Thursday, March 8, 2012

Legs, legs mo ay nakakasilaw...

Is it just me or are there really a lot of Singapore men who have hairless, smooth legs???

Having lived here for almost a year now, I've noticed one too many guys with hairless legs.

Who cares if they had it waxed or if they shaved it themselves (or if they're straight or otherwise_?

Bottomline is it's hairless and it looks so clean.

I've never really been concerned with having hair on my legs. In fact, I kinda like it. I think it adds a certain manliness. LOL! Tough guys have hair on their legs.

Until someone mentioned to me that he actually likes to have hairless legs. Until iandmac introduced me to this wonderful "gadget" from Daiso. Haha!

So on one lazy weekend, with nothing to do and bored to death, I took out the "gadget" and started shaving. Haha!

Uhm, as shallow as this may sound, I actually like it. It makes my legs look really clean. LOL!

That sounded really AJ. (Ask the locals what it means.)

Anyway, I just wanted to try it out. Hehe!

I thought it would be one good way to be more "one with the locals." Hehe!


  1. i shave my legs . i like to have soft and smooth legs .