Friday, March 9, 2012

Back to JB for Part 2 of the RCT...

So, I was back in Johor Bahru last March 4 for part 2 of the root canal treatment.

This time, it was a much more fun trip because I was with Chris, Ian, MkSurf8 and of course, Pg Boy.

When they found out that I was going back to JB, Chris and MkSurf8 asked if they could go. Of course, I said yes. They wanted to go look for a good place for lunch and a place for a massage (since everything in JB is much more affordable than here in SG). I, on the other hand, had to go for the second part of my rct.

Like the first part of the treatment, the second one was uneventful and it was done in under an hour.

Seriously, Dr. Wong is really good.

If you're in SG and you need to have a root canal treatment but you're worried about the hole it'll burn in your pocket, please do make the trip to JB and head over to the clinic of Dr. Wong. He's the best.

Below are his details:
Pakar Gigi Endodontik Wong
Wong Endodontics ( Dental) Specialist
No 14C, Jalan Harimau, Taman Century,
80250 Johor Bahru, Johor
Please Call 07 -3344991

Dr. Wong is an endodontist and he's one of the most popular ones in JB, according to Alan.

The cost for my RCT is RM900 (about $375). That includes the first consultation, two rct sessions, and a post-procedure consultation.

He will refer you to another clinic for the crowning. From what I've read, it may cost about RM600-650 (about $270).

The charge for the root canal procedure alone in SG is $1200-1500.

Such a huge difference, huh?!

However, you need to book an appointment by phone because Dr. Wong is always fully booked. I had to wait for a week before I got my schedule.

Alright, hope this helps.


  1. Hi,I need your help. Magpapa root canal ako 2 teeth, ang quote sakin is $4k plus daw. Dito din ako sa Sg, gusto ko pumunta sa JB para magpa RCT. Pano ka nagpa appointment? Ilang balik ka sa JB? salamat :)


    1. Hi, Maggie. That's why I went to JB. The quote for me was about $1.5K for one tooth sa SG. Just call the number above and make an appointment. Weekends is fully booked most of the time. Minsan next month ka na makaka-sched. But if you can afford to take a leave during the weekday, mas soon ang sched mo. Dr. Wong is very good. I had to go back three times. Crowning was done with another clinic. I think I made a post about that, too.

  2. Hi

    May I know how did u make the appointment. Cos I tired to make an appointment but was rejected. The assistant there says need referral.

    1. Hi, I just called and made an appointment. No referral needed. Thanks.

  3. do you know if they're still open? I tried calling them and nobody was picking up...

    1. Hi, Tin. I think they should still be open. Sometimes, it could be because the clinic assistants are assisting Dr. Wong with a procedure.

      Another dental clinic you can try is Advance Dental Surgery.
      Address is 31A Jalan Sutera, Taman Sentosa, 80150 Johor Bahru. Phone no is 07 3341339. :)

  4. Hi Angelo. I have appointment with Dr Wong tomorrow for RCT. Can you tell me which tooth was it? like was it molar or pre molar. Website say it will cost RM 800 for molar if it is complex. Thanks and can you tell me the gap between first and second RCT trip. and also weather he can treat me on first day of consultation or he will give me another date. Thanks

    1. Hi. Mine was a molar on the lower left side of the mouth. RM800 is significantly cheaper than SG rates. If I remember correctly, he'll do an x-ray first and then schedule the actual RCT. I can't remember how many weeks after the second treatment. I had a good experience with Dr. Wong. He's very professional. His clinic assistants are all friendly. For crowning, go to Advance Dental Surgery. Very good clinic, too! Good luck!

  5. Thanks. mine is also lower left molar but it is very painful i got appointment of 16 may on 16 april so its been a month and now it i cant take it anymore hope i get it done tomorrow. Thanks again

  6. Hi clayman, thanks for the post, it really saved a big hole at my pocket. I had just did it at RM1500. I would like to check with you, where did you get your crowning done after the rct?

    1. Hi! Go to Advance Dental Surgery
      31A Jalan Sutera
      Taman Sentosa
      80150 Johor Bahru
      Number: +6073341339

      They're really good! :-)