Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sunday aftie at an artist's colony...

I had no idea that a stone's throw away from my workplace is some sort of artist's colony.

Seriously, there is.

In the somewhat secluded place that is Wessex Estate are the homes and studios of more than 30 artists (based on what I read). The area was a former British army base. I'm not sure if the housing units may be described as HDBs, but they are all just about 3 floors high.

Surrounded by lots of trees, away from the noise of cars, buses and the MRT, it's not difficult to see why the area is just conducive for creating beautiful art.

Thanks to Pg Boy's good friend Allyn, we found out about the ArtWalk@Wessex 2012 event.

The two-day event was a self-guided walking tour which took visitors to the homes and studios of local and international artists.

Though it rained heavily, we were able to visit 13 of the14 art studios. Some artists showcased paintings. Some featured prints and mixed media creations. There were also one or two that featured ceramics and sculpture.

The ones I particularly liked were the works of Dick Lim (Chye) of d'Art Studio. I liked how he depicted scenes of old Singapore in his black and white pantings. They were very simple and very clean.

What was also nice about the event was that the artists were there to talk about their works, their style and technique. They were all very friendly and I thought it was really nice that they opened their homes to strangers.

From Portsdown Road, we headed back to the "real world" (LOL!) for coffee at Fusionopolis and then dinner at Sushi Tei in Holland Village.

It was definitely a very interesting Sunday afternoon.

I wish my Dad were there. He would have enjoyed going around the studios. That's for sure.

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