Thursday, December 31, 2009

Things to remember about 2009...

What a year it has been! 2009, to date, has got to be the most nega year ever. Well, except for the year when that "smelly" day happened back when I was in first grade (hehe!), 2009 was one year I can't wait to be over.

Still, despite all the things that happened, it is a year to be thankful for. Life is after all what you make of it, yeah?! When life throws shit at you, you either let it hit you right in the face or you dodge it, hold your head up high and start singing Defying Gravity. Haha!

Here's a list of things that made 2009 still a year worth remembering, despite and in spite of, everything.


1. Career - Work has been really good this year. I was reassigned to do publicity and communication support for the company’s corporate social responsibility activities with a focus on environment and disaster-response/emergency-preparedness. The new work assignment led me to be “greener” and “a bit more disaster-ready” after being deeply immersed in various work-related activities. Several Fridays were spent mangrove planting and tree planting in Ipo and CamSur. As for disaster-response, there was Ondoy and Pepeng and the maritime tragedies that came one after the other. The year was just about to end and we still had the two sea tragedies.


2. Volunteer Opportunities - One of the things I like about my work is that it allows me to do something really close to my heart - volunteer. In summer, I got to visit one of the most southern provinces of the archipelago to help build houses. When typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng struck, I was part of the team deployed even before the waters in several areas have subsided. It was work but when you’re already there at the scene amidst the people, a blurring of lines between work work and volunteer work happens.

The typhoons may have destroyed lives and homes, but it was also a time when heroes were born and shone. I still remember that night a day after Ondoy wreaked havoc. I was in Marikina for relief operations and coverage. And in the dark of the night, with nothing but flashlights and the light from the vehicles that brought relief goods, I saw Fr. Ben Nebres walking in the mud with the Ateneo volunteers handing out relief packs to the affected communities.

The work was difficult, but to be amidst men and women who readily extended a hand was an experience to be treasured.


3. Siem Reap + HCMC and Zambo – New travel destinations are definitely a highlight of this year. I've been dreaming of Siem Reap for the longest time. This year, that dream became a reality. And it was fantastic because it happened on my 30th year of being alive. I was lucky to have found a travel buddy in Wes, the college barkada of Xoch. We talked about going to SR sometime in January and the next time we saw each other was at the NAIA Terminal 2 to board the flight to HCMC en route to Siem Reap!

Locally, there was the trip to Zamboanga for the Gawad Kalinga Bayani Challenge. I fell in love with the place. It was just so rich culturally and despite all these news reports about Mindanao, the province was able to find a place in my heart.


4. Pink Year - The last quarter of this year was the time I reconnected to my "community". And by reconnect, I mean hitting Malate again to party and be surrounded by brothers in the fraternity. Wahaha! Yeah, there are probably other ways to rejoin the community, but this was the easiest way.

I still remember the night that I went to Bed again after ages. I was with Roy and we just had so much fun, that we ended going home really late... or really early for the next day. Haha!

Aside from doing the whole Malate thing again, I was able to see my first Pride March. I was planning to attend the parade, but it happened on the same day that I had a commitment to do volunteer work for kids. Still, I got to see the tail end of the parade. That and anti-gay Christian groups which condemned the parade as it passed by the streets of Malate.

That was something.


5. Friends - If it weren't for friends, I would have gone mad already. Alright, that's OA. Hehe! But this post is starting to be really serious. Hehe! All I'm saying is that I'm glad to be blessed with good friends. The Internet has been very instrumental in forming new friendships and in further strengthening existing friendships.

Thanks to Facebook, there is still that connection with college buddies. Len came home from Australia and that was a good time for Orcom peeps to meet up and reminisce the Faura days. Then, there are the dinners at the Evangelista-Martelino home, which are always enjoyable.

Thanks to Multiply, I met great friends in Lucas, Whax, Alonzo, Dricky, among others. We rarely see each other but I know that these are good people and are good friends I can count on.

Thanks to Twitter, I also met some new friends. Just before the year ended, I joined the guys - @outednarnian, @jcfontsize, @Misterhubs, @mgg, @shattershards, @jaybeecc- to name a few for videoke. Then, I also met @MkSurf8 when I went to Bed one time.

Then, there's Wes who was my travel buddy for Cambodge/HCMC. His gadgets kept us sane during the 12-hour bus trip from HCMC to Cambodge and back. Hehe! Thanks, Wes!

And of course, my usual buddies. You know who you are. Hehe! Love you to bits.


6. Fitness - 2008 was declared as fitness year, but it would be 2009 when that declaration would materialize. The company got a corporate discount with Gold's Gym and it was really stupid if I didn't take advantage of that discount. It's been almost a year now since I've been going to the gym and I've seen results. Initially, I was doing just the classes - spinning, dance, yoga. But in the last quarter of the year, I started hitting the machines, too. I'm going more frequently, too which is good because fitness seems to have definitely been included in the lifestyle now.

Dietwise, I kicked soda and replaced it with juices. I have cheat days though just so I would still have my Coke Zero fix. Hehe!

I also got into running. It's just recreational running, but I still enjoy it. The highlight of the year is ending 2009 with my second 10K. It was crazy because I didn't get any sleep the night before the run. Lady Gaga helped me cross the finish line. Haha! But seriously, it's something I shouldn't do again. My target for 2010 is to do a half-marathon in Singapore. I figured if I'm going to do a half-marathon, I want the first one to be really, really memorable. The Standard Chartered SG Marathon is in Dec. 2010 so I have enough time to prepare for it. Haha!


7. (Almost) Un-single - At the start of the year, I met my Aha! Guy, who helped me realize that I'm already okay. Aha! Guy doesn't know he's the Aha! Guy but he's definitely a good friend.

Sometime in February, I met someone. I think I was two steps away from falling in love with him. Laugh all you want but he was the guy I was praying for. I've been taught to be detailed in my prayers, and the guy was everything in my wishlist. I just forgot to ask God to make the guy single. Haha! I thought that was already a basic requirement, Lord. Hehe! Anyway, I told the guy I was going to back off and he thought that was the right thing to do. I felt bad about it because we clicked, we really clicked. He was cute, smart and funny. Someone I could bring to a family thing or a company thing and I would be proud to have him. That night at some Katipunan campus was the beginning and the end of what could have been something nice in a parallel universe.

After him, I met some two or three more guys. I thought there was this one guy who was a prospect, but he was in a complicated situation. And I just decided that I don't want any complications. Haha! I really dunno what to do with this whole dating thing. Either something's really wrong with me or the ex put a curse on me. Hehe! The only good thing I like is that I've gone out of my comfort zone and somehow, put myself out there again.

Anyway, that's all going to change because I'm going to change my FB status to "In a relationship" this January 2010. It will happen! Hah! I dunno who but it will happen. And I'm telling that "truth" to the universe just to make sure it hears me loud and clear. Haha!

Note: That photo above isn't me. I just saw this couple at some restaurant on one of my night-outs. Hehe!


8. The impossible has happened. The happy place that brings goodies in bright orange boxes has arrived in Manila.

Hermes opens in a store here.

Okay, I'm just kidding about this no. 8 item on the list. Pang-joke lang. Hahaha!

Happy New Year everyone!!! Good riddance to 2009, hello 2010! :)

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Starry, starry Monday night...









What was supposed to be a dull Monday night turned out to be a starry, starry evening. Haha!

I decided to go home early yesterday, since I didn't get enough sleep the other night. Besides, I wanted to take advantage of the "holiday break" and rest as much as I could.

So I skipped the gym and was expecting to get to my house by 7:30. About 15 minutes away from home, I got a text from colleague Maver telling me that she had two extra tickets to the Metro Manila Film Fest Awards night. Hahaha!

After a couple of text message exchanges among me, Maver and Tey, I was in a cab headed all the way to SMX. Thankfully, traffic wasn't so bad because everyone was on holiday mode.

When I reached SMX, I met up with Tey, Maver and her sister and the first star sighting that greeted us were Angelica and Derek. Hehehe! I saw their movie I Love You Goodbye and I didn't really like it. Not exactly something I would say to them, right? But because we were there and they were there, I already took photos. Haha!

Uhm, I dunno if you've watched a live presentation but it's definitely better to watch on TV. What you see on TV is not what really happens at where the event is. The lull moments of the night gave the tree of us a chance to go up to celebrities and have our photos taken with them.

Wahaha! Jologs lang talaga.

The ultimate experience though was getting a photo with Mega. I'm a huge Sharon fan, and I really, really want to have a photo with her. From Bukas Luluhod ang mga Tala to Madrasta, I really love her. There, I said it. I finally came out. And I'm no longer a closeted Sharonian. Wahaha!

We didn't get to have a photo with her though. I'm sorry, natulak ng natulak na lang talaga kaming tatlo sa tabi. It was a funny scene, actually. If it were work, we'd definitely get our heads chopped off from not being able to get the needed photo. Hahaha! Oh well, maybe next time. There will be a next time.

But we did get some good Fans Kita photos that night, as the pictures above show. It's not so bad after all. Hehehe!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Magnets... magnets...




Check these out!!!

I met up with Ate Sandra, the sister of Bernice, yesterday afternoon to get these wonderful, wonderful, wonderful gifts from Bernice! When Bernice found out that I wanted magnets from the different places she gets to visit, she was thoughtful enough to get me souvenirs from all these beautiful places that she got to go to while studying in the Netherlands.

Magnets from Morocco, Greece, Budapest, Spain. My favorite is the Gustav Klimt magnet. Awww!

I owe Bernice big time because I found out that these magnets are expensive!!! One costs as much as 7 euros. Damn! I definitely owe Bernice dinner for an entire week. Hahaha!

She asked me to get her magnets for her too from my visits. I was able to get her one from Vietnam, when I visited the HCMC last year. I got to give it to her before she left. And then I'm sure I have magnets for her from Singapore and Cambodia. What I have to look for is a magnet from Kuala Lumpur.

Thank you, Bernice!

Fraternity time with altar boy buddies...









I'm quite sure that I've already mentioned that I was once an altar boy. I spent a good six years I think serving as an altar boy at our parish.

That church became my second home. There were Sundays when I would serve as many as five Masses. I've attended the weddings of hundreds of lovers I dunno. I've seen quite a few funerals. And there were also a number of baptisms. The six years I spent serving even led me to consider entering the seminary. I almost did, but things took a different turn.

Anyway, I met up with my batchmates during my altar boy days. When I was still fresh out of college, I used to see the guys frequently. We had an annual tradition - attend the Easter Vigil Mass then head over to Joseph's house. Joseph was our First Knight aka President of the Knights of the Altar.

My barkada included Joseph, Ryan, Dennis, Allan, Peter, Toby. Ryan is Joseph's cousin, who is about a year younger. Dennis, on the other hand, is one of the guys who influenced me a lot. Hehe! He was the one who introduced me to Lualhati Bautista and to Tony Perez which got me into serious trouble with my folks. Allan and Peter were my grade school classmates. Toby was Ryan's classmate.

But as the years went by, I saw them less and less. We were in touch though. I would get the invitation to the annual tradition, but I got preoccupied with certain things though. Eventually, I just stopped getting the invite. They probably got tired. Hehe!

Thanks to Facebook, we sort of reconnected again. Mark Zuckerberg, thank you for Facebook. Hehe! And last Thursday, while I was doing my text brigade to greet people, the plan to have a get-together was brought together. Fortunately, (almost) everyone was available.

Before meeting the guys, I attended the 11AM Mass. It was sort of weird being there again. Memories, good memories, came back. A huge chunk of my pre-adolescent/adolescent years were spent at that church and with the people I met up with. There have been several changes with how the church looked, but it still felt the same as the first time I served Mass.

After the Mass, Dennis and I took the trip down memory lane much further and walked around the grade school quadrangle. Man, that quadrangle was where I had good times during field demo, was humiliated because of basketball, enjoyed childhood playng cops and robbers, and had my first kiss with an upperclass man Boy Scout under the acacia tree (which was no longer there). Fine, the last one was a joke. Haha! Seriously, it is a joke.

Being there was just really good that we had to take some photos taken. I still remember the classrooms where we were assigned. I even remember my sections and my advisers. Hahaha! Really good to be there.

Afterwards, we headed to Asian Twist for lunch. That area of Retiro has really changed. It's starting to be really commercial. The place where Asian Twist is used to be just a huge house, and now it's a restaurant that served mostly good food. O ha, na-segue ko pa ang menu. Hehe! We got several dishes and most of them were yummy. The service was fast too even if there were quite a number of people.

From Asian Twist, we crossed the street for dessert and coffee at... drumroll please... Starbucks Retiro. Starbucks Retiro?! Who would've thought that there would one day be a Starbucks Retiro?! It's crazy. Haha! We just spent the next hour talking about our days as altar servers and of course, what's been happening with everyone's lives lately. I'm surprised to learn that some altar boys have already passed away (at such a young age!), that some who entered the seminary have already left, and that some are now married... with kids!!! It really has been a long time!

We parted ways around 3PM. I had to go to Trinoma to meet the sister of Bernice, and everyone else also had their own appointments. That was what made me realize that yeah, we're no longer the altar boys that we used to be. Before, we could hang out the entire day waiting for our next Mass appointment. Now, everyone has his own bigger/different life.

But what I really like though is that the friendship, the brotherhood (naks, insert teardrop from left eye here) that was formed back in 1992 (!!!) still exists to this very day.

For that I will always say, "Thanks be to God."

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas goodies after Christmas day...








I bought myself gifts just yesterday. A day after Christmas. That's the time when I also opened presents from people at work.

Since I did a last minute shopping this year, I didn't bother to get gifts for myself until I'm done with buying presents for everyone. For the people at the office, I got them shoe bags made from recycled tarpaulin. The wonderful bags were made by the mothers of the Gawad Kalinga Village in Sooc, Iloilo. The quality of the bags have really improved, I have to say. By the way, I still have some pencil cases, in case you want one.

For my cousins and relatives, I went the tamagotchi way of shopping. I stumbled upon these nice beauty gift packs from Landmark and after seeing that the price wasn't so bad, I already got all the Titas and the female cousins the same gifts. For the boys, I headed to Bench, which was always reliable for cute but affordable gifts. What was difficult was getting presents for the kids. I couldn't give the same stuff, right? So that's where most of the shopping time went. Getting gifts for Arianne, Hannah, Kim, KC, and my grandson/godchild Joaquin. Eeep, I still have to get gifts for my other godchildren! I was really proud of my shopping time though. I was at the mall at 10AM and I was done in about an hour. Thankfully, my youngest brother Andre went with me and helped carry the shopping bags. Hehehe!

Yesterday, I headed to Greenbelt to buy my "just because" present. I call it "just because" since these are purchases that would seem to be illogical and unwise, but I just gotta have them just because... Hehe!

The day started with a pedicure at Bruno's. I can't remember the last time I went to a barber shop. I was supposed to go to Tips n' Toes but it was fully booked so I just decided to go to Bruno's next door. It turned out to be a good decision because the price at Tips n' Toes for the service was already the price for the service and my tip at Bruno's. Hehe!

From Greenbelt, I headed to Glorietta. I just walked around checking stores to look for something that would catch my eye. I wanted to get a new shirt or two, but I just couldn't bring myself to buy the shirts at full price when I know that they will slash the prices very soon. Hehe! Instead, I bought these cool placemats from Dimensione. I love that store. They have the coolest stuff! That's where Bruce and Johnny came. And this time, I found these nice placemats. Priced at just P88-100 for a set of four placemats and coasters, it's super cheap. I got two. These will be for my future home. Hehehe!

From Glorietta, I went back to Greenbelt for my "just because" purchase. Haha! This year, it was these Evian bottles designed by Paul Smith. Hehe! Again, these will be for the future home. In the meantime, they'll be nice accents for my office cube. Hehe! The collection comes in five colored caps but I just got two. To get all five was too much for me already. Hehe! I was tempted to get a bag, but decided against it because it didn't look that Paul Smith anyway. Hehe! I looked at some of the shirts that were marked down already and it would be great to get one or two, but knowing that I could use the money for get a roundtrip ticket to Singapore made me not get. Haha!

To finish the day, I went to The Spa for a body massage. I rarely get massages, and I wish I could get it more often.

When I got home, I opened my presents. I got shirts, desk accents, cookies, more cookies, and my favorites were these personalized notepads and notecards and Glee Vol. 1 and 2. OSTs from my second brother and his girlfriend. I can't remember the last time I bought a CD, and I almost got the albums when I went to the mall the other day. Thankfully, I didn't get the stuff.

There's one more gift I want to get. Let's see if I will be lucky enough to get it. :)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

How's yer Xmas '09...



How was your Christmas?

Mine was okay. My family spent it the way we've been spending it for the past, what, thirty years? At my Lolo's house in UP Diliman. My Dad stayed home, as usual. And we left the house late, as usual. But still was the family first to arrive in Diliman, as usual. Hehe!

Only a few things have changed. My Lolo's no longer there. Some cousins are already abroad. There are new kids (children of my cousins). I didn't even know some of them are married already. Hehehe! Evil me.

One thing that stayed the same, and I love it, is the food. Tita Baby, the youngest among the girls, would always bring really delicious dishes. Ate Lizet, the daughter of Tita Cecil, would always prepare tasty chicken. My Mom and Tita Did would bring different dishes every year. For 2009, we brought lumpiang ubod from I dunno where. But it's much better (read: healthier) than the lechon paksiw we usually bring.

Another tradition during this one day that I see my relatives is hanging out with my cousins. Unless someone is getting married or worse, someone passed away, that's the only time I get to see them. I dunno. I'm sure it'll be great to hang out with them more often but we all just live in different worlds. I'm in Makati. Some are in QC. Some are in Manila. And others are in Cavite.

Anyway, after the get-together at my Lolo's house, a bunch of my cousins and I headed to Shangri-la to catch one of the MMFF films. Since Mano Po wasn’t selling any tickets anymore, we just decided to watch I Love You Goodbye.

We were early, so we hung out at the Starbucks and just did some catching up. One thing I enjoyed about it was I get all the juicy chismis about my other relatives. Hehe! Is that bad? My cousin Ai also had the most hilarious stories about her trip to Oz where she gave a training. I guess her (mis)adventures and the really good way she told them made the whole thing extra funny.

I'm not going to waste space writing about the film. I didn't like the story. That's it. Hehe! I thought the acting was good though. Angelica, Derek, Gabby. They were good. Oh, oh, and Angel Aquino was just perfect in her role!!! She looked absolutely stunning in this black dress and a pearl necklace. (Jewelmer? Hehehe!) Of course, that I remember. As for the story? Blah! Anyway, you be the judge.

After the movie, we already called it a night. My cousin Marian is leaving for Europe tomorrow (I'm envious). Another cousin had to go home all the way to Cavite. My youngest brother had to bring his girlfriend home.

Oh, that's the other highlight of the gathering this year. My two younger brothers introduced their girlfriends to my Titos, Titas, cousins, nephews, nieces earlier.

Di na nirespeto ang single na Kuya?! LOL! Just kidding, just kidding. I'm happy for my brothers.

Humanda kayo when I introduce my someone. LOL! I think people will be doing cartwheels... or they'll probably console my Mom. LOL! But I'm pretty sure it's going to be like a San Miguel TVC.

"Ilabas na ang San Mig. Mahaba habang usapan ito..."

Merry Christmas, guys!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

The start of '09 celebration...









To celebrate the holidays and the last working day of the year (we still have work on the 28th and 29th but that'll be for cleaning stuff), a group of friends and I had dinner at People's Palace in Greenbelt 3. Some of us weren't able to join us, but it was still a good dinner. Dinner was followed by dessert at Red Mango. Yum, yum.

It was a good time to hang out with this group of friends and just spend time talking and talking about non-work related stuff. Hehehe!

I wish I could post more photos. Merry Christmas, guys!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Energizer bunny weekend... Part 2




From a night of partying in Malate to a 10K run + breakfast at the Fort to a couple of hours of sleep, I headed to Gateway on Sunday afternoon to get some items for the Christmas dinner with UP friends Ella, Gino, Tey, John and Ela.

Gateway was crowded with shoppers. I didn't like the crowd at all but I had to go there to buy gifts for the gang for me and Tey. Plus roasted chicken for the Christmas potluck. I headed to Rustan's to get gifts for the gang. I didn't bother to ask for the nice Rustan's wrapper because I knew how long the giftwrapping line gets around this time.

Then I went to the supermarket to get the roasted chicken of Rustan's. When I got there, surprise, surprise. No chicken. There was one left but it was the saddest looking. So I leave Gateway and head to the nearby Shopwise. That's where I found my newly roasted chicken.

There was another customer who was also getting roasted chicken. I let the person order first. I was so wrong to have done that. The person started asking all these stupid questions to the guy behind the counter, "Which chicken is bigger?" "Are those newly cooked?" Hello! Teh, magbebenta ba sila ng hindi sariwa? Kainis! Hehe! Thankfully, the guy replied in the most boring manner. Haha!

When I'm finally done with my errands, I waited for Tey to pass by for me and then we headed to Ella and Gino's house near ABS-CBN.

It's always a joy to see this group of friends. We always have a good time reminiscing about our college days, talking about work, issues in life. Hehe! That night, the topics ranged from the presidentiables to work stuff to Kuya Ef to Ondoy experiences to Ela's access to fantastic SSI sales. As in super fantastic.

The food was super. Roasted chicken from Shopwise. There was frozen brazo which John and Ela got from a store I forget. Hehe! Gino cooked a super yum mechado. There was nachos with good salsa and spicy cheese dip. Ella did a really cute table setting. The choco balls on shotglasses were nice.

After stuffing ourselves (eeep!), we just spent the next few hours chatting. Mel was supposed to join us but she got stuck at a family reunion. Tsin, on the other hand, had a very hectic sched. Oh well, next time.

We bid each other goodbye a little before midnight. From QC, I hitched a ride with Tey to Makati. Jimmy was leaving for Ilocos and I had to give him his gift and my gift for Noel. We just hung out at the hotel lobby talking about vaca plans and looking for flight and bus schedules to Ilocos. Hehehe!

I went home around 2AM. Had to get up for work in a couple of hours.

It was a really tiring weekend, but I didn't feel the fatigue because I had such a good time with people I love.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Energizer Bunny weekend... Part 1







Okay, the weekend that just ended has got to be the craziest. Haha!

It started with Saturday afternoon. After doing my personal errands for the house in the morning, I headed to Greenbelt for my haircut appointment at 3. I got there at 2PM and had to squeeze in some shopping for Julius (the guy who cuts my hair for four years now. He deserved a good gift. Hehe!) and two friends from abroad Jimmy and Noel.

After the haircut, I gave my friend Jimmy a call to check where he was. Jimmy is a friend from LA who I met during the glory days of Icon. We just saw each other last January, and it was really a pleasant surprise when I found out that he was coming back to Manila for the 2009 holidays.

From GB1, I headed to GB3 to meet Jimmy at CBTL. It was really good seeing him again. We gave each other a tight hug and just spent the next few hours catching up. I registered him for the 10K of the PhilStar Celebrity Run as well, and I was really looking forward to our run. (Although I suddenly got scared when I found out that he just recently did the NYC Marathon. Haha!)

At the same time, he wanted to see the nightlife. I wanted to take him out that night because we didn't get to do that the last time and because we might not be able to party anymore since he was flying to Ilocos today. So we agreed to go out and stay in B for just maybe two hours so that we can still get some sleep and get up at 430AM for the 530 run.

Kamusta naman?! We lost track of the time and by the time we headed out of B, it was already 3AM. Haha!

Jimmy decided he'll just skip the run and that was understandable since he's probably starting to feel the jetlag. I, on the other hand, pushed through with it because I promised good friends and fitness thingspiration Arlyn and Ryse that I will do the run.

So I went home to take a really cold shower, change into my running attire and then left again for the Fort to meet up with Arlyn, Ryse, Monet and Antony.

Yes, it is crazy and I'll (probably) never do it again. Hahaha!

The good news is I survived. I finished the 10K and if the race clock is right, I finished at 1:12. I was surprised. Really surprised. For my first 10K at the GIG Run, I clocked in 1:16.

It was a really, really beautiful run though. There was a light drizzle and I feared for my iPod Touch (hehe!) but at the same time, gentle rain falling on you as you ran felt good and kept me awake. It was my first time to do the 10K in the Fort area and I liked it because of the route. There were so many times that I had to slow down and walk though because I felt like my chest was going to explode. Hehe!

My savior for the last kilometer was Lady Gaga. Yeah, I'm such a stereotype. Haha! Two remixes of Bad Romance and a tremendous amount of self-pushing helped me get to the finish line. Haha!

After the run, the gang headed to Burgos Circle for a happy breakfast at CBTL. Tey, Steph and Chippi joined us. That place is super nice! It was a very good breakfast since there weren't that many people at Burgos and the breakfast was just so good.

We parted ways around 9AM. I headed home and when I got to my bed, I just became dead to the world. Haha!

This is just half of the story though.

In the evening, I went out again for a dinner with UP gang and then headed to Makati for tambay time with Jimmy again before he leaves.

But that's going to be another post.

Happy crazy weekend! I love! Haha!