the locals and learn more about the local way of life. 

5.) The faith and devotion of people. The other thing that really moved me was seeing the deep faith and devotion of (most) people. At Shwedagon, one will see a lot of people in front of the altars. Some are on their knees, other are sitting down, but all are deep in prayer. That is the common sight in most pagodas. However, the ones that struck me the most were two women at the Phaung Daw Oo pagoda in Inle. The Japanese have a term for it - zazen. Literally, it means seated meditation. That was what both of them were doing. One was near the side of the altar. A few feet away from her and right front of the altar was another lady. Their eyes were closed, deep in thought and prayer, unmindful of the noise made by us tourists. There was a sacred feeling to it. I am really just amazed by the kind of faith and the kind of devotion they have. 

To be continued...

Thursday, October 11, 2012

In the Land of Golden Smiles: 1 of 3

The Land of Golden Smiles. That's how travel books describe Myanmar. After the whirlwind six-day trip to three historic areas of the country, I now understand why our Southeast Asia neighbor earned the title. Not only was I greeted by smiling faces wherever I went when I was there, I can't help but also smile whenever I recall the adventure that was Myanmar. 

Sitting in front of the computer now, my fingers dancing on the keyboard, I am having a tough time deciding on how to write about the trip. There are too many details, too many colors, too many sights, scents, and sounds that I would like to include in this post-trip reflection of sorts. 

And even if I am able to write everything, it still would be far from really understanding how phenom the journey was. One has to be there -  to feel it, to experience it. 

Borrowing a thought from the book I was reading during the trip, one has to push aside certain worries and concerns for a few days and just "participate" in the now. 

So I've decided that I am just going to about certain things about the trip that really stand out for me. If people were to ask me what I would remember most about the trip, what brought a smile to my face in the land of golden smiles, these would be it:

1.) The friendly monk at Shwedagon Pagoda. It was already close to 8PM when I arrived in Yangon. Travel buddies Chris, Reg and Sarge landed in the morning. After dropping my stuff at the hotel, I took a cab to Shwedagon Pagoda to meet up with the guys. The place closes at 10 so there weren't that many tourists anymore. It didn't take long for me to find them. With them was a monk who gave an impromptu tour of the marvelous shrine. The guys told me that the monk just started conversing with them and became an unofficial tour guide. It was great because he knew the place as if it were his own home. (It probably is.) He showed us certain areas, explained certain details which we wouldn't know about on our own. For example, thanks to him we learned of specific locations at the pagoda where you can see the 76-carat diamond at the top change color when you take a step forward or sideward. He even knew that we would probably want a souvenir group photo with the pagoda in the background. After the tour, we offered him a small token of gratitude. He declined. Instead, he said that if we really wanted to help, we should just donate the money in support of monks education. He then left us and proceeded with his next activity, probably give another tour to another group of souls visiting the pagoda.

2.) Cycling for a day in Bagan. The flight from Yangon to Bagan was very early. Thankfully, Air Bagan was a good flight. After a brief rest at the hotel, the guys and I freshened up and prepared to see Bagan. Whereas Yangon was much cooler and more urban with its paved roads, concrete structures, busy people, Bagan very much had the countryside feel which I really love. On our first day, we rented bikes to explore the ancient city. We pedaled our way around from Shwezigon Pagoda to the markets in Nyaung U to the first few temples lined up on both sides of the road leading up to Old Bagan. A lot of follow tourists decided to see the city the same way. The roads seem safe since there weren't that many motor vehicles anyway. We were sweating under the heat of the afternoon sun but I guess that's part of the experience. The reward for the almost whole day of biking was a magnificent view of the plains of Bagan from the top of Htilominlo Temple. We were hoping to catch the sunset, but it was too cloudy that day. But the cool wind up in the temples and a fantab view of Old Bagan brought a perfect ending to the day.

To be continued...

525,600 minutes already...

This was what greeted me last Monday. :)

Can't believe it's already been a year. Feels much longer than that sometimes. Haha!

And sometimes, it feels like it was only recently when we started going out.

PG Boy is in the US for his hols. I was in Myanmar for my hols.

And yet, strangely, when I saw this message, I can already picture him typing it and sending it.

PG Boy's not the most expressive person, and that's why I get a big smile on my face everytime I get something like this from him.

Somewhere in there is a romantic. Haha!

Happy 1st to us!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hols is over... back to real world...

Six days of flying. Five airports in seven days. A bike ride on dusty, rough roads. An hour drive from the airport to a jetty, immediately followed by an almost hour boat ride to reach the hotel. Four hotel/resort accommodations. More than 2,000 photos. One great journey.

I'm back from Myanmar (and a side trip to Kuala Lumpur).

It's been a great holiday trip. I have yet to sort my photos and compose my thoughts on the entire experience.

Today, I return to work and must clear as much backlog as I can. Hehe!

So just for today, I'm posting this one photo from the trip.

More to come soon. ;P